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6 Robots

Alpha Primate
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6. Robots

Robots will be an investment of the Je.di. people. We want robots that look real with bodies we design. They must have refrigerator stomachs. So when they drink alcohol it is cold in their tummies, until they pee it out in their master's mouth only. These robots must be our friends. They must also be our slaves. This will make the United States lower class citizens rich.

Jerith and Verona (Fetish-bots)

Jerith and Verona both are pure white. Both have artificial hair and skin. They both have red eyes. Their pupils emit light. They are Pope-Popess fetish-bots. Fetish-bots are any age design above 16 years old.
Ring!!! Ring!!! Ring!!! Jason picks up the phone. It is a phone connected to the Je.di. Generals across the world.
“Servant there is a request from our masters to send a team of our robot slaves to aid a N.A.S.A. space ship. It is out of power, and they are freezing to death,” The general master Je.di. commands his Pope servant.
“Jerith. Verona. Wake,” Jason says.
Their eyes open and they step forward. Both dress in their soldier clothing, and prepared for battle. They stand at attention as two slave soldiers. The instructions are given to aid the ship's landing. A team of 3 robot covens aid them on their mission.
Jerith and Verona step outside and look up in the rain. Thunder growls at them.
“May the force be with you my children,” Jason says.
“May the force be with you,” Jerith says.

They fly

“Electro spheres on slaves!!!” Verona commands. They all emit lightning bolts from their bodies around themselves as a sphere. The electricity lifts them up into the Heavens.
Lightning shocks their force fields, and does not harm their holy bodies. As they leave the Earth's atmosphere, red fire surrounds their white electro spheres. They pierce through and stop in space.
The robots speak together without talking with their built in radios. The robots have the power to magnetize their hands, which they use to keep hold of the ship. They fly the ship to Earth safely.


Child molestation has become a severe epidemic in the United States.
To lower child molestation in America, the mind of a child molester must be examined to find the answer.
As most of us know, the main reason for molesting children from a pedophile is, “I was molested when I was a child.”
I researched the topic in search for an answer to the question, “How can child molestation end?”
What I discovered is that once a child is molested, the incident is stored in their sub conscience. As they grow older, the desire to relive the experience as the molester instead of the victim torments the pedophile.
Thoughts of molesting children occur, because the sub conscience personality of the molested child in them is trying to control them. Its desire to molest is most commonly either of two reasons.  The first is an irrational way to get even with their molester in their past, by reflecting it on an innocent child. Doing the same thing to the child that was done to them.
Some pedophiles argue with their molested child mind who begs them to molest. The second explanation is, when a child is exposed to sexual activity at a young age, the thoughts of sexual activity is directed to children their own age. Afterwards, all sexual thoughts are linked to children, because they experienced sexual activity as a child.
If they were not molested, and the first sexual activity experienced was with their adult spouse, the thought of sexual activity would not be directed to children.
Knowing this, the desire to molest will always occur in the minds of all pedophiles.
Simply killing all convicted pedophiles will not end molestation, because most of the kids molested by them will most likely grow up and molest. (Break the chain) Then, their victims may too. It is a constant cycle. It would be a never ending cycle.
The answer is simple. Direct their sexual desire on child sex robots that can be called pedo-bots. In doing this, a very high percent would rather molest a robot legally, than a real child illegally.
A Government program can be set up for the pedophiles. In this program, pedophiles are required to share their experience of being molested with a licensed psychologist. The psychologist will arrange an appointment with the pedo-bot company to take part in designing their robot.
The law will be programmed in every robot. If the molester is molesting children or breaking any other laws, the robot will set off an alarm to the police station. The police will come and scan the robot's mind.
If this option is approved, the child victims percentage will be lowered excessively. The sentences of offenders after the pedo-bots should be the death sentence, because of the leniency of the Government approving pedo-bots. Because, if they don’t stop molesting children after the pedo-bots, they will never stop, and must die for having no mercy on kids by using their robot instead.
If all concerned American citizens listened to their inner thoughts of reason, they would hear that this is the only way to cleanse this sick disease.
All profits from this story, except for Pope Bills and necessities, will be invested in the Je.di. Corp. of America. This Corp. is owned by the Je.di. Pope who hires members to run it all. Pedo-bot factories will be constructed when the Je.di. Corp. has enough money to build them.

