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10 Royal Je.di.

Alpha Primate
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  10. Royal Je.di.
Any member who joins is a king or queen, prince or princess.
They can be American Police officers who swear allegiance with the regular Police in America. If there is a riot, and the regular police need assistance, they can have the option to call the Je.di. Police. Only Je.di. men will go out and assist their masters who are the regular Police.
The ovaries of the Je.di. women are extremely valuable to the Je.di. Church, and must be protected at all costs.
The church sessions must be formal balls.
There are 3 types of members which are Jews, gentiles, and the Pope Je.di.
The Jews are the sheep, and are called ultimate Je.di. Jesus is called the king of the Jews. They are his servant children.
The gentiles are the sheep dogs who protect the Jews.
The Pope is Vidian Didymus and his wife, Macie Marie Lawrence. This is explained earlier in lesson number 5.
The Jews and gentiles are members in covens or churches.
They start by 13 members in each of the two. There is one representative in each of the two covens which are two 1st members. One Jew and one gentile. (The head Jew and gentile kings) They deliver the vote for each request from the Pope. The Pope and Popess have the 3rd vote in each request they deliver.
If the Pope and Popess do not share the same vote, then they can not be permitted to vote in the individual request subject they offered. Any member can request subjects to be voted on too. (The Pope-Popess must agree on firing any member master.)
The 13 members in both covens each have a 13 coven themselves. They are the head of their own. It is the same for their members, and so on.
When everyone votes in both the Jewish and gentile covens, all of their votes are added up. The winning vote, either yes or no, is given to the head Jew and gentile.
They deliver the votes to the Pope, and between the three, the winning vote is the decision of the request. Again, the three votes are the Jewish, gentile, and Pope Votes.
The important priorities of the Je.di. Church are the following:
1: Orphans who are well educated of the Je.di. Religion, and truly accept it, are the first priority. They will be accepted to live in Je.di. Orphanage mansions, where they will live as royal princes or princesses. They will be educated, and trained to live as royalty. Je.di. orphans will also be trained in martial arts. So they can protect themselves, and all of the other Je.di.
2: Living fetuses are the second priority. There will be an alternative to abortions from the Je.di. Church.
This option is for a pregnant mother to go to a Je.di. Pro-life clinic where their fetus will be safely removed prematurely. Then placed in an artificial womb where they will grow safely until they are ready to be taken out.
When removed the baby will be trained to be free Je.di. American citizens who owe their very lives to Christ. He saved them from being butchered legally by child killing abortionists.
3: Homeless people who accept, and are educated in the Je.di. Religion, are the third priority. They will live in Je.di. Mansions, and work for the Empire in their choice Je.di. job. This opportunity will be given to anyone who chooses to join from any country in their country. The important jobs are police officers, fire men, and doctors.
4: Single parents Je.di. Welfare is the 4th priority. Any single parent Je.di. member will be eligible for Je.di. Welfare, if they will educate their children with Je.di. school material and tests.
Every member must home school their children with the Je.di. material supplied. The material will include complete courses in Lightology.
They must work in their homes as telemarketers for the Je.di. Empire, by transferring donations from the people who call to donate money to the Je.di. savings account that only Vidian has access to. The money will be transferred using Je.di. internet, and the credit or check card of the person who wishes to donate money.
Je.di. internet is virus and spyware free which includes websites that will be under close observation by Je.di. security guards on line. There will be strict security observation when users wish to upload files to the Je.di. internet.
5: The 5th priority will be wine producing factories. These factories will supply jobs to the members, and cheep wine for communion in church sessions.
6: Cow meat production will be the 6th priority.
The cows will be grown in tanks which will be lined up in rows inside of lab rooms. They will have wires in their bodies that harness electricity. The electricity will be collected in high voltage batteries for powering the mansions and robots.
Another way to harness electricity for the batteries will be from bicycles that are attached to generators. The generator bikes will be lined up in factory rooms where the Je.di. workers get paid to pedal for 8 hours a day. They will have several breaks of course. The workers can also have plugs for wires to harness their electricity like the cows.  All that pedaling will produce plenty of electricity from their bodies.
Milk cows can have tubes attached to their nipples to collect milk.
The cows will be removed when ready to be slaughtered. They will be fully sedated in the tanks, and when they are removed.
Before the cows are slaughtered, they will have their brains destroyed using a hand operated machine that quickly forces a spike in and out of their skulls.
The cow meat will be sold cheap to starving people across the world beginning in America first. Of course the hungry will be put to work in Je.di. jobs in their area, to earn the money to purchase their food and live in mansions, if they are members of course.
The non-members may buy the Je.di. meat from grocery stores, but will not be given the opportunity to work for the Je.di., or live in the mansions.

Jehovah disciple soldier

2 Timothy 2:3  “3 Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.”
Luke 22:36  “36 And he said unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise a wallet; and he that hath none, let him sell his cloak, and buy a sword.”
The above versus tell us that we as Jehovah Disciples are an army, but the Lord of my Master Israel through His Son Yeshua Christ, has instructed me in scripter to be 100 percent defensive at all times. We as soldiers of Israel will not hunt down our enemies. We will protect our women and children inside of the Je.di. Academies. Remember this as an important rule to follow, for the American Government must not be our enemy by feeling threatened by the Je.di. We serve America and Israel for always. Amen.

Israel’s Curse
Isaiah 60:10-12 “10 And foreigners shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee: for in my wrath I smote thee, but in my favor have I had mercy on thee. 11 Thy gates also shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the wealth of the nations, and their kings led captive. 12 For that nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.“  For our Jehovah Disciple Judaic Christian faith to survive, we must be a nation which serves Jacob and his God Allah: Jehovah-Sophia-Christ.

Frightening morning

"Oh my God...Oh my God... Oh my God...this isn't real!" Ann panics.
In the background she hears a recording that says, "Love Devilan. Devilan is your master. Devilan loves you. You are going to die. I'm going to eat your baby and drink its' blood."
Inside of the Jehovah Disciple academy....
"Good morning Macie," Jason says.
"Good morning Jason," Macie says. They get up and turn on their robots. Jason drinks beer from Verona. Macie drinks wine coolers from Jerith. Then Jason French kisses Macie as Verona kisses Jerith. "I'm going to go to the store. I'll be back soon," Macie tells her husband.
"Ok, but be safe and carry your light blade and laser gun with you in your purse, and don't forget your permit to carry it," Jason requests.
Macie gets in her gas efficient, hydro electric car. It is purple and very fast.

Cullins is called before Tepes

"What is thy bidding, my master?" Father James Cullins asks Dracula.
"We are to build Catholic temples as the Jehovah Disciples are doing. We will pretend that we are allies with the Jehovah Disciples.
There must be a Master temple, and an apprentice temple. You priests must not drink Christ's human blood. You will be the teachers in the apprentice temple. There can be crucifixes and wine. However, in the Master temple there can not be any crucifixes or wine.
The Masters will be vampires, and will be served Christ's blood daily, and eat his baby flesh.
Soon all of our Catholic members will be vampires, and will be forced to obey Satan at any time," If someone consumes Jesus' (or Joshua's) blood, they become slaves of Satan,  "Satan will rise from the heart of the Earth, and live inside of our main satanic temple in Iowa near the Jehovah Disciple temple. Now go to your council and tell them Satan’s, will.” Vlad commands.

Hell Fucking no!!!

"Macie finishes her shopping, and goes back to her car. The parking lot is full of cars, but no people. A sharp needle penetrates the skin on her back.
To the left of her car a van is parked, and opened. She is quickly thrown in. The door shuts.
Time goes by, and Jason begins to worry. He walks next door to another Je.di. mansion, and asks his surveillance team to run a trace using satellites in space, and a chip implanted in her brain called a medulla chip.
"The trace stopped here, out in the forest inside of this mansion," Jason's master says.
"Please let me go!" Macie muffles loudly behind her stitched mouth.
"Where is your God now bitch?!!!" Devilan screams at her.
She looks around, and is terrified by her surroundings. Ann is to her right, whose mouth is stitched, because she would never “Shut the fuck up!!!”
He grabs his chainsaw, and decides to start with her leg. Blood sprays everywhere as the chainsaw makes a quick cut. Then he grabs the iron and burns the wound.
He saws off her other three appendages.
Her eyes are cut out with a scalpel.
Devilan rapes her mutilated body.
"DON'T FUCKING MOVE MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!!" Jason yells in righteous anger. Behind him are his two robots and 23 others upstairs all armed with ak-47s.
They make their arrest.

This pisses me off

Devilan talks to his lawyer.
"And then my Father unzipped his pants, and put his penis inside of my mouth. After, that he put petroleum jelly on his penis, and had sexual intercourse with me. When he had to ejaculate, he would do it in my mouth, and make me swallow it.
Sometimes his poker buddies would tag team me when my mother was passed out drunk. I was 5 years old when it started, and it didn't stop until I was 16, and my father passed away from a cocaine overdose," Devilan sobs while saying.
He sits inside of a cell, waiting for court.
James visits him, and offers him some Catholic communion wine. “Now go to your sister's house.” father Cullins said.
Devilan knows what he drank. It was Christ blood mixed with non fermented grape juice. His mind is focused, and he is thinking and moving at the speed of light.
Light pours out of his body. Inside fills with darkness. The light he emitted is consumed by his new black hole body, and compressed inside.
As the guard opens the door he walks out. When the guard discovered he escaped, he informs the gate officers and the alarms sound.
Devilan walks right by the guards and they can't see him. He is moving too fast. They all seem like plants to him that are slowly moving.
After, what seemed to be forever, he makes it outside, and flies up into the sky.  Later, James Cullins is questioned and released.

Freedom of Choice
No rights prisons

Straight prisoners should have a choice to serve their time in a straight prison.
These prisons can be 6 foot by 6 foot. The single bed in each fold up parallel against the wall. The center of the cell can have a drain in the floor. Across from the bed there can be a shower head. Next to that can be a steel toilet and sink.
The prisoner must not leave their cell at any time for any reason.
For exercise, they must have foot pedals welded into the steel wall. These pedals can be attached to small generators behind the wall. The generators can charge batteries that can be used for the light bulb in the center of the ceiling behind a thick plate of glass. The electricity will also power a small heater and air conditioner.
“What happens if the prisoner does not pedal for electricity?” you might ask.
Then they are put in the hole. In the hole, the heat, a.c., and light will be paid for by the tax payers. So, they will only have enough heat or air conditioning that they can survive in. Light will be on every hour for 6 minutes.
Food will be in pill form and protein shakes.
They will have no need for clothing since they are secluded in their own cell. This kind of prison would drive a person mad. However, it will insure the innocence of the court room officials, by not being accessories to rape.
In doing all of this, the Government will be able to lower the prisoner tax excessively.
If the U.S. Government works with a sheet metal company called “General Steel”, these prisons can be extremely cheap. Also, the prisoners will not be allowed to leave there cell for any reason. This will lower taxes too.
If the U.S. Government leaders do not begin building these straight prisons, a rape victim from a U.S. prison can sue the U.S. Leaders for accessory to rape. They would not have been raped if they were in their own cell.
After all, isn't allowing gay rapes in prison giving the rapist illegal rights?

Back at the mansion

Macie is taken to a surgery room in a Je.di. hospital, where the Disciples of Christ attach her legs and arms. They also implant artificial eyes, so she no longer has to wear contacts. They are advanced in medical operations.
When she is taken back home, she greets Jason and says, "Thank you my love," tears run down her face. She also looks at their robots and says, "Thank you too," to them both.
"Soon he will be executed," Jason said, not knowing that he escaped.
"What will happen to all of the little girls, and women who have no arms, legs, or eyes?" Verona asks.
"The young girls will be taken to their parents after they are discharged from the Je.di. hospital. The women will have artificial arms, legs, and eyes since Devilan ate their original ones," Jerith answers his robot bride.

In the hospital

Stephanie cries quietly in her bed.
"This will help you sleep Stephanie,” the nurse pierces her arm with a syringe needle. “Just relax. Police officers are right outside. If you need anything, push this button.”
“Where is my mommy?” she asks.
“Your mommy will be here soon. She is in surgery,” the nurse said. “Get some sleep sweetie,” the nurse leaves the room.
She looks around, and sees the other bed in the room for her mom.... Now she sees men hanging on crosses all around her. Some are barely alive, and one looks at her.
"Aaaaaaaah! Mommy!" she screams in fear. Devilan is standing next to her with his sister and Grandma. He moved so quick that she didn't even notice leaving the hospital.
"Let’s have fun with this little piglet Devilan," Michelle says in a wicked smile.
"Let’s torture her," Glenda said.
"But don't kill her. She is my favorite prize," Devilan commands.
He picks her up while she screams in terror, and puts cuffs on her hands which are chained to a bed. He takes off her shoes and socks. Then he cuffs her feet, but they are not chained to the bed. "Get me my glove Michelle."
She comes back with his glove that has sharp knives on the fingers.
"Please don't cut me!" Stephanie begs.
"Tear off her clothes Grandma," Devilan orders. She takes out scissors, and cuts her shirt up the middle. Then she rips it off.
Next, she cuts up each pant leg and pulls off her pants.
Last is her "Little Mermaid" Disney panties. Glenda takes the panties and smells them. She passes them to Michelle and Devilan. They smell together.
A sedative is injected that relaxes her.
Devilan carefully scratches an upside down pentacle, and cross on her chest. Her blood pours out slowly, because he did not cut her too deep. Devilan also cuts 666 on her.
Glenda grabs her sewing needles, and pierces them in each star tip on the pentacle.
Stephanie weeps uncontrollably, as Michelle opens her legs and licks her. Stephanie pees in her mouth.
"Move, Michelle," Devilan orders. He takes his bladed finger, and inserts it inside of Stephanie's vagina.
“Mommy!!!” her tears mix with her salty snot.
"Take out my penis Granny," She takes out her dentures, and sucks on his penis to get it hard. He reaches 9 inches and penetrates Stephanie.

