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11 Hell

Alpha Primate
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11. Hell

In hell, lava (or Earth blood) contains the spirits of the unsaved.
Devilan is crowded by other prisoners.
However, in his mind, he is tortured by demons day and night. In his mind, hooks on chains bind his arms and legs. He cannot move, as the demons bite his spirit flesh, and rip him to pieces. Then his body parts come back together, and the cycle is repeated.
"I need little girls. I want Stephanie. Damn it! I hate Dividiah Valec!!!  But, most of all I hate Vidian Didymus his Grandfather! Aaaaaah!" Devilan screams.
On Earth his semen is frozen for when Stephanie is older, to have his child.

Dividiah's dream

Dividiah lies in bed and dreams of a beautiful field of flowers and vineyards. He is naked, and eats a raspberry. Dividiah can tastes it's sweet juices gushing in his mouth. He closes his eyes to enjoy the flavor.
When he opens them, he is inside of Devilan's former mansion in the torture room. Devilan is released from hell, and is in Dividiah’s dream. Dividiah tries to move, but he is tied to a gurney.
"I've been waiting a long time for this," Devilan says.
"I killed you. You're dead. What is going on?" Dividiah panics. Devilan takes wire cutters, and cuts off lord Dividiah's fingers, one by one.
"Aaaah! This isn't real. It's only a dream," Dividiah screams.
Then Devilan takes a hammer, and breaks Dividiah's teeth. Dividiah pukes his blood that he swallowed.
Then he takes sewing needles, and pins open Dividiah’s eyelids.
Devilan urinates in Dividiah's eyes. 
Then Devilan takes scissors, and cuts a hole in Dividiah's stomach. His intestines are pulled out, and eaten by Devilan.
He takes his wood saw, and cuts off the Pope’s arms and legs. Then Dividiah is turned on his stomach, and Devilan stabs lord Vidian's back.
Devilan takes hooks, and chains, to hang Dividiah up. He grabs his hatchet and hits Dividiah in the head. Blood spills on the floor, and his eye falls out of the socket.
"Oh my god! This isn't real! Somebody wake me up!" Dividiah screams in terror.
"Dividiah wake up!" Blaze Nicole screams at her son. His eyes open, and he looks around panicking. Devilan falls back to hell.
Dividiah screams.
"You were having a nightmare," Blaze explains. "What were you dreaming about?"
"Devilan was torturing me. He came to me in my dream from hell," Dividiah says.
"It took us almost a half an hour to wake you. You were screaming, so we brought you here to this hospital room. Are you ok?" She asks him.
"I have to speak to Joshua's clone son," Dividiah says.
He goes to his master in the Holy room of the temple where the Jesus clone resides.
"Master, I just woke up from a horrible nightmare. Devilan came back from hell in my dream, and tortured me. How can I prevent any more unpleasant visits from Devilan?" he asks.
"You must learn to control your dreams. A Jehovah disciple must remain focused even in the dream world. Next time you have a nightmare you must call upon my Father Christ's power, and send Devilan back to hell. You must believe and say, "In the name of Yeshua Christ, I command you to return to hell." Jesus clone says.
"What if I forget that it is a dream, and don't remember to say that?" Dividiah asks.
"Then you may die in your sleep," Jesus’ clone replies.

Death to the disciples

"Holy Pope, many of our disciples are dying in their sleep. We think it is Devilan in their dreams like he was in yours," the disciple tells lord Dividiah.
"I will report this to our Christ clone," the Pope responds.
"It is no use master. Many of our kings and queens are dying in their sleep. I've ordered the disciples to call upon your original Christ body power as you requested, but Devilan is too strong. What shall we do my lord?" Dividiah asks Christ's clone.
"I didn't want to have to do this, but our last option is downloading my mind into all of the disciples. Bring the mind scanner." Jesus’ clone orders.
His mind is scanned, and downloaded in his brides of light.
Now when the disciples dream, Jesus’ clone is with them all the time. Even in consciousness, they can hear his voice as he lives inside of their minds.