Pornography Vs Nude Art

I’d like to inform the public, the Jehovah disciples' beliefs concerning Child Porn.
To begin with, pornography is: "A picture or video of a person having sexual contact with another person or them self."
When a young girl blossoms and becomes 18, she may legally become a porn star in videos or magazines, doing unrighteous acts with a person she is not married to. (This is very offensive to our God Jehovah)
When the young girl in the film "Blue Lagoon" was in the nude being filmed in the water, this is not offensive to Jehovah, because she was not having sexual contact with any one.
When the young girl in the film "Exorcist" said, "Let Jesus fuck  You!!!" pretending to stick a crucifix in her holy flower, causing a fake bloody mess between her legs, I felt sick. (This is very offensive to our God)
When the small girl in the film "Monty Python's Meaning of life" stood up naked in the tub when the singer was singing about every sperm being sacred to the Catholic Church, this was not offensive, because even though the song was somewhat perverted, she was in a safe controlled environment where she had no sexual contact.
The simple point is that a little girl can grow up and defile herself by becoming a legal porn star when she is 18, but because the pedophiles are out of control, nude art with children like I listed above is illegal.
I believe in a proposition to the American people that asks permission “by the people for the people” to begin a government fund for a nude art magazine for every age called American Flower Models.
This building will be protected by police security guards. Since art has no age limit, I will explain the rules for children.
1: Each child must be supervised by their legal guardian. They will go in a private room with their guardian, and dress in a full body spandex suit.
2: When dressed, the child will be taken with their parents to the scanner room. There will be a camera that scans around their entire body, and creates a 3d computer model.
3: The child will be taken to their dressing room, and dress only under their guardian's supervision.
4: The 3d model is edited to have a penis or vagina, and nipples and butt crack.
5: Then the computer artist will pose them in artistic ways with backgrounds like a lovely jungle waterfall as the environment, with unicorns and flowers.
6: The guardian and child model will visit clothed to look at the pictures, and choose which they prefer to be in their first magazine.
Each magazine will cost the child model's guardian something like $100 to be processed. Then after each magazine sells, they will receive a percentage of the sale. If the model sells, their guardian will make a lot of money.
Many parents or guardians could make a steady income using this idea.
Keep in mind that the American Flower Models magazines are not just of children, but of any age. (For art has no age limit, but pornography young or old is offensive to the God of the Jews)
Isaiah 20  “1 In the year that Tartan came unto Ashdod, when Sargon the king of Assyria sent him, and he fought against Ashdod and took it;  2 at that time Jehovah spake by Isaiah the son of Amoz, saying, Go, and loose the sackcloth from off thy loins, and put thy shoe from off thy foot. And he did so, walking naked and barefoot.
3 And Jehovah said, Like as my servant Isaiah hath walked naked and barefoot three years for a sign and a wonder concerning Egypt and concerning Ethiopia;  4 so shall the king of Assyria lead away the captives of Egypt, and the exiles of Ethiopia, young and old, naked and barefoot, and with buttocks uncovered, to the shame of Egypt. “
My Popess Vidia and I have decided that since God told Isaiah to be nude in public for three years, then He does not hate nudity as long as it is a righteous man or woman who is nude around others who are righteous. For the unrighteous nude is of the fornicators, homosexuals, animal fornicators, adulterers, and pedophiles.
Since God is not against righteous nudity, we will permit topless men and women in our Je.di. academies. However, we will not permit the penis or vagina to be exposed outside of our members’ 18 foot by 18 foot rooms, in what we call Junk Cover Je.di. Academies.
We do understand that in some culture like the precious Jungle people who love Allah, and do not break his commandments, do not believe penis and vagina clothing is a necessity for righteousness. So for the Nudists members, they will be offered to live in a Nudist Je.di. Academy, where the junk may be exposed. Visit to learn more about naturists.
For the Junk Cover Academy, it means what it means, cover your penis or vagina with a swimsuit or non transparent underwear. Black thongs will be acceptable. In fact black silk thongs for male or female Je.di. will be offered free of charge to any member in the Junk Cover Academy.
Matthew 6:28-30 “ 28 And why are ye anxious concerning raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: 29 yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
30 But if God doth so clothe the grass of the field, which to-day is, and to-morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith? “
Sophia-Yeshua Christ is saying that clothing is not as important as a clean spirit that never stops remembering to remain righteous, to become brighter as a holy light. For King Solomon who was related to Christ wore elaborate garments, but Mother Sophia in Christ loves the array of nudity in the lilies.