Vagars takes a sip

“Body of Christ,” Father Cullins says handing Steven the cracker.
“Body of Christ,” Steven agrees.
“Blood of Christ,” Father Cullins says handing Steven the cup to sip on the wine.
“Blood of Christ,” Steven agrees.
Mass ends soon after. Steven rushes to the confessional room. He is first in line.  Father Cullins enters the room and turns up a switch. The switch moves up or down. When it is down, a light outside of the other confessional room shines red. When it is up the other light shines green. The light is green and Steven enters.
“Bless me father for I have sinned. It has been a week since my last confession,” Steven admits.
“Try to make a good confession my child,” Cullins says mercifully.
“I murdered and killed an old lady, father. I killed her on my way here from Georgia.
It was raining hard that night and dark.
She came out of a women's restroom at a lonely rest stop on the highway, and went to use the phone.
I was filled with lust the moment I walked past her, as I was heading back to my car from the men's restroom.
She was wearing a housewife dress. It was yellow with white trim. Her hair was long and white as wool. I opened my car door, grabbed a syringe, and filled it with tranquilizer.”
“Yes honey, I'm almost home. I should be home in a few....” the syringe in her neck knocks her out cold.
 "She fell in my arms, and I dragged her to my car."
“Susan?” Susan's husband says in a worried voice. “Are you ok? Susan?!”
“We pulled up to an old farmhouse. I got out and knock on the door.”
“May I help you sir?” the farmer asks.
“I took out my gun and shot his brains all over his wife as she walked to the door curiously. I also shot his wife.”
“Mommy! Daddy!” their daughter cries as she sees both her parents dead.
I asked her what her name and age were,”
“My name is Amanda and I'm 5 years old,” she said with tears pouring down her innocent face.
“Is anyone else in the house?” I asked
“No. Please don't hurt me,” she pleaded as Steven giggles.
“I duct taped the little girl's arms and legs. I gagged her with her own panties and tape. Afterwards, I went to the car and opened the trunk. Out came the old bitch. I grabbed my hatchet, and hacked off her hands and feet, as well as the little girl's.
I took my hammer and broke out little Amanda's teeth, so she wouldn't bite my hard cock. Then I decided to cut off the old lady's head, and fed her eyes to the little girl.
For fun, I sliced open the old lady's tummy and pulled out her intestines. I put the end of it in the little girl's mouth while squeezing the shit down her throat. My dick was so hard. I released myself inside of Amanda. When I finished I tied her neck to the staircase and burned the house. Then I left.” Steven finishes his horrific confession.
“You need help. You should turn yourself in my child,” father responds.
“You're next,” Steve threatens quietly as he leaves the confessional.

Why is this world so fucked up?

After church Steven Vagars sniffs out an old victim named Darla Swanson. She drove to St. Paul's today in her car.
It is Steven's first time at this church today.
In fact, he is from another town.
Steven walks over to her as she unlocks her car door.
He does not see a husband with her so he asks, “Hello ma'am. Would you be kind enough to give me a ride home?” his car is parked at an abandoned house up town. He gives her the address where his van is, while lying about it being where he lives.
She kindly agrees to give him a ride.
“I really appreciate this ma'am,” he says smiling.
“No problem. I haven't seen you at church before. Are you new there?” she asked in a friendly Christian voice.
“Yes ma'am. I just moved here two weeks ago from Georgia. Today is my first time at your church,” he answers.
They pull up to his van. He looks around, and does not see anyone.
Steven takes out a syringe, and stabs her in the neck with it. She passes out.
He drags her body over to his van. Steven gently puts her inside, and closes the doors. Then he wipes off his finger prints in her car, and on the door handle.
He drives away.

They pull up to his house on a farm

Steven drags Darla's body out of his van into his slaughter house. Meat hooks on chains dangle from the ceiling.  She is still unconscious from the drug injected in her.
He tears off her church dress. Then he removes her shoes and socks. Next, her granny panties are ripped off, as well as her bra.
Her skin is a desert of old wrinkles.
He licks her vagina. It is salty and smells very fishy. Steven loves the taste.
She is placed on a table and he removes his clothes. Then reaches over, on the wall, and grabs his saw. Steven saws off her head. Blood squirts all over. Her head is completely removed now, and his penis is fully erect. Steven takes her head and penetrates the bottom. 
Then he pulls it out, and has sex with the neck on her body. He fingers her vagina. 
Steven takes his carpenter knife, and cuts off her saggy breasts, then licks the bloody circles he made on her chest. 
He cuts open her stomach, and pulls out her heart. Steven bites it, chews, then swallows. He grabs her intestines, and rubs them all over himself. He is covered in her feces and blood.
Finally, he rapes her anus and releases himself inside.
 Steven grabs his hatchet. Outside, he lights his gas grill and barbeques her flesh.
“Mm mm, she smells so good,” he says to himself as he smells the aroma of her cooked meat. Her soul looks down from heaven with Jesus Christ standing next to her.
“Forgive him Lord,” she asks him.

Steven's morbid house

Steven is a member of the K.K.K.
He has dark African skin, that he tans darker under lights in his basement. The skin covers his couch.
He has an African's entire skin as a rug on the floor next to the fire place, and skin for window curtains.
In the corner, there is a cage with a naked little boy, and little girl, stitched together at their chests, stomachs, legs, and arms. They both are standing in their feces, and urine. The smell fills the air. Steven's mouth waters from the scent.
"Mommy! Help me!" the little girl cries.
"I want to go home!" the little boy whimpers.
"You will shut the fuck up now, or I'll get my nail gun!" He threatens. (Earlier, he introduced them to the nail torture, by shooting nails in their arms, and bandaged them.) The feeling of the nails inside of them is over ruled by their fear.
A stiff is stuffed of an old woman he killed. The hands are stitched back on the corpse as well as the feet. Pins are sticking out of the corpse throughout the whole body.
"Lovely fuck," Steven says looking at the dead woman.

Hangin wit my soldiers

Ring! Ring! Ring!
“Hello,” Jerome answers.
“What’s up homie? It’s Keori.”
“Hey Keori, was happenin?” Jerome asks.
“My boys and I need another hand, and beings that you told me Lita is on your ass for rent, and you lost your job at Burger King, I thought I’d ask you if you wanted to make some easy money?” Keori asks.
“Fo sho,” Jerome answers.
“Great hommie, meet me at my crib.”
“I’ll be there in 5,” Jerome said.
When he arrives, Keori and 6 of his homies are smoking a blunt in a stolen Twinky truck. Cough! Cough! “Wanna hit dis homie?” Keori asks Jerome who is walking toward them from his ride.
“No I’m straight. What’s this job?” Jerome asks.
“My guy installed a safe in a house, and the owner is putting her gold coins in it,” Keori said.
“How do you know what she put in it?” Jerome asks.
“This playa right here works for the company she insured them with,” Keori said.
“Sup G?” the playa said.
“Was up bro?” Jerome replies. “So we robbing a lady’s coin collection? No killing right?”
“No, unless whoever is in the house tries to be a fucking hero,” Keori said.
“Cool,” Jerome said.
They pack in the back of the truck and head to the house. Keori breaks a window, and they all climb in quietly. They go upstairs to a room with a piano and paintings on the wall. A clock ticks near the safe. Keori has his boy blow torch the lock.
Then the old lady in the next who they are robbing wakes up, slides her feet in her pink bunny slippers, and slowly walks past the safe room in her night gown.
Keori sees her and runs toward her, “Aaaaah!!!” she screams. He throws her down the stairs.
“What the fuck!!!” Jerome yells chasing Keori who ran down the stairs after the old lady.
Keori pulls out his gun, and caps dat bitch 11 times. “That’s enough!” Jerome grabs his arm.
“Get yo fuckin hands off me bitch!” Keori says.
“We got da shit Keori,” the gangstas inform.
“Lets get the fuck out of here,” Keori leads.
While in the car, Jerome sits in the back with the other original gangstas and says, “You didn’t have to fucking shoot her! Or throw her ass down the motha fuckin stairs! What the fuck is wrong with you man?” to Keori.
“This motha fucka’s trippen,” Keori said as he hits his crack pipe. “Just shut the fuck up or get out.”
“I’m done with this shit man, take me home. Don’t call me again. Your fucking insane,” Jerome said.
“Boys!!!” Keori yells. The 6 G dogs grab Jerome, open the back of the truck, and throw him out.
“No!!! Stop!!!” Jerome screams. Thump. Thump. Thump. He roles on the highway. Jerome’s skin is ripped everywhere from the pavement.
“I’m gonna kill that motha fucker!” Jerome screams as he slowly stood up.
“I’m sick of that fucking pussy,” Keori said.
“So we off to Georgia to trade Kobi these coins for some bud?” OG asks.
“Yeah, but first we got to get the necessities,” Keori said as they pull into a gas station.
They role in as one fills the gas tank, and Keori says, “What’s up girl?” to the 18 year old store clerk reading her college book.
“Nothing,” she says.
He takes his gun out and shoots her in the face 6 times. A woman enters the gas station, and he shoots her and the baby. They rob the store and leave.
“That mother fucker! They jacked my cell phone!!!! FUCK!!!” Jerome screams. He sees lights behind him in a green old pickup truck. “Stop!!! He yells with his thumb up.
“What are you doin out here?” Steven Vagars asks.
“Some mother fuckers left me out here, do you have a phone?” Jerome asks.
“I got one back at my place. I’m headed there now. Get in you can use it when we get there,” Steven says with a friendly smile.
“Thanks homie,” Jerome said after getting in the truck.

Deengis and Ditsee Dimrod

“Shnoodle in her doodle on the daily. If you never shnoodled before. And you’re wandering what a shnoodle is, I’ll tell you. When she gets shnot on your noodle on the floor.
Then you put your shnotty noodle in her stinky young doodle, and you shnoodle in the  doodle back door.
So now that you know what a shnoodle doodle is, you’re not in the dark any more,” Deengis begins singing at the recording studio for country music.
“Shnoodle in my doodle if you want to. I’ve had this darn cold for a week. And you know that my fish is all bloody, and my doodle is less of a stink.” Ditsee Dimrod sings.
“I’ll Shnoodle in your doodle on the daily. Your doodle is what I adore,” Deengis sings.
“Sorry, but my cold’s gone, and my nose has stopped running,” Ditsee sang.
“Then I‘ll get shnot as I‘m beating you whore,” Deengis sings.

Kobi Von

Knock! Knock! Knock!
“What’s up Keori, bought time you got here,” Kobi answers the door and hugs his brother.
“How’s ma?” Keori asked.
“She’s having a bad trip on some acid,” I had to lock her in her room bro,” Kobi said.
“Here’s the coins, you got my bud?” Keori asks.
“Yeah. 6 pounds in these two gym bags,” Kobi said.
“We straight then?” Keori asks his brother.
“Yeah, so what you just gonna leave now?” Kobi asks.
“I can chill for a while Kobi, but den I gotta split, shit to do back home, yam sayen?” Keori answers.
“Yeah, I know homie. Well shit, you and yo boys wanna go out to the bar, and holler at some ho’s to bring back here to gang bang?” Kobi asks.
“Fo sho,” Keori answers.
They arrive at the bar, Kobi says, “I be right back G, gotta take a piss,” as Keori orders a bottle of ice cold beer.
“What’s your name?” Keori asks a blonde hair blue eyed fair skinned lady, sitting at the bar next to him.
“Ditsee,” she answers.
“My bitch (Bleeper!!!),” Deengis interrupts as he returns to his wife from the bathroom. “We don’t take to kindly to your type round here.”
“Is there a problem Deengis?” Kobi asks.
“You know this (Bleeper!!!) Kobi?” Deengis asks his neighbor.
“This (Bleeper!!!) is my brother BITCH!” Kobi informs.
“Watch yourself mother fucker,” Deengis warns as he leaves the bar with Ditsee.
“I think I’m gonna drop off my homies at home to start sellin this bud, then come back tomorrow and fuck his bitch,” Keori said.
“Cool, I’ll show you where he lives. I know when he goes to work, so you can play his bitch,” Kobi said.
“And if she don’t give it, I’ll take dat pussy, and wax dat ass,” Keori said.
“Oh, shit!!! Ha ha ha! Playa!!!” Kobi laughs as he shakes his brothers hand, and hit his knuckles with his.
“We gonna bounce den homie, give me some love bro,” Keori said.
They hug and leave.
Jerome gets fucked
“Here’s my place, come inside to use the phone. I got beer to bro,” Steven offers.
“Cool, thanks homie,” Jerome said. “I’ve been walking on that highway for so long. I didn’t think any one was gonna stop.”
“There are not many houses in this side of the country, you are lucky that I did show up. Cause, you could have been out there for days buddy,” Steven explains as he unlocks his door, letting Jerome enter first, before he turns on the light.
As the light turns on Jerome says, “What the fuck?” seeing the little girl and boy stitched together in the cage standing in days of piled feces and urine, dead old ladies, black skin on the floor like a bear rug, and scraped skulls and bones everywhere. Plaques with elderly pussies glued to them hang on the wall. “You’re sick mother fucker!!!”
Steven grabs a sledge hammer and cracks Jerome in the back of the head.
“Owe my head…what the fuck? Where am I?” Jerome asks while waking with his hands cut off and bandaged, including his feet. He is on his knees with his neck chained to the floor, and his ass in the air.
“Bagged me a (Bleeper!!!),” Steven says entering the room in his black skin gimp suit. “Hey boy yo ass looks tight.”
“Fuck you mother fucker!” Jerome yells.
Steven fucks him instead. Then he skins him alive, and butchers Jerome.

Devilan's mother

Devilan and Michelle's mother's name is Lonna Fisher.
She bred with an American soldier and conceived Michelle. She did not marry him.
She did marry Adam Lars when she conceived Devilan her youngest child.
He took his father's last name while Michelle kept their mother's. 
Lonna and Adam raised Devilan and his sister in a strict Catholic home.
When Lonna died of cancer, Devilan stole her body from her grave, and kept it inside of a freezer. That was 5 years ago when he was 25.
He kisses her regularly, and takes her out to talk to her dead body.
A flash back hits Devilan. "If I catch you looking at porn again, I'm going to drug you to sleep and cut off your penis," she warns him.


"The A-14 is now finished and ready for our use," a scientist tells Jason. "We tried it out on an ape and there are no side effects." They are in an underground lab beneath the tank in the garden.
"Shoot me up," Jason orders as he smacks his vein in preparation. The needle pierces his arm, and the A-14 is injected into his blood stream.
Instantly, he begins to levitate off the ground. His pupils emit light generated from his brain.
Later in his bedroom, he sits down next to Macie, and asks her, "What's the matter?" for she is sitting on the bed with a concerned look on her face.
"I'm pregnant Jason," she tells him.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes I took the pregnancy test this morning, and it was positive," she says.
"We use condoms. How can you be pregnant?” Jason asks.
"Devilan raped me. The baby is his. I'm scared," she says with a worried face.
"Will you abort it?" he asks.
"Yes." she tells him with tears in her eyes.
"Everything will be alright honey. We'll abort it as soon as possible. I love you so much," he tells her with a kiss on her forehead.
"I love you too Jason," she responds with a smile.
Later that day, she has an abortion.
Abortions are not permitted in the Je.di. Corporation, unless the woman was raped, or if the doctors say she will die if she does not abort.
"I have to tell you about this new drug our scientists developed. It is a plant serum called A-14. It causes the person injected with it to use all of their brain, fly, and move things with their mind. See." he takes out a golden sphere from his pocket. It levitates from his hand. "We also discovered that when we drink alcohol, we can move and think at the speed of light!"
"Cool. Are there any negative side effects?" she asks her husband.
"Nope all of the effects are positive ones," Vidian responds.
"When can I get some?" Macie asks.
"Right now if you want. I brought you some in a pill," he said.
"Ok," she swallows the Holy plant drug.