The catholics are exposed

The catholic pope is now a vampire, and runs his church as an army. An attack was ordered by the pope to destroy the Americans in the American reservation.
The American soldiers of the reservation called the Jehovah disciples for help against the catholic terrorists.
"Arm yourselves men," Vidian Didymus bot requests of his masters. All of the Jehovah disciple soldiers, who were requested, fly to the American reservation to help. Some of the soldiers were left to guard the women and children of the disciple temple.
As the help arrives, Vidian Didymus yells, "Drink your spirit men!" All of the disciple soldiers drink their wine, and begin fighting.
Dividiah invokes angels from the clouds.
Cullins invokes demons from the Earth.
The angels' spirits form into flesh from the clouds, as the demons' spirits form into flesh crawling out of the Earth.
The battle is unsuccessful for the disciples, and they all are ordered to retreat back to the temple. The people of the reservation are taken prisoner. The reservation is now occupied by catholics.
"I can't believe we lost. Unleash the Christ clone," Vidian Didymus said.
Christ clone is unleashed. He flies to the reservation, lands in the center, and explodes. Everyone in the reservation is incinerated.
Christ's clone spirit returns to flesh and he goes back to the Jehovah disciple temple.
"Just as I have foreseen. Our enemy is the catholic church. They have American prisoners from other reservations, that are probably too late to save, because they may have either been killed for food, or turned to Satan slaves,” (Vampires) Christ clone tells his most humble servant, Vidian bot.
“Why didn't you tell me the catholics were against us Master?” Vidian Didymus asks Christ‘s clone.
“They needed time to build their army. Now begin the cleansing,” Christ clone says to his Pope bride Dividiah.

18 years go by

Zombies infest the entire world. The American reservations are all destroyed.
Stephanie is 40 years old now and expecting Devilan's baby boy any day now. (His semen was frozen before he died.)
Dividah is still the Pope.
There are one million disciple temples in the entire world.
No body knows how many catholic temples there are except Christ.
The catholics are all hiding out in deserted areas, making it difficult for the Jehovah disciples to find and destroy them. It is not certain which catholic temple Satan reins in either.
The disciple temples are more advanced now, and some are orbiting the Earth in space. Some are even occupying Mars, and the moon.
Millions of Christ's clones designate disciple temples everywhere.

Devilan returns

Devilan's body was saved in a freezer for this day.
Stephanie pushes out her baby, and names it Devilan.
The corpse of Devilan (cryo genetically frozen) is grinded up, and fed as baby food to baby Devilan. As baby Devilan eats his father's body, Devilan in hell, piece by piece possesses his new body, as Cullins says a satanic magic prayer within a magic circle of virgin blood.
"Can you hear me Devilan?" Stephanie asks her baby, and ex lover.
"I'm back Stephanie. I missed you so much," Devilan says.
"Hello brother," Michelle said.
"Hello grandson," Glenda said.
"Greetings my family," Devilan said.
"We have a gift for you Devilan," Michelle says.
"Hello son," Lonna Fisher says.
"Mom? You were dead," Devilan said in shock.
"Father Cullins injected my corpse with baby Jesus blood, and it brought me back to life," Lonna explains.
"All that is left is my revenge on Vidian and Pope Dividiah," Devilan growls in hate.

Purist clones

"Clones will only be legal for the Jehovah disciples. If one wants to be cloned, they can not have any more children. Their testicles must be snipped, or their tubes tied," Dividiah says to the audience in the church session. "Each person that wants to be cloned must dedicate their clone life to the Jehovah disciple kingdom, as a royal slave for as long as they live.
Christ has pure white hair and skin. He also has fire red eyes. For this reason, all clones will be cloned with white hair and skin. They will also have red eyes.
Each clone will be called a purist Je.di. servant. They will be slaves of royalty, and property of the Jehovah disciple church, but live as free gentlemen and ladies inside of the temples.
You all are given this right to clone. So decide. If this is a path you wish to accept, you must sign up for a visit to the cloning center.
We can also put your baby clone inside of your own robot womb that can be implanted in any female robot slave. Or, you can have your baby developed inside of the cloning hatchery, were they grow inside of tanks.
You all are now informed, and may carry on with the church session. Thank you." Dividiah finishes and communion is served.