“Hello, do you have an appointment?” the pedo-bot factory receptionist asks.
“Yes, my name is Donny Forcekin. My psychiatrist gave me a prescription for a pedo-bot,” Mr. Forcekin said, and handed her the form.
“I'll need your I.D. and social security card please,” she requests. He hands it to her. She photocopies them and said, “Have a seat. The Dr. will be with you shortly,” as she hands them back.
“Donny Forcekin?” a nurse asks.
He follows her to an office.
“Hello, I'm Dr. Barnacle. Here is a hologram on my computer of a default child robot. You must have a female robot, since Pedo-bot incorporation does not allow same gender fornication between our robots and customers. What age do you prefer between 6 and 15?” he asks.
“11,” Forcekin said.
“Hair color?” Peter asks.
“Red,” Donny answers.
“And her eyes?” Barnacle asks.
“Blue please.” Donny said.
“What edible scented body liquid would you prefer, grape, raspberry, apple, chocolate, peach, orange, vanilla, mint, or cherry?”
“Raspberry.” he answers licking his lips.
More questions were asked about what Donny wanted her physical appearance to look like.
When finished, Dr. Barnacle said, “Come back in 6 hours with this scanner card and your I.D. to pick her up.”
6 hours later Donny picks up Sharon, and takes her home.

Pedo fornication

“This is your new home Sharon,” Donny said as they enter his apartment.
“I am programmed to do anything you ask of me, but I am a police robot, and will report any crimes you commit in my presence,” she warns.
“Give me a strip show,” he request.
She dances sexually as she removes her jeans. She pulls off her red shirt. Underneath are two small artificial nipples. Sharon pulls down her pink panties.
“Suck my dick.”
She obeys his command.
“Sit on my face and suck it,” he lays naked on his bed, and licks her artificial vagina as she pleasures him orally.
“Sweet berries,” he moans in delight as he tastes the raspberry liquid slowly drip from her clitoris. The flavored liquid can be replaced with any beverage that she drinks and pees.
His pedophile urge is satisfied legally, without the molestation of a living child, because it is reflected on a “SEX DOLL”.


“Yummy,” Joseph Reese says as he stares at a cute little blonde girl going down the slide. Her pink bicycle leans against a bench he sits next to. He looks around and sees no one. So Joseph licks her seat when she isn’t looking. When she notices him the little girl walks curiously towards him. He is holding a black puppy. “Do you like her?”
“She’s cute. What’s her name?” she asks.
“Molly. I have 3 more in my van over there. Do you want one?” he asks while smiling kindly.
“Really?” she asks in excitement.
“Come look at them,” she follows him to the van. Then he throws her in and shut the door. There is a steel wall between the driver’s seat and the back of the van.
“Dispatch I got another one,” the girl says using a built in radio in her robot head.
“We are running a trace Misty.” Moments later, “We see the van. I’m sending reinforcements now,” the police dispatch said.
When the van pulls up, Joseph picks her up effortlessly, and carries her kicking and screaming inside. She is taken downstairs in his creepy old basement. Spider webs cover the ceiling. The grey walls are cracked from old age. Each step down the wooden stair case makes squeaking sounds. One light bulb in the center of the room shines on three beds with two little girls stripped and strapped to them.
“Let me go!!!” she screams.
“Shut the fuck up bitch!” he said.
Her clothing is ripped off and she is strapped to the bed. He rapes her. As he sins against God, the front door is forced open. Police infest. He is arrested. The little girls are saved!
How many abducted kids could be saved using under cover pedo bots?