Devilan and Cullins go to Satan's church

After Catholic Church, Devilan and Father Cullins go to Cullin's office, and enter the secret passageway to their under ground hideout.
They go into the ritual room, and see an upside down pentacle made of human blood on the floor. In the middle is a goblet of human blood. 5 black candles are in each of the 5 points of the pentacle.
Devilan and Cullins sit within the pentacle with the 11 others. They light the candles.
They chant, "Hale Satan, Lord of darkness. We drink this blood of Christ in your name." They all pass the goblet around and drink Christ's blood. They snuff out the candles.
One of the Satanists walks over to a small cage with a little baby boy in it. He grabs him, and takes him to the alter. The baby's throat is cut. Without being cooked, he is taken to a table, and butchered with an electric bread cutter. The flesh and blood is fed to the coven.

Buck hunting

Steven Vagars drives to the ghetto.
“Al’ ight, catch ya’ll later hommies, I gotta head back to Georgia to fuck that redneck motha fucka‘s bitch. Sell dat shit.” Keori hollers as he drives away. Steven looks around. No one but the 6 gangsters are in sight. So he drives up to them in his black van, parks, gets out, then walks toward them with a smile on his face.
“Ah hell no, who dis white cracka?” one of the OG’s ask.
“You lost motha fucka?” another asks.
“Nope,” Steven says as he takes out the gun tucked behind him in his pants, and shoots each of them in the head. Their brains spray out of their skulls as explosive diarrhea.
He carries each of them to his van and throws them in. “Young Buck. You are a fine trophy. I need some leather pants,” Steven says as he is finishing up by carrying the last one.
“What are you doing mister?” 1 of the 3 little preteen boys ask wearing gangsta style clothing.
“Isn’t it too late for you little (Bleep!!!)lets to be running around by yourself?” Steven asks. He turns toward them, leaving the body in the van, and shoots all three of the little gangsters in their heads too. “I guess I get some young dead G pussy tonight.”
He throws them in his van, slams the door, then drives home.
When Steven arrives, he drags each body down to his basement. There is a cleaver hanging on a hook, next to a butcher knife, scissors, and a pouch filled with scalpels.
“Thanks for the diamond ring home boy,” Vagars says as he strips his prize, throws his naked body on a slab, and skins his victim. He stretches the skin out on hooks. Scrapes the flesh off, rubs leather treatment on the skin, then places it next to heating lamps. Then Steven hacks up the body, wraps the flesh in cellophane, and stuffs it in his large freezer of meat.
“Got me some new britches,“ Steven says while sitting at his sewing machine and begins making his new leather pants.

Day of blood

The alarm sounds in the Jehovah disciple academy. Jason and Macie are having dinner. They are having well cooked stakes and raspberry wine.
"Here we go," Jason says to his wife. She gets up and runs to her room, grabbing her laser gun. Jason does the same and turns on his gun. They also have Jehovah disciple laser swords that they call light blades.  "Turn on," Jason says awakening his robot disciples. "Go generate power my children."
Macie stays in the locked Pope room armed and ready.
Jason waits in the 18 foot by 18 foot entrance in his building.
A Jehovah disciple soldier tells him on the intercom, "There is an army of vampires surrounding us." 
A tower in the middle of each pyramid has created an electric force field that connects to the walls of Je.di. pedaling employees. It protects them from missiles and laser beams.
They all grab their crucifixes around their necks, and open the tops of them. Inside is pure ever clear. Combined with A-14, the alcohol speeds them all up to the speed of light. The Vi.di (Vi-dian-Vi-dia disciple) robot slaves would fight, but their bodies are not advanced enough to move at the speed of light.
The vampires all have a small hand held device that injects baby Jesus blood from the cloning center. They all inject and back away from the temple creating a sphere of blood suckers like stars in space.
Each pyramid has 8 entrances from the 8 mansions. 3 lead to the garden. The other 5 lead outside. Those who live in the 3 next to the garden have to walk through the power room center and exit from one of the 5. The 18 foot exits have vault doors.
The force field is shut off, and the disciples all fly out, like bees from their nest. Je.di. laser swords clash against the vampire's light blades from their hands, making shock noises.
Towers above the center of the pyramids with a metal sphere on top, emits bolts of electricity at the enemy threats.
There are too many vampires. Jason stands in the sky, and reaches his hand to the clouds, invoking angels. The angels fly down from the sky, and their light spirits transform into flesh bodies.
The angels fight with laser beams from their outstretched hands, as swords like the vampires. However, the Jehovah disciples have not mastered the long period light blades from their hands. The battle is won by the disciples, and they all go to their rooms for night's rest.
The angels return to heaven.
The vampires who did not flee were decapitated, and their bodies burned up in a Je.di. crematorium.
In the laboratory, the heads are slowly dropped in buckets of alcohol. They turn into smoke.
"We disciples have stolen one of the Joshua babies from a Catholic temple secretly. We will have Joshua cloning rooms in every barracks. However, we will not murder the babies. We will have them grow up and perform Holy Magick on the bodies. They will be Christ's clone sons. The bodies will then be frozen alive, and one will be stored in each temple across the world," Jason says to his Jew and gentile coven leaders in his Pope temple room.

The dream world

Jerith and Verona plug in to their power sources on the wall in the Pope temple. They turn off their bodies and dream together.
In their dream, they have a cyber Earth Garden of Eden to live in.  They are naked in their dream bodies, and can feel pleasure when they mate. They can also eat fruits and taste them. Both of them can even smell each other, and the smells of the flowers around them. They are in perfect peace together as they sleep.
"Wow that was an unpleasant evening," Jason tells his wife.
"Thank God you did not get killed," Macie says hugging her husband.

The Catholic temple

Inside of the Catholic Master temple, Father Cullins walks with Devilan saying, "The battle was not a success.”
"What shall we do Father?" Devilan asks.
"Await orders from our masters, the vampires," Cullins responds.
“As you wish my master,” Devilan submits.


“A delicious meal,” Devilan whispers. “She is completely helpless.” He flies down towards the little girl, and lands behind her. She seems like a motionless statue to him as he slides his hand down the front of her pants.  Under her panties he fingers her, and sucks on her neck. He bites down hard tearing open her jugular, and drains her human wine.
Finished he pulls his fingers out, and flies away with the little girl’s blood dripping from his finger tips. He licks them clean.
She falls down almost lifeless next to her mother. Her blood spills on her mother as she screams in terror. She dies from blood loss, and Jesus comes down in a bright light, and takes her to heaven.
Hair children

“Macie, hair children are approved by our masters, the U.S. Government,” Vidian says.
“Cool, are you asking me if you can still make our children?” Macie smiles kindly.
“Yes my queen,” Jason responds.
Macie walks over to her Pope servant and hugs him whispering, “My flesh is yours for always.”


Jason and Macie visit in the garden.
The Jehovah disciple scientists created a male fairy one year ago. They put him to sleep, and removed one rib. His rib was used to clone him a female fairy.
Now there are fairies in every mansion across the world.
They are guests in the gardens.
The gardens are paradise. There are ponds that are crystal clear with cleaning filters built in them. The ponds have exotic fish in them which include mermen and mermaids. The plants all around are marijuana, coke, peyote, roses, cherry trees, barley, and wheat. The fairies multiply in great numbers.

Satan reigns in the Satan barracks (Catholic Church)

Des monies, Iowa is where the Catholic temple is built. Satan came from Hell to live in this temple and is worshiped day and night.
"Father Cullins! Bring me a little boy!" Satan growls from one of his seven heads.
"Yes master," Cullins rushes back with a young boy named Scotty fisher, who visits James for bible sessions.
"Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!" Scott screams in horror, as he is dragged towards the monstrous dragon. The dragon grabs him, and rips off his arm.
The first head was fed that arm. He burns it with his breath, and eats the ashes. The second head ate the other arm.
The third ate his left leg.
The forth ate his right leg.
The body is then broken in half. The lower half is fed to the fifth.
The head goes down the sixth.
And last, the seventh devours the top half of the body. Feces squirts from the cooked slurped intestine like dripping spaghetti noodles. (He cooks humans with fire from his mouth to kill the K.O.G.A.E. disease in them.)

Devilan’s new home

Devilan has a new home now were he has no fear in collecting young girls around 9 to 12 years old. All of the little girls Devilan kidnaps are bitten, and turned into an army of young blood suckers. They are his sex slaves who do what ever he asks, as long as he feeds them living blood from the uninfected.

Inside the Priest Laboratory

Devilan visits Cullins in the laboratory. With him is young Stephanie. She was given the dark gift after he kidnapped her. She is his favorite. The rest of his child vampire army is at home draining the blood out of a man, his wife, and child who are strapped to beds for their convenience.
“I’d prefer a little boy,” Cullins says to Lars.
“Different strokes for different folks I always say.” Devilan answers him.

Devilan Lars takes one of the tortured woman’s head, and injects some of Jesus’ blood in the brain. Instantly, the eyes open and look around panicking. Her mouth opens and closes trying to speak.
“Sick,” Cullins says.
The head is placed in a bathtub filled with blood.
Days later, the head grows a new body. The body is filled with muscles all over. It has firm breasts and a psychotic mind from years of tortured when connected to her former body.
She was brainwashed through pregnancy from Devilan, and tortured with hallucinogens. 
(Referring to earlier about heads injected with Christ’s human blood: If a decapitated head has the Christ human blood in it, then it will grow a new body over long periods of time. The body will grow faster by injecting human or animal blood. The best way is soaking the head in a bath tub of Jesus’ human blood.)
“Worship Devilan. Worship Devilan. Worship Devilan,” Linda Maresh hears in her head, over and over again, from when she was being tortured with needles and scalpels. Devilan played it on his computer in a very deep voice. In between she hears, “You’re going to die,” in a loud thrash voice over and over.

"Don't cause a child to sin!"

Stephanie is next to Devilan, and asks Father Cullins for some blood of Jesus. He takes out a canteen with Christ blood, and gives some to the little blood sucker.
Stephanie strips in front of the two sick fucks and walks out the door.
She looks up in the sky. It is cloudy. Thunder growls.
“I'm hungry,” she tells herself. Stephanie ascends in the sky.
She is at light speed mentally and physically. She swoops by people walking around. Drops of rain suddenly fall, and soak her naked body. She flies toward a 7 year old boy and grabs him.
They both sour high to Devilan’s new house and enter. The house used to be a country family house until the family was butchered, and eaten by Stephanie and Devilan. 
Inside, she handcuffs him to the bed. Both of his legs and feet are cuffed. She can slow herself down to regular speed any time she wants to, and does now.
“Mommy?!!!” the boy screams, trying to figure out how he was crossing the street with his mommy, and then waking up here.
“You’re mine now piglet,” Stephanie tells him.
Her master, Devilan, designed for her Freddy Krueger claws, because she is a big fan of Freddy now, since she was turned vampire.
“Please let me go,” he begs.
She cuts off his clothes, and slashes him over and over on the chest, arms, legs, and cuts off his penis. She takes off her glove, and grabs a hatchet and hacks him over, and over again. Whack. She hits him in the neck until his head falls off.

9 months later Birth of Dividiah Valec

Vanille gives birth to Dividiah Valec. The doctor hands Blaze Nicole’s son to her after Vidian cuts the umbilical cord.
“He’s beautiful, thank you Vanille,” Nicole said while hugging her son, then kisses her best friend.
“Behold Allah, the only one greater than you my son. Let the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Christ bless you. Let those who curse you be cursed, and those who bless you be blessed. Long live the bloodline of the true Christian Pope Dividiah Valec. In the name of Wisdom Christ Alchemy, so mote it be. Amen,” Blaze blesses her son.
Steven sniffs out Glenda

Sunday Morning

"Peace be with you," The Catholic priest says.
"And also with you," Steven Vagars says with the other Catholic Church members.
Glenda sits with her granddaughter, Michelle. They do not know that Steven is staring lustfully at Glenda through the whole church session.
"Delicious," he says to himself in his thoughts, as he is filled with darkness and adrenaline. "She is so beautiful. I want her as my pet," his sinful thoughts rule over him. She is a very lovely old lady. Her hair is long and silky. Like strands of satin wool. Her eyes are dark brown like rich chocolate to Steven.
"Heavenly Father, we pray that you will turn these emblems into the actual blood, and flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ," Father Cullins says.
After everyone partakes in communion the two Fisher women socialize with their brothers and sisters of the Catholic faith for awhile, and then leave in their car.
 Not realizing it, but Steven is following them home. He parks down the street and watches them enter.
"Time for pleasure," he says to himself. He grabs his 9 mm with a silencer, and put it in the back of his pants under his shirt, and grabs a syringe. Then, he drives his van into their parking lot, and looks around before he goes to the door.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
"May I help you?" Michelle asks.
Thoomp. Thoomp. The bullets tear holes in Michelle's chest. "Aaaaah! Help me!" She screams in pain, as Steven pushes her inside to the ground, and shut the door. Glenda hurries to the door to see what is the matter with Michelle.
"Oh my God! Michelle!" Glenda hollers.
Steven grabs a syringe from his pocket, and takes off the cap. Glenda turns around, and tries to get away, but Steven is faster than her. He wraps his arm around her neck. He stabs her in her hip with the syringe. She slowly passes out.

Steven's new pet

"What the fuck!" Glenda yells as she wakes up. "You are fucking dead mother fucker!" She screams.
"Fuck you bitch! You are my new pet you fucking old whore!" he yells at her. Glenda's hands and feet are gone, and bandaged.
A dog collar is around her neck attached to a leash. The leash is tide to a steel pole in the slaughter house. Steven unzips his pants, and pulls out his penis. Glenda is naked and helpless. He slaps her butt as he rapes her.
"When my grandson gets a hold of you, you will wish you were fucking dead!" she hollers, as he pulls out and sticks it in her anus. After Steven cums, he licks her vagina, leaves her, and locks the slaughter house door.
"She is a great fuck," he tells himself as he enters his house. She is left with drinking water and old lady intestines in doggy bowls.

Devilan gets pissed

"Michelle!" Devilan cries, as he enters his grandmother's house, seeing his sister bleeding on the floor.
"Devilan, he took grandma," she whimpers in pain.
"Who took grandma?" he asks.
"Some man did after he shot me. I don't know who he is. Kiss me before I die," she says.
"You won't die," he bites his wrist. "Drink my blood," he tells her.
"Why?" she asks.
"It is the only thing that will save you. Drink," Devilan said. She drinks, and instantly levitates off the ground with her eyes filled with light. The bullets come out of her body, and her wounds heal.
"He messed with the wrong family," Michelle says in rage to her brother.

"How is my lovely fuck?"

