Thursday, August 5, 2010

Author's Notes

Alpha Primate
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Authors Notes

I am the Servant of Adam, and all his sons and daughters. Even if some are my enemies, I love them and serve their lives by not hunting them, being 100% defensive. “What comes to me, send back times three. In the name of Christ-Wisdom-Achemy, so mote it be. Amen.”
Before we begin with this Witch Craft lesson, I will explain the difference between a monotheist and a polytheist.
Monotheist is a religious person who worships ONE God.
Polytheist is a religious person who worships MANY gods.
I am the Monotheist Wiccan Pope. If you are a pagan witch, everything you are about to read will make no sense to you. What is written is from the monotheism God, not your polytheism gods. You only hear your gods. I only hear my God. I am NOT your Wiccan Pope, because polytheist are not TRUE Witches.
A true Witch remembers their ONE God, and His beloved wife Sophia Wisdom. For Wicca means, “The craft of the WISE.” Wisdom is what makes a man WISE. Wisdom is alchemy. The star of David is an alchemical symbol. Sophia Wisdom is the true WITCHES Goddess. Her husband Allah-Jehovah is the HUNTER LORD God. Their Son Yeshua Christ is the Son of God.
Wiccan Popess Vidia (Macie) Molta would like to add, “We do not think the horror stories in this book are funny at all. The difference between our horror story, and Satanists’ stories is, we will use the money from our readers to prevent the true live horror in today’s society, and the Satanists say, “I don’t care if some mom and dad out there had a child who was dug up from their grave, and sexually was molested as a corpse. I’m going to write and thrash about it any way. Fuck them. Dark Lord Satan!!!”

Witch changed from sorceress

Exodus 22:18 “Do not allow a sorceress to live.” Some Bibles read “Do not allow a witch to live.”
Silver Raven Wolf writes and I quote, “This means that practically everything in the Old Testament of the Bible was rewritten to give the credence to the creation of a new God-an all-male one. Indeed, one of the “rewritings” of the Bible occurred during the reign of James I of England and VI of Scotland, who authorized a new translation of the Bible and changed the passage “though shalt not suffer a poisoner to live” to “though shalt not suffer a Witch to live.” He also included a new government statute against Witchcraft in 1604. James, by the way, was a Calvinist.” He was a Satanist Churchy.  Churchies still infest the planet as fake Christians. Including the Catholics and their Nazi Pope.

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