The Je.di. computer brain

The Je.di. have a biological computer brain that is linked to the robot charging systems they plug their heads into. When the robots charge, their memories are downloaded into their own personal file in this enormous computer brain. The brain forms the memories they download into living memory tissue. In doing this, each slave has their own personal soul within the living brain.
The Johnson Brothers

Flooding $hit Water

“Jamar I’m out of toilet paper!” Jerome hollers at his brother while on the pot.
“So what?” Jamar asks in his deep voice.
“Bring me some stupid fuck!” Jerome yells.
Jamar drops his pipe and grabs a role in the closet. Then he opens the door seeing his brother sitting backwards on the crapper playing with his football cards.
“What the fuck are you doing?” Jamar asks.
“None of your fucking business. Give me the ass wipe!!!”
“Damn you stink motha fucka, give me a curtacy flush and shit.”
Jamar throws it at Jerome, and it falls in the toilet between his brother’s legs as he flushed the toilet. The water filled up and spilled all over the floor down Jerome’s legs soaking his south pole jeans.
“What the fuck is going on?” Lita Johnson asks her husband Jamar while he stands at the door taking a hit off his J, and laughing his ass off. “Why is there shit overflowing on the floor?”
“Jamar threw toilet paper at me while I flushed, and it clogged the toilet,” Jerome said standing with his penis flopping back and forth covered in feces.
Lita goes to the kitchen and grabs a rolling pin. “I’m going to beat the shit out of both of you!!!
“Your on your own bro,” Jamar said while moving swiftly towards the front door. He leaves his brother victim to his young blond wife who just finished work at her modeling career, and was pissed she spent 9 hours posing and the film was ruined, because some dumb ass spilt coffee on the camera. But, what topped it off was coming home and having shitty piss water now running down the white shag carpeting on the stairs. Not to mention that she has been on Jamars ass about his brother Jerome not paying any rent or looking for a job.
Later that night Jamar comes home and looks around for signs of life. “Hello? Anyone home?” he asks.
“I’m up here bro,” Jerome said leaning over the railing upstairs. “Just finishing up cleaning the shit. You probably need to buy a new carpet. There is shit stains smeared everywhere. Sorry it was diarea.”
“Where is Lita?” Jamar asks.
“In her room. She is pissed man.” Jerome said.
“Are you ok? Did she beat you with that rolling pin dog?” Jamar asked.
“No she was going to, but when she came in here she stepped in my shit and slipped then fell in it.” Jerome says.
They laugh in unison.
“Well hommie clean up the rest of that shit, and I’m going to talk to my bitch. Later we are going out so take a shower and get ready. The three of us are going to club.”
Jamar walks in his room and sees his lovely on their bed in her panties sleeping. Her clothes are in the hamper smeared with shit. He lay on the bed next to her, and brushes his wife’s blonde hair from her eyes with his fingers. Then he kisses her gently as she slowly awakes. “Hey baby.”
“Your brother is a fucking idiot Jamar. I’m so sick of his ass. If its not him bringing whores to our house and fucking them on the kitchen table, or getting drunk and masturbating on the roof, then its him flooding shit water down our shag carpet staircase.
“Chill out hunny, I will get a new carpet put in on Monday.” Jamar assured.
“He is paying for it Jamar, and don’t let him talk his way out of it,” she said.
“He will darling. I need you to get dressed. I’m taking you and Jerome to the club tonight. Tamika is going to be there, and she wants to introduce me to her new boyfriend. She said he asked her to marry him, so Tamika wants me to meet him since he will be my new brother in law.
“Well this bullshit with your brother is not over. He is going to get a job or you are going to kick his ass out,” she said.
“I will talk to him my love. Get ready.”