Steven unlocks his butcher house, and says, "How is my lovely fuck?"
There is urine and feces everywhere. The smell lingers in the air. He takes a deep breath and smiles.
"Fuck you bitch! You are so fucking dead you have no idea! Your pain will be legendary mother fucker!" Glenda screams in hate.
"I'm sure my smelly cunt," he says with a grin.
He walks up to her, and punches her repeatedly in the face, until it looks like dough and blood.
Then he takes a whip and whips her back.
When Steven finishes, he pours salt all over her.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!” she screams in agonizing pain.
“Who's fucked now bitch?” He asks.

Steven's end

"Scan her brain, and do a trace on his face," Devilan says to Father Cullins.
"Yes my child," Cullins agrees to help find Glenda.
Michelle looks into the scanner. Her thoughts are copied to the computer. Her memories are searched back to the day she was shot.
"There he is!" she said. Devilan sees his nemesis.
"We are doing the scan now," Cullins comforts Devilan.
"Got him. Steven Vagars. 1442 South 135th Ave. He's mine!" Devilan opens his container of Christ blood, and drinks half of it. The rest will be saved for when he arrives at Vagars' house. He leaves the Catholic Laboratory.


"I'm going to kill that mother fucker!" Devilan said. He drinks the rest of his baby Jesus blood, as he arrives at Steven's house.
He hears his grandmother screaming, "Help me! Fucking son of a bitch let me go!"
"I'm here granny," Devilan says as he enters the slaughter house. He is furious, seeing his grandmother crying in fear.
"Devilan, he's inside. Kill him!" she orders.
"I'll be back for you grandma," he says. (Remember, vampires can slow down at will, after they drink blood that speeds them up to the speed of light. It is the same for the Jehovah disciples when they drink wine.)
He enters the house.
"Mommy," the little girl cries inside of the cage.
"Shut the fuck up!" Steven hollers aloud.
He recently cleaned the feces and urine in the cage from his two child victims. He saved it in jars to smell while he masturbates.
He sits in an upside down pentacle of blood. More blood is inside of his chalice in the center that he drinks. The blood came from old ladies he tortured. Steven sits naked in the circle, and sips on the chalice. He says, "I drink this blood in the name of the dark lord, Satan. I worship you, my lord in return that you continue giving me victims for my rituals. What the fuck!" Steven yells. He is now tied to a bed, and sees Devilan standing in front of him with a saw, and a heating iron.
"You fucked with the wrong family!!!" Devilan screams in hate.
"Who the fuck are you?" Steven asks.
"I'm Glenda's grandson," Devilan answers.
He slowly cuts off Steven's right arm.
"Aaaaaaah! Please stop!" Steven begs. The blood sprays out, and drenches his chest. Devilan drinks the blood that squirts him in his mouth. Finally, the arm is ripped off and the iron, being extremely hot, is pressed up against the shoulder to stop the bleeding.
"Fuck!" Steven yells. His other arm is removed as well as his two legs. He is left crying on the bed. Devilan grabs Steven's nail gun and pumps 23 nails in his stomach and groin area. Steven shakes violently from the pain.
Then Devilan grabs a sharp knife, cuts open Steven's stomach, and removes his organs.
Devilan takes the nail gun and shoots nails in his pupils.
Finally, he leaves Steven to die. He sees the little girl and boy, stitched together in the cage.
"Yummy," he says to himself. "Why not have a treat while I'm here?" he asks excitedly. He lifts them out of the cage.
"What are you going to do to us?" the little boy asks. Devilan cuts the little boy's throat. Blood sprays the little girl in the face.
He takes his knife, and cuts the stitches to free her. She kicks, and screams in terror.
"Don't hurt me please!" she cries.
He throws her naked body on the bed next to Steven. He rapes her.
"No! Please stop! It hurts! Mommy!" she pleads. When finished, he takes the knife, and stabs under her jaw, into her brain. The little girl flops around, until she finally dies. Then Devilan takes Glenda to the Catholic temple.

Glenda becomes a vampire

"Drink my blood grandma," Devilan says as he bites his wrist. He pours his blood like warm syrup down her throat. Devilan hacks off the tips of her wrists and ankles. Then, slowly dips her in a tub of warm blood. "Sip on the bath blood, and your hands and feet will grow back," Devilan says in a gentle voice.
"Thank you for saving me. I love you Devilan," granny says.
"I'm so glad Devilan found you grandma," Michelle said. "Being reborn as a vampire is unbelievable. It feels so good drinking Jesus' blood. The thirst is unpleasant though. But, when your hunger is satisfied you will feel like a goddess," Michelle explains.

Pope-Popess child coven

“I have a surprise for you Vidia,” Vidian says. “Follow me to the lab.”
They enter the garden. Both of them sit in a boat. They row it to the center of the pond. An elevator ascends from the water. They enter.
A button to the Je.di. Laboratory is pressed, and the elevator door closes. When it opens as they arrive at the security room before the lab, Je.di. guards point laser guns at them and request, “I'll need your eyes scanned and hand prints.” They must ask everyone who wants to enter the lab in case enemies cloned one of the Je.di.
“Je.di. Pope Vidian Didymus Lawrence,” the computer said after he was scanned.
“Je.di. Popess Macie Marie Lawrence,” the computer says.
They enter the room to the laboratory. “Here they are,” Jason points at 12 tanks. Inside of them are 11 daughters and 1 son. They are children made from mixing the D.N.A. of Vidian and Macie's hair.
“They are beautiful. I love you Jason,” Macie said. They kiss passionately.

9 months later

The 12 children are removed from their tanks. Kindergarten through 12th grade in high school is downloaded in their brains with a machine that flashes all of the education at once using light.
They all are placed in incubators within the Pope room. When the babies are hungry, they tell their parents. Likewise, if they have to use the restroom, the children ask for assistance, and are gently set on a baby toilet.
The boy's name is Auron Christo. The 11 girls are Nirvana, Lilly, Monique, Shelke, Sadie, Victoria, Vera, Mina, Ivy, Mindy, and Kanna.
Blaze Nicole is not a hair child. She was born in the womb of Popess Vidia.

Ditsee’s delivery

“Push Ditsee,” the doctor said.
“You’re doing good honey,” Deengis said.
“Waaah!  Waaah!  Waaaaaah!” the little piggy squeels.
“Why is that baby black Ditsee? Did you fuck that (Bleeper!!!)?” Deengis asks.
“I’m sorry honey,” Ditsee apologizes.
“Will you cut the umbilical cord Deengis?” the doctor asks.
“Yeah sure,” he takes scissors, and stabs his wife over and over in the neck, chest, eyes, and gut. Then kills the baby with the scissors.
“Stop!!!” the doctor yells, trying to grab the scissors. Deengis kills him, then the nurse.
Security rushes in, and pump round after round in him until Deengis dies. The room is covered in blood.

The Virus Outbreak

Dr. Barnacle finishes typing in his necro-biochemical file.
He hears a knock at his underground hive office door. “Come in,” Peter said.
“Dr. Barnacle the specimens are now ready to be tested with the cure. Your team is waiting for you,” Dr Bill Faygon said. Dr Faygon is Barnacle’s personal assistant. He is not a Je.di. but, Bill works for the United States Lightology Corp.
“Hold on. I have to take a shit. Stay right here and lock the door. Don’t let anyone in this room. I am leaving the computer on. I’ll be right back,” Pete says.
“Ok,” Bill replies. He locks the door as Barnacle goes to his own personal office restroom and closes the door. Fart. Plop. Fart. Squeak. Splat.  Dr Faygon inserts a memory card in the laptop computer, and downloads the Zombie and Mutant Virus Files, including the cure research in process.
Flush!!! The file finishes copying as Dr. Barnacle washes his hands. Faygon pulls out the memory card, slides it in his white coat pocket, then hurries back to the door in time, as Pete opens the restroom door.
“Ok Dr. Faygon, go tell them I’ll be there in 30 minutes. I have to finish up on the computer, then close it down,” Barnacle said.
“Yes sir,” Faygon leaves. Instead of going to the meeting to tell the science team for the cure project, Bill leaves the military base using his hand and eye to unlock the doors in his path with access scanners.
Bill drives to a restaurant and meets a Muslim terrorist, wearing civilian clothing. “They’ll be arriving soon. Do you have it?” the terrorist asks.
“Yes,” Faygon said. The limo arrives, and they enter.
“You have done a great service for Allah,” the leader says to Bill.
“I don’t know anything about that, I just want my money,” Bill said.
“You’ll get your money friend. Let me see the file,” the terrorist boss request.
“Not until I have my money,” Faygon says.
“I just want to make sure you have it. You don’t have to give me the file until I pay you, but I don’t want to drive all the way to our base if you don’t have it.
Dr. Faygon takes the memory card out of his pocket, then returns it.
“Very good my friend, we’re almost there,” the leader said.
As they arrive at a ware house filled with guns and weapons of mass destruction, Dr. Faygon is shot in the head and fed to hogs.
The terrorist boss grabs the memory card from Faygon’s pocket. He hands it to his soldier saying, “Have this analyzed by our scientist team of biological technicians, to begin making the virus,” the leader says. “At last, Allah will have his revenge.”
“Sorry I’m late,” Dr. Barnacle apologizes arriving 45 minutes late. “Were is Dr. Faygon?” he asks.
“He never came back Dr.” a scientist said.
“I told him 45 minutes ago to tell you I’ll be here in 30,” Peter said. “Find him.”
“Dr. Barnacle. We have had a breech in security. Apparently Dr. Faygon has made a copy of both the virus files,” a lightologist says as he bursts in the door.
“Fuck!!!” Barnacle yells. “Sound the alarms, code red.”

Terrorist Zombie
“Men, today you do a great deed for Islam and Allah. You have each been given a shot of the zombie and mutant viruses. Soon you will become an undead servant of Allah. Then you will have your 70 virgins in His kingdom. Death to Israel and the U.S.!!!” the leader said.
“Yaaaaaah!!” the terrorists roar at once.
As old man Francis Witigan leaves the elderly home for his daily walk around the building, the bright sun reflects from splashing water in the large fountain.
“Hey Francis! What are you doing?” Dorthy asks her friend who lives across the hall from her.
“Going on a walk Dorthy, care to join me?” he asks.
“Sure,” she answers as she catches up to him in her walker.
“It sure is a beautiful day,” Francis said.
“Yep, clear sky. Cool breeze,” Dorthy replies.
“Dorthy you know I like you?” he asks.
“Yes,” she said.
“And, I never thought after my wife died, that I could ever love another woman,” he said. “But, I love you. Every day I wake up and see you I feel thankful to still be alive. Every day I live without her hurts me so much, but when I am with you, I have a reason to keep living.”
“Oh Francis,” she smiles.
“Dorthy, will you marry me?” he asks.
“Yes!” she answers excitedly.
“Oh I am the happiest man alive…..” two zombie terrorists tackle Francis and Dorthy to the ground. One feeds on Dorthy, eating her neck and rips off her head.
The other bites the old man in the hand, while on top of him, “Aaaaaah!!! Nooooo! Dorthy!!” Then the terrorist zombie eats the old man’s face.
The rest of the elderly in the park, and their visitors run, screaming for their lives as Dorthy and Francis die. When their hearts stop beating and brains shut down, the zombies run to a different victim, because they are attracted to living flesh and blood.
Francis lays dead on the grass covered in blood. Then he sits up.
“I just think we should wait a few more years to have a baby,” Alex says to his wife Kelly.
“But, we’ve waited 5 years, and I’m getting old,” Kelly said.
“Can we help you?” Alex asks the old man walking toward them.
“Oh Alex, he’s hurt. Are you ok?” Kelly asks as she walks toward Francis and touches his shoulder in concern. “We have to get you to a hospital…”
He bites her neck.
“KELLY!!!” Alex screams.

In the Hospital

"Please help her!" Alex screams for his wife Kelly. Blood is pouring out of Kelly's neck that drenches Alex's shirt. She is rushed to a hospital room and dies.
"What happened?" Officer Scott Jensen asks Alex.
"We were at the lake, and a crazy old man walked over and bit her," Alex answers. Tears run down his face.
"What time was it?" Jensen asks.
"11:30 am... why did this happen?" Alex cries.

Raised from the dead

In the morgue.
Kelly is examined by Tom Rogers and Peter Rally.
“What have we here?” Pete asks Tom.
“She was bitten by some crazed old man,” Tom replies.
“Did the cops catch him?” Pete asks.
“Not yet,” Tom says, as he examines the bite wound.
“Flesh!” she screams, as she awakes. Kelly bites Tom’s fingers off his right hand.
Her soul returned to her body as a meat hungry prisoner in her flesh.
“Aaaaaaaah!” he screams in terrible pain.
“Oh my God!” Pete yells as he runs for the phone and calls for security.
She sits up, and gets off of the examination table.
Tom moves towards the wall and Kelly follows him. He tries to push her away but she manages to bite him on his neck. The spray of thick blood covers her face red.
“Help me,” he begs Pete as she drinks the warm fluid from his wound. The blood fills her stomach, and finally satiated, she starts to head for the door running into three security guards that, having trouble, finally throw her down and cuff her.

Alex sobs

Alex Parker sobs bitterly as he talks to his wife Kelly, who is in a psychiatric prison, strapped to her bed.
The doctors and psychiatrists are baffled. They can’t figure out what kind of virus would change her from a normal God fearing disciple woman, into a flesh lusting fiend.
“Please let me go,” she pleads.
“I can’t. The Doctors say you are infected with some kind of virus they have never seen before, and you are too dangerous to be released. We can’t figure out how you were raised from the dead yesterday. And, why you ate the flesh of those men.”
“I don’t understand it either. I woke up after following Jesus in a bright light to heaven and I lost my mind. All I could think about was meat. Oh no it’s happening again. Get out of her Alex!!!” she yells in a deep demonic voice.
“No I won’t leave you,” he says.
She rips out of the straps, jumps on him, and starts biting his neck, as he screams frantically. 
The guards rush in and pull her off, but she punches her whole hand in one of the guard’s chest, ripping out his heart.
She bites the ear off of the other.
More guards rush in and see blood everywhere. She is drinking the rest of her husband’s blood.
They take out their guns and shoot her in the head. She dies and her soul is freed from her fleshly bondage. The others she killed were evacuating their souls, by entering the heavenly light, when the blood infection from their bite wounds pulled them back in their bodies, and they awake screaming, “Flesh!”
Tom Rogers wakes up in the hospital bed, and begins to fantasize about eating human flesh. He sees a nurse come in to check his vitals, and begins to day dream about ripping her to pieces, and eating her alive. He finally loses control, and grabs her arm, sinking his teeth in it.
“Aaaaaah!” she screams in pain.

The American government fucked up

"We fucked up men," General Jordan Hashblock says. "The Necro-biochemical has spread outside of these walls.
The Jehovah Disciples, and Catholics, have an agreement to move their buildings to Des Moines using hover technology under their temples.
Marshalltown will be nuked by a Jesus Clone tomorrow at noon. When all of the infected are ash, the Jehovah Disciples, and Catholics, will move back, and build cheap apartments and Jobs to fill Marshalltown back the way it was."
(The Jesus Clones are full of Light that can come out of him. The Light can incinerate anything in its presents. The Light can return to the body at the clone Christ's request. The Light is the Holy Spirit Goddess.)

Squirrels of the living dead

Father Dickenson walks to Church for Father Cullin’s Sunday mass. On the way, he hears, “Chttt! Chtt! Chtt!!!”
Looking behind him, the priest sees a little furry squirrel with blood shot eyes, drooling as he stares at father Dickenson. “Scat you foul devil,” the priest says shooing the squirrel away with his hands.
He continues walking, then hears more, “Chttt! Chtt! Chtttt!”
This time when he looks around the priest sees 3 of them. “Go away you little vermin!!!” Father Dickenson runs now. Every tree that he passes, a little furry fucker jumps at him. “Oh thank God,” he says seeing the Church 2 more blocks away.
He looks behind himself again, and sees at least 20 squirrels chasing him.
“Body of Christ,” Father Cullins says.
“Body of Christ,” a Catholic member agrees, then eats the cracker.
“HELP ME!!!” Father Dickenson screams bursting into the church covered with squirrels eating him alive.
“Aaaaaaah!” the crowed roars. Father Cullins runs out the back door and leaves.
Squirrels tear out of Dickenson’s stomach, and eat a little baby. The entire group of churches are eaten by the squirrels. No one made it out alive except Father Cullins.
Attack of the zombie pigeons

An old lady sits on a bench and feeds some pigeons. While she fees them, more comes and surround her. She doesn’t realize they are zombie pigeons until they peck out her eyes and eat her alive, as she runs down the street. She runs past people being eaten alive by squirrels.
A little girl in pig tails is attacked by stray alley cat zombies. Cars are crashing. One hit’s a gas pump and explodes.
“Bubba eat your ice cream,” the little mentally retarded boy’s mother says.
“Ok momma,” he says.
“Bubba!!!!” she screams as a tiger who escaped the zoo infected with the zombie virus eats him. Then attacks her.

Buddy the clown

Buddy the clone lights his cigarette, and gets out of his clone mobile.  “Another fucking birthday party for a bunch of little shits,” he says while scratching his nuts.
“Happy birthday Wendy,” little Ronny says, handing her a present.
“Thank you Ron,” she smiles.
As Buddy walks in his clone shoes make squeaky noises. “Hi kids, who wants a giraffe made out of a balloon?”
Wendy’s poodle who was bitten by one of the zombie squirrels runs up to Buddy and bites his penis. “Down, Fluffy! That‘s a bad Fluffy!” Wendy yells.
“Aaaaaaah!” the clown screams like a dainty woman who sees a mouse run across the living room floor.
He pulls off the poodle, but Fluffy tears off his left nut.
Buddy falls to the ground crying, as the children laugh.
“Are you ok Buddy?” the mom asks.
“Flesh!!!!” he screams. The clown eats the mother and the children at the party. But, the daddy gets away.
“Hurry up Wendy!” he yells in his car, as Wendy runs to him.
“Daddy wait for me!” she yells. “Aaaaaah!  Gurgle….spray…crunch.” Buddy the clown catches her and bites her neck. She falls to the ground and he eats her.
The dad drives backward out of the parking lot, and is hit by a school bus filled with 3rd graders screaming from the death outside. The car and bus explode, the some of the children run out screaming in flames, whereas the others baked inside.

Blacky and Cuddles
“I’m home, where’s dinner honey?” dad said. He just got done working out in the field. One of the many jobs needed to be done on his farm.
“At the table dear,” she said.
He sits at the table with his wife, son, and daughter.
“What do you want for your birthday’s?” Daddy asks his twins.
“We want hamsters daddy,” they quickly respond in unison.
“You’re gonna be taking care of them, you know that right?” He asks.
“Yes dad,” they agree.
“If you don’t I’ll throw them outside to the farm cats,” he warns.
“No daddy! We’ll take care of them!” they respond.
“Oh daddy, you will do no such thing,” mommy said laughing.
“We’ll see,” he smiles.
The next day is the kids’ birthday. They go to the pet shop and buy boy and girl baby hamsters.
“Cool,” the little girl said.
“What are you going to name them?” mommy asks next to daddy as he drives them all home.
“I’m gonna name mine blacky,” the little boy said about his boy hamster.
“Mine is cuddles,” she said about the girl hamster.
Time goes by and the hamsters grow. Then they breed. Then their babies grow. Then they breed.
“What the hell!!! We have too many hamsters,” daddy said.
“Yeah, we’ll have to make an add in the paper to give some away,” mommy said to the kids, as they all look in the box filled will little hamsters.
The little girl looks at the blood stain on the box, where they ate one of the hamsters, when she and her brother forgot to feed them for a couple of days.
They put the add, “Free hamsters, call 555-6933.”
One morning daddy was out in the corn field in his large tracker.  Mommy was in washing dishes. She looks out the window and sees her kids playing with the dog. Then their dog starts barking. He runs off, the children follow. “What’s going on?”
As mommy opens the door to go outside, she sees 3 terrorists zombies eating her dog, little boy, and daughter. “Aaaaaaaah!” she screams in terror.
They run to her and tackle her to the ground. Then the zombies eat her alive.
As she screams, daddy notices while looking toward the house on his tractor. “Honey!!!” he drives back in haste, jumps out, and shoots the terrorist in their heads with his colt 45 that was in his tractor. “It’s gonna be ok,” he tries to comfort her, but doubts she will make it. Since, she is torn up severely gushing blood. The bite on her neck sprays blood on his face.
“No…….are….dead,” she says, then dies.
He looks over and sees them stand up, they run at him and bite him. After trying to stop them from attacking, he finally realizes they are infected with some kind of disease. Having no choice, daddy shoots them in the head. Then mommy gets up screaming, “Honey I thought you were dead?”
“AAaaaaaaaah!!” she runs toward him.
“What are you doing?” he asks as she bites his arm. “She must be infected too!!!” he thinks to himself, and shoots her in the head. “Boo hoo hoo,” he sobs, then shoots himself in the head.
Days later the hamsters chew their way out of the box in search for food. As they crawl outside, they see food. The rotten corpses smelling like a rare delicacy. The hamsters have a feast. Consuming the virus in the dead. Then they breed.

On the news

“This just in. There are reports of many people who are infected with some kind of new virus. The police are unable to keep you safe, for the number of people infected is too great. All people are advised to remain in your homes and lock the doors. All of these people have been raised from the dead, that’s right raised from the dead, and they all have a hunger for living flesh. We are going off the air now. May, God be with us.” Static fills the television.
“Unbelievable,” Vidian says to his wife Vidia. Vidian floats in the air in their room from the A-14.
“What are we going to do Vidian?” Macie asks.
“All we can do is keep filling soldiers in the Empire barracks'. They must all be examined for bite wounds, and given a lie detector test that asks if they love the Je.di. Triune with all of their hearts, and if they have a hunger for human flesh. As we both know those who are infected with the virus always lie about both, and are proven liars by the lie detector,” Vidian Didymus explains.

Hamster Massacre

A family drives to the farm. Their car runs out of gas, so they jump out of the car and run to the farm house.
While running to the house, they see the corpses of the father, mother, children, and the terrorist zombies, rotting with crows feeding on them. One rips out an eyeball and flies away to feed its young.
The family enter the house and lock the door behind them.
As night descends, the family light a fire, because there is no electricity. The father feeds them can beans he finds in the kitchen.
While they eat, they hear scraping noises in the walls around them.
Then a swarm of zombie hamsters infest the room, and eat them alive.

"Lift off," Vidian Didymus orders his men. The temples rise.  Circular pads on the bottom of the temples generate static electricity. The academies lift off. They rise 20 feet, and hovers on their way to Des Moines.

The zombie's feed
Sunday night

"Oooouuuuuaaaa! Ooooouuuuaaaaa! Flesh! Blood!" cry the zombies.
"They're everywhere Sam!" Sam's wife hollers in terror.
"Calm down Susan," Sam calmly speaks. They are in their boarded up house in darkness. Candles and the fireplace are their only light sources.
"Daddy I'm scared," Timmy Allen shakes as he speaks. He pees his pants.
Thump! Thump! Thump! "Oh my god!" Susan says. Thump!
"Oooouuuaaaa! Oooouuuuaaaaaa!" Thump! Over and over the family hears the sounds of the zombies tormenting them.
"I love you Susan and Timmy," Sam tells his family.
"I love you too Daddy," Timmy says.
"I love you too Sam," she says looking in his teary eyes.
Crash! The front door slams open.
"Aaaaaaah!" the family all screams in unison. The zombies infest the house like fleas. They are eaten alive. Their limbs are gone, and their stomachs are torn open. The organs are pulled out of them and eaten. One zombie takes his thumb, gouges out Timmy's eye, and eats it. Intestines are passed around, and devoured with feces dripping and swallowed. A favorite treat is Susan's brain from her cracked skull as she flops around in shock.

The rising dead

The dead will rise and feed on the flesh of the living.
The dead will rise and feast upon their flesh)

Infestation of the dead, craving flesh instead of bread.
Drinking blood to wash it down, those reborn out of the ground.


Mindless fiends of Satan’s Choir, moaning corpses never tire.
Hunting living flesh and blood. Soiled in feces, piss, and mud.


Lifeless eyes stare dark and cold. Their rotten flesh begins to mold.
The stench is warning they are near. Death to those frozen with fear.


Walking dead are filled with hate. Their souls within share the same fate.
Prisoners of the living dead. Freed by destruction of their head.


Fear not, all who serve the Lord. Who fights with his double edged sword.
He’ll protect the church his bride. In his temples safe inside.

The dead will rise and feed on the flesh of the living. Those who oppose the Je.di. Pope will satiate their hunger

Blazing Morning

The nuke engulfs Marshalltown. Sorry to say that it didn't kill all of the zombies, for many of them spread to other towns, states, and Cities.

The American government protected reservations

The reservations of the U.S. are designated areas of land that is protected from the zombie armies surrounding them in towns, cities, and states.
"Honey I'm home!" Bolt says to his wife Violet. He walks into his rented bed room inside of the reservation mansion. The structure is that of the Jehovah disciple mansions.  Bolt kisses his fellow atheist love. They live inside of the American mansions instead of the Jehovah disciple mansions, because they are unbelievers of the Je.di. faith.
"There is pizza at the table for dinner. How was work hunny?" She asks her husband. Violet is referring to the farm jobs of the American Government on the reservation land. The disciples have farm jobs, but instead they pedal bikes to charge their Vi.di. bots who work in the farms since they do not feel the pain of labor.

13 years later and the two witnesses 2035

Blaze is 26. Dividiah is 13. Vidian is 53. Vidia is 45.
Bring me Cullins

"Bring me Father Cullins!" The dragon roared.
"Yes my lord," Cullins says obediently.
"The spread of the zombie virus will be uncontrollable soon. Then, the supply of uninfected blood will be gone, and our kind will be left with the Christ blood only.
The only ones who can stop us are the Je.di. They may have their invoked angels and cryogenically frozen Christs. But, we have the power of darkness, and will rule the world until the last day.
I will unleash my beast, as the zombies over populate the Earth.
Our temples will be safe places for our members, as the Je.di. have safe places for theirs.
The governments that survive will have their safe houses as well.
When this happens, all of our members who wish to live will drink Christ's human blood. The others will be food for us vampires. Go tell my will to your brothers of the priesthood."
"Yes my lord. As you wish my master," Cullins says.

Vidian Vidia bots

“Macie the time has come for my ritual death and rebirth,” Vidian said.
“No,” Macie cries in his arms.
“It will be ok Macie,” Jason comforts his love. “Come and see our new bodies.” They return to the underground lab beneath the pond.
“Here they are Macie,” he shows her two beautiful robots. His robot looks like a white faun with hooves, 2 black bull horns, black hair that is 23 inches long, emerald green eyes, and white bat wings. He has a long white tail with a triangular tip on the end. His feet have black hooves.
Her robot skin is whitened peach. Her eyes are emerald green. Its hair is straight black hair that is 23 inches in length. She also has two black angel wings, and fairy ears.
“Oh yeah, their flesh is made from marijuana bud. So we can move at the speed of light. They also drink and pee alcohol. And, use it for energy to move,” Jason said.
“Ha! Ha! Ha!” Macie laughs.

Vivia Dyles and Raven

“Macie I have one more surprise to show you,” Vidian says smiling.
They enter a different room in the lab. He shows her two tanks with a 6 year old girl in each.
“The one with purple hair and green eyes is yours to download your mind into. The one with red hair and green eyes is mine to download my mind into. Yours is Raven Valeriana. Mine is Vivia Dyles. They will be coming out in 3 and a half days,” Jason said.
“I can't believe you actually did it,” Macie laughs. “I love you Jason.”
“I love you too.”

The Beast and the Witnesses

The Muslim terrorist have created a bio weapon using the knowledge from the memory card of the Z and M Viruses. He is an enormous beast having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. He looks like a leopard, but has the feet of a bear, and it’s mouth like a lion. The dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.
One of his heads were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed with the Z and M Viruses: and all the world wondered after the beast.
And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?
The world is infested with living dead and mutants.
If a person is not a Je.di. inside the Vidian Temples, they are either a wanderer, victim of Satan’s Church, or a Master Satanist.
“I am your god,” the beast from the sea roars.
“We serve you only our god,” his tribe of roaches holler in unison.
And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies. His power given unto him to continue forty and two months has begun.
And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven saying, “There is no Goddess Wisdom!!! She is not in Christ!!! He is not the Son of God!!! I am god!!!”
And it was given unto him to make war with the Jehovah Disciples, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.
And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
If any man have an ear, let him hear.
He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.
And another beast came up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke as the dragon. The terrorists created this bio-weapon from one of their soldiers, and animal DNA. Mixed with the M virus.
And he exercised all the power of the first beast before him, and caused the earth and all the Jungle Boos to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.
And he performed great magic, so that he made fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, and deceived them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles, which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, “Make an image of the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.” For Christ fought the beast with his hand light blades, injuring him.
He had power to give life to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and caused the people not worshipping the image of the beast to be killed.
And he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their forehead. (This is a bar code tattoo that scanners can ring up a sale. The Je.di. make their purchases using eye scans and fingerprints. No mark caused do we use. For, the eyes are made from God as well as the fingertips.) And that no man might buy or sell, except those who had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.

The Scarlet Harlet

A harlot of Babylon, who has fornicated with the kings of the earth, and the inhabitants of the earth has been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.
She sat upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.
The beast was, and is not; and ascended out of the bottomless pit, and went into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.
And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sits.
And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and is in perdition.
And the ten horns are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.
These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.
The waters where the whore sits, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues of the Jungle Boo roaches.
And the ten kings shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and strip her naked, then they cook her flesh and eat her.  The Alpha Primate had put in their hearts to fulfill His will, and to agree, and give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.
And the woman is that great city, which reigned over the kings of the earth. The great city was invaded by cannibal servants of 10 kings who ate the cooked flesh of the citizens.