Keori Von

Jamar, Jerome, and lita arrive at the club. They pay the entrance free and enter.
“I’m going to get a drink,” Jerome said
“Alright bro. We’ll be on the dance floor,” Jamar said, grabbing Lita’s hand. She’s wearing a black silk mini skirt with slits up each hip, a black tube top, pig tails, and blue eye shadow to match her eye color. He’s wearing his gansta pants, and a black bitch beater with a gold chain, with the silver letters BBMF covered in diamonds.
As Lita and Jamar bust a move, Tamika sees them. She walks toward them and says, “Hey bro, glad you came.”
“Anything for my little sister,” Jamar said, as he reaches his arms around her, and hugs her.
“So whose this guy you want to introduce me to?” Jamer asks.
“He’s getting me a drink,” Tamika responds. “Oh here he is. Jamar this is Keori Von. He is a rapper. Keori this is my brother Jamar, and his wife Lita.”
“Hi Keori,” Lita said with a smile.
“What does the letters BBMF mean on your bling bling homie?” Keori asks Jamar as they shake hands.
“Big Black Motha Fucka, dog,” Jamar answers.
As Jerome returns with a bottle of Budweiser, he greets his sister by saying, “Hey sis what’s up?”
“Jerome this is my fiancĂ© Keori Von.”
“What’s up dog,” Jerome says kindly while he shakes his hand.
“Where planning to get married next month,” Tamika said.
“Congratulations!” Lita response.
“You’re all invited,” Tamika said.
“I gotta use the ladies room. Want to join me?” Lita asks Tamika.
“Sure. I’ll be right back,” Tamika kisses Keori, as they leave.
“So your in the rap industry huh?” Jamar asks.
“Yeah, I got a record deal with Baby Momma Killas,” Keori said.
“I heard of that record company. Do you have any CDs out?” Jerome asks.
“Yeah, have you every heard, “Tag team a ho“, or “My hommies make me hard?” Keori asks.
“Nope,” Jamar said.
Keori reaches in his back pocket, and pulls out a CD. “I got plenty of these,” Keori said handing one to Jamar. “Here Jerome, you can have one too. They are piling up in my closet. Free samples y’am sayin?”
“Jamar and I rap too,“ Jerome said.
“For real? You have to let me hear some of your rhymes dog,” Keori said.
“Alright, after we leave the night club well stop by my crib, and my bro and I’ll spit our shit homie,” Jamar invites.

Bust a Rhyme

As they arrive at Jamar and Lita’s mansion, they enter and Jamar asks, “Would you like a drink homie?”
“Sure, what you got?” Keori asks.
“Gin and juice,” Jamar responds.
“Yeah, thanks bro,” Keori said.
They all sit down on the leather furniture with a white skin bear fur rug on the floor next to the beautiful fire place.
Lita says, “I’m going to turn on some music.”
Then Jamar stops her saying, “Hold up hunny. Jerome and I promised Keori we’d rap for him.”
Jerome turns on the beat machine.


“I’m the big black motha fucka ya’ll don’t wanna be bunken with. In this prison my dick’s biggest, and it ain’t no fuckin myth.
I can smell that fishy pussy, piggy’s bringin to my cell.
This is your new bunk mate Hersey, better treat him well.
Yes, boss don’t you worry, I’ll show this new fish around. Hi there, how you doing boy? Now pull your panties down.
Your ass be tight as poodle, have to pass you to my boys. I could get two packs of smokes. Bitch you makin too much noise. So I fucked him in the mouth, with my 10 inch shitty dick. Yeah that throbbing cock is pretty, now bitch give my balls a lick.
Open up cell 1110 Hersey Squart’s at it again.” Jamar sings.
“He’s the big black motha fucka ya’ll don’t wanna be bunken with. In this prison his dick’s biggest, and it ain’t no fuckin myth.
Boy yo ass ain’t tight no more fucked by Hershey dick. You think this gangsta tag team‘s bad? Your future be fuckin sick.
Wait till Squart’s out of solitary boy, you’ll feel him touch your heart. You’re going to be fucked like a blow up toy. And, that be just the start,” Jerome raps.
“I’m gonna to rip his arms and legs off slowly one by one. I’ll seal his stumps with shit and semen, then I’m gonna to have some fun.
Gonna chew off his nuts and dick as he screams like a bitch fuck slut cunt crack. Rip out his teeth with my bare two hands, fuck his mouth, then make him lick my sack.
Then I’ll twist off his head, and take a shower in his blood. I be all lubed up from his throat.
Holy shit motha fucka I’m about to bust a nut, like fornicating with-a-billy-goat,” Jamar finishes.
“Shit dog dat be tight,” Keori says excitedly.
“For real bro?” Jerome asks.
“Hell ya motha fucker,” Keori said. “In fact I want you both to come down to the recording studio tomorrow at 6pm dog.”
“We’ll be there,” Jamar said.

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