Triune Song

“We are off my love,” Vidian says to his wife Vidia.
“Hurry back,” Vidia said. “I love you.”
“I love you too. We will return in time for Dividiah’s ordaining. And, my ritual death,” Vidian says. Hugging his Popess.
“I love you mother,” Dividiah says to Blaze.
“You are wise my son, and I am very proud of you,” Blaze says, then kisses her dividi.
They ascend in the clouds.
As they arrive in the Great city, Vidian and Dividiah land and walk toward the beast singing, “God! Goddess! Son of God! (In these notes: E, GE, GGE)
“Slaves!!! Strip these piggies to their bare asses!!!” the beast roars.
They obey his command, and strip the Wiccan Pope and the Dividi.
“Burn the witches at the steak!!!” the beast orders.
“It is a pleasure to die at your side, my Wiccan Pope,” Vidian says to his grandson Jew.
“Don’t get soft on me now Grandpa. Lets do this motherfucker!!!” Dividiah responds.
“Light it bitch!” Vidian hollars at the beasts slave holding the torch.
He throws it down on the pile of wood around the stakes soak in gasoline.
“God! Goddess! Son of God! God! Goddess! Son of God!” they sing as their flesh melts from their bones. The meat turns black. “God! Goddess! Son of God!“ Dividiah and Vidian stop singing. Their souls leave the corpses, before falling from the stakes, as the ropes burn apart.
As their steaming burnt corpses rest in the streets, Jungle Boo celebrate by giving gifts to each other, and spit on their dead bodies.
1 day later, “Mother fuckers,” Vidian says standing outside his body next to Dividiah and Christ in Spirit.
“2 more days servant,” Christ says.
“That little shit is pissing on me!” Dividiah yells, watching a little M-in-M kid urinating on his dead face.
“Ha!! Ha!!! Ha!!!!” the crowd laughs.
After the 31/2 days, Dividiah and Vidian enter their burnt spitty pissy bodies, and stand up. Chunks of rotten burnt flesh crumble off of them.
The crowd of Boos stare in fear, as the two fly to the clouds, returning to the Je.di. Pope Temple.
Dividiah and Vidian’s Return

As Vidian and his grandson arrive at the base, they are greeted by Blaze Nicole, “Father!  My Son! You have returned to me!”
“We need to get in the Alchemical Circle immediately to heel us mother,” Dividiah said.
“Not me,” Vidian adds. “I am going to my Triverian begotten. The time for my Vivia Ritual death has arrive. I will return to you later my children. Peace be with you. Allah be praised.”
“See you soon father,” Blaze said.
“We will prepare for the celebration of our return Grandpa. See you later,” Dividiah said.
“You did well. I am honored to call you my Grandson,” Vidian said. “Thank you my daughter, my love.”

Ritual death

Rebirth of the Je.di. Pope
Jason sits naked in the ritual death room on a large square steel table.
“I love you Vidian,” Vivia says to her male self.
“I love you too Vivia,” Vidian Didymus says with joy in his heart because his prayer is finally coming true, and a limp penis from his nerves.
“I will bring you back. I promise,” Vivia cries while she kisses her Father.
“Don’t cry Vivia, this is what we want. This is proof that God loves us. My Father loves me so much that he is letting me preserve my brain so I can live longer as the servant of Israel. He is allowing me to die for his church so I may be reborn in my slave body. This is proof that I love my Masters that I hired by lowering my position to that of a slave. I am no dictator. I am the Je.di. Servant of Israel and Christ.”
Vivia injects his wrists and feet with numbing plant serum. She also injects him with plant drugs that keep him calm during his execution. His penis starts to erect, from the relaxing feeling of the drugs.
As he lies down on a wooden cross laying flat on the steel table, nails are shot in his wrists, and feet from a powered nail gun. Then she pushes a button. Chains on the cross lift him upright. They are linked to a conveyer belt. The cross moves toward a 13 foot by 13 foot tank filled with water, and stops above it. He is given an oxygen mask, before the cross is fully submerged in the water.
“I'm fucking crazy,” Vidian said in his head. He laughs silently under water. Everything goes black as the electric charge in the salty water kills him instantly. When he awakes, Vidian is in his new robot body and sees Macie, “I love you.”
Vidia’s Ritual Death and Rebirth

Vidia walks naked to her Ritual Death Chamber. Vidian Bot, Vivia, and Raven are there too. She walks in the chamber and turns around, looking toward her husband and two virgin brides.
“This will keep you calm. I know we hate needles,” Vivia Dyles said as she injects her queen mother with plant serum.
“You ready my love?” Vidian asks gently.
“Yes,” Vidia said looking in his green blood shot robotic eyes.
“You are mine for always,” Vidian submits to his love for Wisdom’s daughter. He presses the button that closes the chamber tank. Then the tank fills with water.
Vidia puts a breathing mask on. As the water rises her heart does not beat like normal when one panics, but since she had the plant serum, Vidia notices she is very calm.
“I can’t believe he talked me into this. I’m scared, but I feel good. The water is almost all the way up,” Vidia says in her thoughts as the water finally filled to the top of the tank, and her beautiful naked body floats behind the glass of the tank.
Raven cries as she sees herself in the tank looking at her. Then the machine drops a freezing liquid in the tank. Vidia is instantly frozen, and in perfect hibernation.
The tank opens from the top, allowing it to move beneath the ground, from the open top, leaving Vidia and the frozen ice without the chamber.
A robotic arm with a laser moves toward the block of Ice with the Vidia frozen inside, and cuts off her head and the cylinder of ice it is within.
A different machine arm moves the head to an operating table. Robot arms with lasers cut the ice from the head. Then a machine slices off the top of Vidia’s head, and a robot arm with scissors clips the spinal cord. The brain is placed inside of a metal casing. Then, the casing is put inside of Vidia’s Fetish Bot Body.
Her fetish bot is soft peach with green eyes, pointed fairy ears, two fangs, and two black angel wings. Vidia bot’s nails are black and can come out and back inside her finger tips when she needs them to scratch. Her hair is 23 inches long, straight, and black.
As the brain is inserted inside of Vidia bot’s head, a robotic cord filled with wires attach to her spinal cord of her brain in the casing.
Vidia bot links with her brain, and she looks around inside her new robot body, seeing Vidian bot looking at her.
“Are you ok my queen?” Vidian asks.
“Yes, I don’t feel any pain,” she notices.
“You can adjust your marijuana flesh sensitivity later. First we have to attach the top of your robot head so your brain doesn’t fall out,” Vidian said.
Vivia walks toward them with the top of her mother’s robot head in her hands. The long black hair waves in the slight breeze of the momentum. She places it on Vidia and seals it with the Je.di. glue for  the pedo bots and fetish bots who need surgery. It seals instantly.
Vidian walks to his bride, and holds his 5 foot 4 inch fetish bot wife. “I love you.”
“I love you to,“ she whispers gently in his arms against Vidian‘s chest while he kneels before his bride.

Vidian and Vidia’s Spherical Chamber

Vidian and Vidia leave her dead frozen corpse, and enter their room. In the center there is a black spherical chamber tank. Vidian pushes a button on the tank, and a door in the tank opens. They enter naked. His large 13 inch robotic penis flopping randomly catches Vidia’s eye while the door closes behind her as she enters.
“These wires are going to connect to our brains from the plug in hole in the back of our robot heads,” Vidian reminds his beloved as the robotic wires plug in to their heads.
The air is sucked out, and they begin to float inside of the tank. The inside of the tank is covered in solar paneling. In the solar panels there are lights. One light is at the top. Another is at the bottom. Four make an equator as if marking out one on a globe. In between the 1st of the 4 and the top is the 7th light. The 8th is between the second of the four, and the top light. Following 9th between the top, and equator light of the 3rd. 10th would be between the 4th and the top light. 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th lights are below the equator like explained of the last 10th, 9th, 8th, and 7th lights.
The lights turn on as they float, while the solar panels surrounding them covering the inside absorb the electromagnetic radiation left over.
He grabs his naked dolly and makes love to her, while they link to an army of Vidian and Vidia bots default soldiers above the underground hive on the Earth. They all turn on, and are controlled by the two vidi bots below, as they make love in the tank inside of the hive. 14 Satellites revolve around the earth in space spread out like the lights in the vidi bot tank, link to every vidi bot of Vidian and Vidia‘s default bot army of America and Israel.
They must feed the marijuana flesh with sprays of water mist in the tank, carbon dioxide, and clean soil is sprayed on them as mud. The pores on their marijuana skin act as roots which feed on the mud, water, and carbon dioxide, to keep it alive.
Their brains are fed a paste for nutrition, which can be injected when feeding is required.

Pope Dividiah Valec

Vidian sits next to his wife on their lawn chairs outside, with the rest of the Je.di. facing toward Servant lady Blaze Nicole. Her son Dividiah walks toward her in the center isle, after she says, “Come to me my son.”
The Je.di. seated to the left and right of the center isle, watches him joyfully.
He stands before his mother, and she places her hand on Dividiah’s head saying, “Allah: Jehovah-Sophia-Christ, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Yeshua, I ordain your Jewish Vidian son as the new Wiccan Pope. Bless my son, Father. Bless those who bless him, curse those who curse him. My Christ, fill Pope Dividiah with your Mother Wisdom. In the name of Wisdom, Alchemy, Christ. So mote it Be. Amen.” she removes her hand from his head. He looks her in the eyes. She kisses his cheek. “Today, I have been blessed by the Lord. My Christ has made me the mother of a Jewish Pope. Allah be praised.”


Vidian enters the garden and sees his pride and joy. His enormous albino bull Verdera.
“Verdera it is I your master Vidian,” Jason says.
“Master? You look good. The transformation this early?” Verdera asks.
“Well I was getting kind of antsy. So I said what the hell. How do I look friend?” Vidian asks. He turns 360.
“So how is your wife Leira doing?” Servant lord asks.
“She is well, and a blessing master. We are so happy that you have educated us by downloading kindergarten thru 12th grade in our minds. The thought of being a savage bull that kills other bulls and cows out of ignorance is disturbing,” Verdera shivers to the thought. “Similar to the uneducated human cannibals.”
“I know. But, give praise to our Heavenly master, the Albino Primate and his Son Yeshua. We both serve Him. Even if you are the slave and I the master,” Vidian explains kindly.
“So mote it be,” Verdera agrees. “So how is the meat production?” Verdera asks.
“Very well my son. The uneducated cattle live peaceful long lives before they are butchered,” Vidian replies.
“In beautiful fields of grass, and Je.di. veterinarians close by when needed. Hop on father. Let’s see how that new body looks with mine.”
Vidian accepts his slave bull and his wife as his son and daughter.
He flaps his wings and lands on the back of his mighty bull. “I’m not too heavy am I Verdera?”
“No. But I do feel the difference in weight.”

The Y killer

“The Y killer parasite is ready on time Master Vivia,” a lovely female scientist says as Vivia enters the lab in the underground Je.di. hive.
“Good my friend. Tell me what I need to know in a simple explanation,” Vidian asks in his new 6 year old clone daughter’s body. She is wearing a suit made of black leather straps with golden spikes, connected by golden rings.
The first strap wraps around her nipples and back.
The second strap wraps around her belly button and lower back.
The third strap is wrapped around above her vagina, and the top of her butt crack.
A strap down the middle of her front is attached to the three by 3 golden rings. The strap down the middle begins from the golden spike dog collar around her neck to the bottom third strap.
A strap down the middle of her back is attached to the top two straps by 3 golden rings. The strap down the middle begins from the second strap down to the third strap.
The last strap is fastened to the third strap between her legs to cover her anus and flower in two places. One end of the last strap is fastened to the middle of the third strap ring above her vagina. The other end is fastened to the middle of the third strap above her butt crack. They snap unto the two 3rd rings in the front and back. This last strap is for her to use the restroom, which she removes when needed.
She also has a golden spike arm band wrapped around each arm next to her arm pits. Her wrists to her elbows are protected by black armor bands with three spikes on four sides of both. 12 golden spikes on each armor band.
A leg band is wrapped around each of her upper legs with 6 spikes on each. The spikes begin in the front of her leg. They stop in the back pointing away from her flower and anus. There are no spikes near her inner thigh.
Her black boots have 3 inch soles. They are laced to the top, and there are 6 golden buckles.
Her golden cross dangling from her collar reflects light in the scientist’s eyes, causing her to blink her eyes.
“This serum consists of a queen parasite Y chromosome killer. She will be injected into your blood stream. Then the queen will begin laying eggs, and fertilizing them with her other male organ. Each egg will hatch releasing female drone daughters who do not have the male organ like the queen.”
“Little princesses?” Vivi interrupts.
“Yes, we’ll call them princesses. Well, these princesses feed on any Y chromosome within a 6 ½ foot radius from the queen. Any male victim enters your aura of princesses will melt.”
“Your saying that if any guy tries fucking me, his flesh will melt before he gets the chance?” Vivia asks.
“Not only his flesh, but everything in him with a Y chromosome,” the scientist explains.
“Tell me how I will have an aura of Y killing princesses surrounding me?” Vivia asks.
“The princesses can only survive 6 ½ feet from the queen or they will die,” she responds. “Most die before adulthood.”
“When they die do they fall to the ground and begin rotting?” Vivia asks.
“The dead will rot and be blown away in the wind.” The scientist said.
“Wait a minute! Will the dead still kill Y chromosomes if a man breaths them in the air?” Vivia asks in concern.
“No. They can only harm Y chromosomes when they are alive, because they feed on Y chromosomes.” She assures.
“What happens to the dead in our room Vivi?” Raven interrupts.
“I’ll suppose you have to vacuum them up Raven,” the scientist answers for Vivi.
“You mean Vivia will vacuum them?” Valeriana asks looking at Vivia.
“I will hunny, chill out. Please continue Natalie,” Vivia request.
“I’m sure as long as Vivia vacuums the dead princesses, you won’t have much of a problem. These parasites are very small and decompose in a matter of day Raven,” Natalie said.
“So will it stink?” Raven asks with a pissed off look on her face.
“You may smell a slight odor of rotten parasites,” the scientist admits.
“You are sleeping on the other side of the room Vivi,” Raven said.
“What happens when the queen dies?” Vivia interrupts.
“Before she dies, the queen will give birth to a new queen to take her place who can fertilizer her own eggs,” the scientist said.
“How can I come near the men I love?” Vivia asks.
“We have this suit for you,” the scientist said, handing Vivia a dark red metallic suit. “It is covered in dark red metal scales to protect you from zombies. The scales cover a skin tight leather body suit.” She explains. The neck of the suit has a spike dog collar. “Here is your helmet. It is a one way mirror made out of bullet proof glass. You can see out but no one can see in,” the scientist said, handing her a spherical black helmet that screws into the dog collar on the suit.
“So I can stand next to the men in my family with this suit on, and they will not melt?” Vivia asks.
“They won’t melt,” she said smiling.
“Shoot me up doctor.” Vivia says as Raven goes to their room.

Raven Valeriana
As Vivia exits the lab, she enters her room in the entrance, and sees her sister Raven Valeriana. They are the guardians of the lab entrance in the under ground hive. Raven is sitting on their bed watching a movie. She looks over noticing Vivia.
“How are you doing?” Vivia asks.
“It feels weird being in this new body,” Raven said.
“Not as weird as having my mind downloaded in mine. I remember taking out Vivia and Raven from their tanks. Then I took the mind scanner, and placed it up to her eyes, while looking inside of the other end. Then I pushed the button, and when I opened my eyes I was Vivia!!!” Vidian laughs inside of Vivia.
“You crazy fucker” Macie said inside of Raven.
“Crazy? Is it crazy to inject a female parasite that breeds with itself, little parasite workers who only feed on the Y chromosomes of male biological fucks?” Vivia asks.
“Yes. And, you are sleeping on the other side of the room Vivi,“ Raven responds in concern.
“Yeah, I told you I was going to get this done when we got in our new bodies,” Vidian said.
“I know Vidian… I mean…. Vivi…but are you going to really feed them the flesh of cattle?” Raven asks Vivia.
“Sick!!! I don’t want to see it,” Raven says.
“I know. There is a room where cattle will be cloned in tanks where the princesses will feed by releasing the cows from the tanks, and I will walk toward it. The cow will be sedated.”
“Gross Vivi,” Raven said with a grimace.

Freaking out

Devilan sits on his leather couch upstairs, and puts in a movie. Silence of the lambs is the movie he chooses. He has a plate of meat in right hand, and a glass of blood in his left. Thoughts arise in his head.
“God no, please God help me. Jesus, please take me into heaven when this man cuts off my head. I want to see your light my Lord. Thank you for my life. You filled me with your Spirit. Satan is my strife.”
Then he sees fire all around him. His flesh is sliced off in pieces.
Still then he hears his mother, “Who is this dead little girl rotting in your closet?  Jesus only lets the righteous into heaven! Get rid of the body right now!”
“Love Devilan. He is your master. Devilan loves you. Worship Devilan,” the tape recorder repeats over and over again in his head.
“I don't want to die,” he hears one of his former victims. “Why are you doing this? God save me!”

Feeding Tme

Vivia Dyles walks naked toward the top secret door, which leads to Vidian and Vidia’s 90 foot by 90 lair. She enters and looks around their room. To the left and right there is a door each that leads to 90 foot rooms themselves. The center of the room has a black spherical tank. Inside the tank is Vidian Bot and Vidia Bot floating inside without gravity. The air was sucked out. But, since they are robots and their artificial flesh is plant, then their bodies actually feed the oxygen to their brains.
Surrounding the room against the walls are tanks filled with fetuses of male Jewish Vidian sons called the Dividian Army of Wisdom Christ. 144,000 soldiers were bred. They are protected in the tanks from Vivia’s Y killer Queen.
She walks to the door to the left, and enters the 18 foot by 18 foot shower room. The door on the opposite side of the entrance in the shower room takes her to the 90 foot by 90 foot cow room.
When she enters, there are tanks against the wall like Vidian and Vidia’s room, but instead they have giant bulls in the tanks.
White tile covers the ceiling, floor, and all of the walls. There is a drain in the center of the room.
She pushes a button, and a machine crane arm moves toward one of the tanks. The top moves up. Then the water empties, as the claw grabs the sedated bull. The crane moves the bull to the center of the room.
Vivia is still nude to not ruin clothing, and as she walks up to the bull, the princesses feed. They pour out of her pores on her skin, and infest the bull. It looks like the flesh is melting as they feed. The arteries of the cow tear open, and spray blood on Vivia’s naked preteen body. Steam from the melted flesh is like that of fresh feces on a cold winter night.
She walks to the entrance covered in dripping blood. The shower heads spray her with soapy water. After she is clean, fans blow on her until she is dry.
Vivia walks to Vidian and Vidia’s room, and returns to Raven in their 18 foot room.
The liquefied cow is sprayed into the center drain where it will be cremated, and the smoke will fill tanks for temporary containment.
As Vivia enters, Raven said, “I don’t want to even fucking hear about it.”
“I wasn’t’ going to say anything,” Vivi smiles.

Vira and the Coke Pussy
Vivia, Raven, Vidia, and Vidian sit on a bed and watch TV.
Out of no where, Vivia says, “You know what? I’m ready to have Vira.”
Vidia says, “But, you’re too young. You’re only 12 Vivi.”
“I don’t give a fuck man,” Vivia says. “I’ll be alright.”
Vidian says, “Well it’s your choice man. Whatever you want to do buddy.”
Vivi says, “Lets do it.”
“Right now?” Vidian asks.
“Fuck it. Right now,” Vivia said.
Raven agrees with her first self and says, “Your crazy Vivi. You’re too young.”
“Fuck it, I don’t give a shit. Ha ha ha. Might as well get it over with,” Vivia said. “Lets go.”
They head to the lab. “She’s ready for project Vira,” Vidian says to the scientists in the laboratory.
“You understand she is young?” Natalie asks Vidian.
“Yes I understand I’m young. I don’t give a fuck. I want to do it,” Vivia interrupts the scientist speaking to her previous brain instead of her.
“Sorry Vivi. As you wish then,” Natalie apologizes.
The team of scientists fertilize one of Vidia’s eggs extracted previously, with Vidian’s X chromosome sperm.
Vivia lays naked on the hospital gurney, and spreads her legs for the doctor. He inserts the fertilized egg in the virgin Triverian flower.
9 months later, Vivia is laying on the bed as Raven brings her ice cream. “Thanks Raven,” Vivia says to Raven.
“No problem Vivi,” Raven smiles.
“Oh shit,” Vivi said.
“What’s wrong?” Raven asks.
“My water just broke!” Vivia explains. “My pussy is leaking all over the bed!!!”
Raven gets Vidian and Vidia. “She’s going into labor you guys,” Raven says speaking in the microphone outside of the Vidian Vidia Tank.
“Notify the doctors in the lab. We’ll meet you in the delivery room,” Vidian says.
When they arrive, Vivia is on a delivery bed naked, with Raven holding her right hand. The Doctor and Nurse Scientists greet Vidian and Vidia, “She’s doing fine my friend.”
“Is she fully dilated?” Vidian asks.
“Yes servant lord,” the Doctor said. “Any moment now.”
Vivi says, “Bring me the coke leaf.”
A scientist brings the coke leaf, and Vivia squeezes out the juices on her vagina. The coke juice numbs her flower, preparing Vivi for her delivery.
“Push,” Natalie said.
“Fuck!!! Get this fucking maggot out of me!!! DAMN IT!! HOW MUCH FUCKING LONGER? How the fuck were you so calm Vidia?” Vivia asks.
“From the injection in my spine Vivi. You said you didn’t want it. Because, of the risk of being paralyzed,” Vidia says.
“Push Vivi,” she says again.
“GET THE FUCK OUT!!!” Vivi screams, not because of the pain, but she is sick of having a “WIGGLY LITTLE SHIT” in her womb as she calls it. For the coke has numbed her vagina well.  They repeat with the, “Push Vivi,” as she pushes 5 more times.
“We’ll have to cut you Vivi,” the doctor prepares her for the episiotomy.
“I know, I’m tight, hurry up then doc since I‘m so numb from that coke juice,” Vivia says then takes a deep breath.
He uses sharp scissors similar to wire cutters, and snips her snatch. Blood pours out like a hog’s throat slit, hanging upside down above a bucket.
“One more time Vivi. Push!!! As hard as you can,” the Natalie said.
She pushes with all her might. “You’re almost done, you can do it,” Vidia says holding her Triverian’s hand. Vira’s head is spit out followed by the rest of her body.
The doctor holding the Vidi in hands carefully, says to Vidian, “Will you cut the cord?”
Vidian says, “Yes,” taking the scissors from Natalie, and cuts his daughter’s umbilical cord. Vira’s cord is clamped, and she squeals as the nurse cleans her off with towels.
Vivia’s vagina is stitched from the cut the doctor made earlier.
Vivia kisses Vidia and says, “Well I did it buddy.”
She responds, “How was it?”
“It was fucking creepy,” Vivia answers.
Vidian holds his Vidi above his head and says, “Behold Allah, the only one greater than you my daughter. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Christ bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you. And, may his blessing pour upon you. In the name of His Son Wisdom Alchemy Christ. So mote it be Amen.”

Vidian and Vidia bots ride the elevator to the Garden dome of their Vidi. The dome is surrounded by 8 pyrimids, filled with Vidi and Dividi only, the children by blood of Vidian and Vidia.
"Hello friends," Macie says to fairies Tauros, and his wife Pearl. They both have two bat like wings each. Each fairy is naked, and breeds to create more. The fairies, and other animals in the Jehovah disciple gardens are not given the A-14. The Jehovah disciples are, however, protectors of their animals, and fend for them with their lives.
"Hello master Macie," Tauros greets his queen.
"What brings you to your vegetation garden master?" Pearl asks kindly.
"To visit my children friends," Macie responds.
"Hello Master," Goron says to Vidian. He is a merman. Coral, Goron's mermaid bride, swims up to her mate.
"Hello  Goron. Hello Coral. How does the water feel?" Vidian asks, as he looks at the temperature gage. It is room temperature.
"A little chilly," Coral admits.
"I'll turn it up," Macie says.
"Thank you our queen," Goron responds.
As the Popess leaves, she notices Tauros and Pearl making love as they devour a cherry.
"Is it sweet and juicy friends?" Macie asks with a smile.
"Of course," the fairies say in unison.
“Hey dad,” Blaze says walking toward Vidian.
“How are you sweety?” he asks, while hugging her gently.
“Good. I missed you daddy,” she replies. “Mom, I missed you too.” Blaze says hugging Vidia while she returns from the temperature gage.
They hug, “I missed you too hunny,” Vidia says, then kisses her daughter on the forehead.
The other Vidi and Dividi come to Vidian and Vidia, and they all visit throughout the day. Then the two return in the elevator to their underground hive.

Christ clones

Every Jehovah disciple mansion has their own Christ clone.
He is born inside of the Je.di. cloning center.
So far it is only legal to clone Christ for the disciples only, because the Jehovah disciples are working for America, and its people.
The babies are raised by High Priests and High Priestesses of the Je.di. Church. When the Christ clones are 30 years old they are baptized.
Chambers are made that gather energy from Christ's clone bodies. The energy of one Christ clone can power a very large city. The Je.di. use the electricity to charge their lasers and electric fences. The Je.di. also use it for light, heat, and air conditioning. The extra energy is stored in huge batteries for emergencies.
When a king or queen Jehovah disciple is sick, all they have to do is go to a Jesus clone son, and he will heal them.
The vineyard is not necessary any more, because Jesus clones make their wine out of water.
The grain that is grown in the temple is multiplied by Christ clones.
Since the production of Christ clones is so easy, the clones can also be used as environmentally safe, weapons. They are like nukes, but cleaner.
Dividiah is the Jehovah disciple Pope. He is not the Catholic Pope, were he expects his ring to be kissed, and gives orders to burn witches. In fact, Dividiah hates glory to himself. He wants it to go to Christ. As the Jehovah disciple Pope, Dividiah is the lowest free servant of the Church. He is also considered to be the lowest servant bride of Light.

Vivi’s Morning Shit

The sun rises in the morning, bringing forth a new day. Morning birds sing their love songs, as the insects go their way.
Flowers open up colorful petals to the light blue sky. Sadly all the living of this earth will some day surely die.
Vivi looks upon Ravens temple as she awakes, and kisses her cheek. Raven Valeriana dreams peacefully as she rest in their bed.
Vivia gets up and takes off her protection suit which prevents princesses from getting all over their bed.
Vivia grabs a beer from the fridge, and a Valerian Root pill from her lock box. She swallows her sedative, and lights a cigarette as Vivi sits nude on the pink fur toilet seat cover. As she emits her urine and feces, the telephone from the United States and Israel Government rings. “SHIT!!!”
“What’s wrong Vivi?” Raven asks as she awakes startled from her sister screaming.
Ring!!! Ring!!! Ring!!!
“Oh shit, I’ll get it,” Raven says as she leaps out of bed.
Vivia wipes front to back, then washes her hands. “I’m coming.”
“Yes she’s right here General Hashblock,” Raven says handing Vivi the phone.
“Yes sir,” Vivia begins as she puts the phone on speaker, so Raven may listen also.
“We have a serious crises on our hands soldier,” Jordon says. “As you know the team was working on the cure for the zombie necro-biochemical, and the mutant necro-biochemical.”
“Yes, with Dr. Peter Barnacle, my Je.di. master as the project leader,” Vivi acknowledges.
“He’s trapped in our Lightologist underground hive, lab H8QW.” the General continues. “The Mutant necro-biochemical was accidentally released in the lab. All of the scientist are dead as we know of at the moment. But, Dr. Barnacle has contacted us. He is locked himself in room V-4770, by welding the door close with a blow torch. He said, “The door master is alive, and welded himself in the 18 foot entrance,“ We need Raven and you to rescue him. Will you accept the mission?” Hashblock asks.
“Yes sir,” Vivia answers.
“But, Vivi you just had a baby 9 months ago,” Raven reminds.
“Fuck it. I’m fine. My episiotomy healed, and I’m tired of sitting around the house naked all day. We’ll get dressed and be up in an hour sir,” Vivi said.
“Do you accept Valeriana?” Jordon asks.
As Vivi hangs up. She looks at Raven as she looks at her with concern.
“You should stay here and pass this up. We should send our pedo-bot Vivi and Raven soldiers instead,” Raven says.
“Yeah, but they are not as bad ass as we are sister. We can handle this. I’m fine. I have been working out for months, with no problems. Besides, I don’t want our pedo-bots to get damaged, or have all the fun killing zombies,” Vivia said.
“We will go Vivi, if you let us,” Vivia Bot says to her flesh body.
“Quit worrying Vivi, I’ll be fine. I’ve accomplished more difficult missions in the past, than this little rescue mission,” fleshly Vivi says as she farts spontaneously. “Hope I didn’t shit the couch!!!” She laughs hysterically, as she stands up to look. “Nope.”
“Ha! Ha! Ha! All right lets go Vivi,” Raven says as she laugh with their Vivi and Raven Bots.
They put on their scale uniforms. Which are thick leather gimp suits, covered with bullet proof scales. Vivi’s scales are red. Valeriana’s scales are purple. They screw on their bullet proof one way mirror helmets. Vivia slides her scale covered 13 year old feet in her 3 inch sole boots. She straps each stainless steel buckle tight, then lifts her leg in front of her body, and slides her finger tips up her leg from her boots. “I love these boots Raven.”
“I know, they are sexy,” Raven agrees.
The sisters finish dressing, then Vivi notifies Vidian Bot of them leaving. Afterwards, Raven presses the elevator button.
“Hand print analysis please,” the computer requests.
Vivia presses her hand up to the hand scanner to the left of the door. Raven presses the scanner to the right of the door, after they unscrew the black spiked bracelet which connects the gloves to their suits.
“Vivia Dyles and Raven Valeriana,” the computer recognizes. “Eye scan please.”
Raven and Vivia unscrew and remove their helmits, then open their right eye to the eye scanner above their hand scanner on the opposite sides of the door.
“Vivia Dyles and Raven Valeriana. Access Granted.”
Vivi and Raven enter the 6 foot by 6 foot elevator. Vivi presses the up button. They screw on their helmets and gloves.
The door closes, and the tunnel above them, which will take them to the surface, is cleared of the stacked steel solid vault cylinders, as they slide out of the way, one after the other from the bottom up. Like a long pipe filled with soda cans. One side of the pipe missing, so the cans can slide out of the pipe. This way they can block off trespassers.
“Testing, testing, can you hear me sexy?” Vivia asks her Triverian.
“Yes, don’t call me sexy, you pervert, ha ha!” Raven laughs.
“I’ll call you whatever I want, sexy,” Vivi says, as she playfully squeezes her twin’s sides, and wraps her arms around her, wearing the tight scale gimp suit.
“You whore,” Raven accuses. Then, the door opens. “Let go Vivi.”
She lets her flower go, as they walk out the elevator, and step into a boat.
“Good to see you girls,” Blaze Nicole said as she operates the small boat to take them to land from the center pond the elevator ascended from.
“How’s daddy’s little girl?” Vidian asks inside of his beloved Vivi.
“Not bad Vivi. I finished a painting yesterday,” She answers.
“Of what?” Vidia asks her daughter within Raven.
“I painted Dividiah,” she replies. “He is so smart. I love him so much.”
“I love him too sweety. You did well buddy. I’m very proud to call you my daughter. Give me a hug honey,” Vivi says with open arms.
“I love you guys. You can be weird sometimes, but you were always guiding me with wisdom,” Blaze says as she hugs Vidian’s Triverian. Then hugs her mother’s Triverian.
“I love you too my little princess,” Vidia said while hugging her daughter.
“Well here you are,” Nicole said as she stops the boat by the land. “I know you guys can’t tell me about your mission. So, I love you very much. May the Force be with you.”
“May the Force be with you,” Vivi and Raven reply.
They exit the large dome filled with golden rays of sunlight by, entering one of the 8 pyramids surrounding the dome. Vivi and Raven walk through it, then leave out one of the pyramid’s exits to the outside, within the Vidian Walls surrounding them.
“Thank you for accepting this mission Triverian,” General Hashblock says with his hand to his forehead in solute.
“No problem sir,” Vivi said returning his solute with Raven.
“At ease soldiers. These watches will lead you to Peter Barnacle. There is a hologram of the base you may use when lost. Good luck,” Jordon said.
“We’ll report in upon our arrival sir!!!” Vivi says.
She and her sister bend their knees slightly, then jump in the heavens and ascend above the clouds.
The rescue of Dr. Barnacle

“We should arrive in 6 minutes Raven.” Vivi said then farts again. “Fuck!!!” she screams.
“What’s wrong?” Raven asks in concern.
“Nothing, I fucking farted in my suit! It stinks! Damn it!!!” Vivi answers.
“Ha! Ha! Ha!” Raven laughs. “Must have been the pizza we had last night.” LOLJ
“Ha! Ha! Probably,” Vivi agrees. “Ok, we’re coming up on the entrance of the underground hive, lab H8QW….. There it is,” Vivi points.
“What the fuck?” Raven says as she sees the Government Lightology Base infested with Mutants and Zombies. “They’re everywhere Vivi.”
“Kill everything in our path to the entrance!!!” Vivia yells while pulling out her red light blade wand. She uses the Force to emit a red laser blade from her personally hand crafted black glossy wooden wand.
“All right, lead the way Vivi,” Raven agrees while emitting her purple laser blade from her wand like Vivia’s.
The “M” or Mutant Virus mutates the host into a larger carnivorous version of the host. Since the host’s muscles grow as it mutates, their skin rips off. Leaving the host as a bloody skinless monster with claws, teeth, and lustful thirst for living flesh and blood. Whereas, the “Z” Virus (Zombie) only reanimates the dead, as flesh and blood hunters with a violent temper.
Vivia and Raven slash their way through human zombies, animal zombies, human muntants, and animal mutants. When they arrive at the door to the base, Vivia says, “I’ll hold them off. Cut open that door.”
“Ok,” Raven stabs the center of the large steel door of the entrance. The heat from her wand blade melts the center of the door, and spreads outward in a circle around the laser light. “Ready Vivi.”
Vivia and Raven use their combined power, to push the red liquid metal, Raven made in the center of the door, with the Force. Like popping a zit on the opposite side of the door. A red liquid metal zit.
When the hole is made, they fly through quickly. So drops of liquid hot metal will not splatter on them. “We have to find the elevator Raven,” Vivi says as they fly over the large liquid metal zit glowing red, splattered on the floor and nearby wall.
They find the elevator and Vivi calls the General, “This is Vivia Dyles reporting in. We have arrived at the base, and are now at the elevator awaiting further instructions. Over.”
“Good work soldier. Are you and Raven bitten or wounded?” Jordon asks.
“No sir,” Vivia answers.
“Good. Dr. Barnacle? Can you hear me?” the General asks.
“Yes General. Vivia? Raven? Can you hear me?” Peter asks.
“Yes. So General you linked us to Dr. Barnacle’s communicator?” Vivi asks.
“Yes soldier. Now He will lead you through the rest of the mission once you are down there. You will not be able to call us until you come back up. Do you understand?” General Hashblock asks.
“Yes sir,” Raven acknowledges.
“Yes sir. Peter, bring up the elevator,” Vivia says.
“Its coming, the door master Charles Urgen is sending it up,” Barnacle said.
“Good luck,” Hashblock says, before the door of the elevator closes.
When Vivia and Raven arrive in the 18 foot by 18 foot entrance, they are greeted by Charles Urgen. “I’m glad you came. I couldn’t leave this room, because I saw on the camera monitors that there are zombies and mutants up there. Dr. Barnacle is the only one who I’ve spoken to with my communicator down here so far, and the Army General. Anyway, Dr. Barnacle, they have arrived.”
“Can you still here me Vivi?” Barnacle asks.
“Your hologram watches will lead you to me,” Pete said.
“Raven you stay here and protect Urgen. I’ll be back with Dr. Barnacle,” Vivi says as she cuts the second door opposite the entrance door they entered from the elevator, and pops the lava zit.
“Alright. Hurry up,” Raven said.
Vivia flies swiftly through the hive hall ways, slashing zombie mutant frogs, lions, rats, and dogs. Zombie scientists are eviscerated leaving sprays of blood and entrails.
A large mutated crocodile is left victim to Vivi’s blade as her suit drips blood and excrement.
When she arrives at the door he is behind, Vivia melts it like the other doors and says, “Stand far away from the door Dr.”
“I’m clear, blow it Vivi.” Barnacle said.
The door splatters, and she says, “Follow me Doc.”
When they meet up with Raven, she says, “The fuckers keep coming!!!”
Vivia helps her with the swarm of living dead and mutants Raven hasn’t killed already, with body parts and blood everywhere.
“Look out Vivi!!!” Raven hollers.
A mutant grizzly bear caught Vivi off guard and slaps her helmet. It shatters everywhere, and the bear’s claws slash the little girl’s face. Luckily the helmet prevented the claws to cut too deep, or her head would have splattered from the bear’s enormous skinless paw.
“FUCKING DAMN IT!!! FUCK!!!” Vivia screams in anger, while she cuts the grizzly bear’s head off, splits it down the middle, then sticks her light blade in the center mess and spins it clockwise, splattering guts, piss, shit, and mutant grizzly bear ass everywhere.
“Damn it Vivi!!! Now what?” Raven asks.
“Lets go up the elevator Raven. Then I’ll inform the General that I have been infected, and will be heading to the designated Hawaiian Island in case we got bit. Well this is a big fucking bite!!!” she said, showing her bear claw open cuts on her face, after removing the remainder of helmet glass.
“What do I do?” Raven asks.
“You complete the mission. Bring Barnacle and Urgen to the base. Tell my Vidian bot to meet me at the designated Island, and what happened.”
The door of the elevator opens. They fight their way to the entrance of the base. Vivia, being pissed off, gets drunk with blood lust, clearing a way for her sister and the two survivors. “I love you Vivi.”
“For always my love,” Vivi replies.
Raven says, “Grab on to me as tight as you can,” to the Doc and door master. They ascend.
Vivia heads to the Island.

Vidian attends to his Triverian Vivi

“Vivi I brought you supplies. I’m going to stitch the cuts on your face. I also brought you some bud and beer. There is some toilet paper and food too buddy,” Vidian says as he arrives on the Island.
“I’m glad you came,“ Vivia says.
“Let me see the cuts hunnyy,” he said.
“The only cloth I was wearing under my suit were these socks and my panties,” Vivia said sitting naked on the beach, while peeling them from her face. Slimy blood like snot, pulls from Vivi’s face on the panties and socks in her hand, as cheese on a pizza.
“Fuck man!!! Your all fucked up Vivi!!!” Vidian bot looks with saddened empathy.
He cleans her wounds and stitches them. “All done,” he says with a snip of the thread from the scissors.
“Fuck. What are we going to do now my love?” Vivi asks with tears in her eyes. She buries her face in his chest as she hugs him, and sobs bitterly.
“Don’t worry, we will be fine. Raven delivered Peter to the base safely. He is working with every team of Je.di. scientist around the world in finishing the cure. Within days you will be back in my arms my begotten,” Vidian assured his Triverian bride.
“Where’s my Vidia my love?” Vivi asks.
“One of us had to stay plugged into the central Je.di. computer. She says she loves you. And, she misses you.”
“Tell her I love her too. Well, we can’t have you stay here sobbing over me Vidian. Go back to the base and plug back into central. I’ll be fine tonight. Come back tomorrow. Bring my little sexy Valeriana with you,” Vivi said.
“I will my love,” Vidian answers. He kisses her and flies back to the base.
“Damn fucking bear. Well at least my face is stitched up. Fuck!!! This pisses me off. Fuck!!! I guess I’ll smoke some bud and have a few beers,” Vivia says to herself like a CRAZY FUCK!!!
The red sky darkens as the sun sets across the ocean. The cool breeze of the night touches Vivia’s bare skin. She notices goose bumps, and her nipples harden from the chill. “I have to make a fire. It’s getting cold.”
She collects a car size pile of logs and branches using the force. She makes a 4 foot circle of stones, then stacks some wood from her pile within it. Vivia takes out her wand, and emit’s a red lightning bolt that lights the entire fire pit. The flames rise 8 feet high. She lays on the beach next to the fire, drinks more beer, smokes a bowl, lights a cigarette, then falls asleep wearing the warm light of the fire under the star lit sky.

Mutant Vivia

Raven arrives at the island. She uses a Vivia medulla chip tracker to locate her sister. Vivia is inside of a cave.
As she enters the cave, Raven sees her sister Vivia inside mutated with long bat like wings. Vivia has long sharp claws on her fingertips and talons for feet. She also has a tale with a sharp bone on the end. She mutated this way because of the Y killer Queen in her.
“Here is the cure Vivi,” Raven injects her sister. Both viruses die as well as the enormous aura of immortal princesses.
They return to the base.
“The cure didn’t make me look like I did before. I am still mutated. I’m going to take my ritual death,” Vivia says. Her ritual death is the same as Vidian’s. Then Vivi’s brain is put in her Vivia pedo-bot.
“I told you we should have sent the robots Vivi,” Raven said. “It would have saved us a lot of trouble.”
“I know,” Vivia agrees in her new preteen pedo-bot body. “You were right Raven.”

The trip to the American reservation

"Shall we go?" Dividiah Valec, the Jehovah disciple Pope asks.
“Yes servant lord,” the Je.di. masters allow.
They ride inside of a Jehovah disciple bus on its way to the American reservation followed by two more. The three buses leave the temple. The buses are armored all over. 
While the buses travel, several zombies are shot along the way.
As they arrive thirty minutes later, Dividiah gets out of the first bus, and shows his identification to the American reservation guard.
"You may enter," the security guard says. The buses drive forward inside of the reservation. The gates are closed behind them.
"You all have chosen to join the Jehovah disciple faith. Each one of you passed the tests required, and will now be taken to your new home in the Jehovah disciple temple," the American guard says, referring to the lie detector test that asks, "Do you love the Father, Spirit Mother Wisdom, and Jesus Christ as God? Do you love your neighbors? Do you love your enemies?" (Keep in mind that someone can love their enemy, after they kill an innocent person, by blowing off their fucking head.) Last question is, “Do you love servant lord Dividiah as your Pope?”
Once they pass, they are given written tests on the Jehovah disciple religion.
The buses fill up and are ready to leave.
"Good by servant lord Dividiah," the guard says farewell to the Pope.

Kill em all!

On the highway the buses are ambushed by 30 vampires. Dividiah and the rest of the Jehovah disciple masters get off the buses, and prepare for battle. Each of them turns on their light blades.
"Drink your spirit men," the Pope requests. All of the masters choose to accept their servant's submissive words, and drink wine from their crucifix containers around their necks on chains.
"Kill em all!" Devilan shouts.
All of the vampires attack. Devilan fights Dividiah. He emits light blades from his hands, and clashes them against the Pope‘s light blade. 
They orbit around each other in the sky. Below, the two small armies battle too.
"We're going to die Bolt," Violet says in fear.
"We'll be ok honey. The Jehovah disciples will protect us," Bolt comforts his wife.
"Today I will send you to Hell, Devilan," Dividiah Valec said to his enemy.
"Don't underestimate my power of darkness. You will not see tomorrow," Devilan threatens.
One of the Jehovah disciple masters grabs an alcohol bomb launcher. He shoots it at the herd of blood suckers. The ball of alcohol explodes, and boils the vampires' flesh.
Pope Dividiah finally cuts off Devilan's head, and his corpse falls to the ground.  Soon after, the few vampires left all retreat back to the Catholic temple with Devilan's body. The head is held by his hair, in lord Dividiah’s right hand.
They all get back on the bus and return to the Jehovah disciple temple.
"I now have his head," Dividiah says smiling.
Devilan looks around, and sees the disciples fill a bucket up with alcohol. His mouth opens and closes, trying to scream, but he has no lungs to push out any words.
"Drop him in," The Pope says. Devilan's head ignites in the Holy plant blood, and his spirit falls to hell in the center of the Earth.
“The reign of Lars is forever at an end. I am victorious Lord. May God be praised forever and ever Amen,” Pope Dividiah Valec worships.

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