Lord Vidian's question

"Macie, I have a serious question for you. If I have my hair used to be cloned, and put my baby inside of Verona until ready to be born, would you be upset about it?" Vidian Didymus asks his queen. (His hair from his previous body is kept in a vault.)
"That's ok with me Vidian," Macie said.
"Thank you my wife," Vidian says, holding her in the spherical tank. "Will you do it too?"
"Ok," Macie agrees.
"We will grow up together," Vidian Didymus said. "I'll go first. Then you can be cloned after I leave Verona's robot womb."
"I love you Vidian," Macie says.
"I love you too Macie," Vidian Didymus expresses his love in words.

New beginning

"Alright Vidian and Macie, we have your hair," the scientist says. "We will use your most recent memories extracted from the wire plugged into your head jack earlier to download in your new bodies."

Lord of darkness

"Bring me a Christ," Satan’s clone roars loudly in his demon form. He is a red, muscular serpent man, with two black horns pointing forward from his head. His red lizard feet, like bird talons, have long black claws, and are covered in blood. Chunks of previous clone babies' flesh, left over from what was eaten cling to them. His red eyes glow in the dimly lit chamber.
"Yes master," Father Cullins obeys. The baby Christ clone is delivered, and is torn apart by Satan's sharp teeth, and swallowed. (Both flesh and blood) Since the clone is of Christ and He is immortal, then the serpent lord may drink the blood and not die from the K.O.G.A.E.
The clones are all babies. They are eaten before they can grow older, and become too powerful to control.
"How is the production of my father’s clones?" Satan’s clone asks. (He cloned himself one time for every Satan temple in the world.)
"Growing well my lord," Cullins answers.
"Master, a Christ clone is coming!" A servant vampire informs.
"Delicious," Satan purrs.
Rain pours down from the ocean of clouds above. 
Christ has Auron and his 12 sisters, Vidian Didymus, Macie, Dividiah, Jerith, and Verona with him. He has an army of Vidian and Vidia drone bots with him too. Including angels, Jehovah disciples, white lady spiders, Verdera, and fairies. They all are armed with light blades except the angels. They are armed with light blades from their hands, as well as the Christ. They all drank fermented plant blood.
Satan’s clone has his fathers and nuns, vampires, and vicious blood thirsty vampire wolves.
The Satan temple is armed with laser towers that continue to strike a sphere of electricity surrounding Christ’s clone and his army. The sphere from Christ is blocking lightning and rain too. The temple also has a force field surrounding it.
"Stay back disciples and wait for orders! Satan! Your time has come!” Christ’s clone hollers in righteous anger.
"Destroy them all!" Satan’s clone orders his army. He waits inside of the force field and prepares himself for his battle against Christ’s clone.
Christ’s clone puts out his hand, and touches the force field. He absorbs all of the power from the temple.
Christ's clone body devours the electricity sphere around him, and flies over to Satan‘s clone. Satan’s clone ascends off the ground. Christ’s clone emits white light blades from his hands. Satan’s clone emits his red light blades. Their blades slash quickly. They fly in the sky and slash their swords together.
Christ’s clone reaches towards heaven, and creates a ball of light with bolts of electricity surrounding it. He throws the ball at Satan’s clone and hits him causing an explosion of energy. The shock kills Satan’s clone and his spirit is absorbed by his other clones.

The rest of the disciples

Dividiah fights in the sky with Father Cullins. The battle is fierce, and ends with the slaughter of Cullins. His head is cut off and held by lord Dividiah. (Ever since Christ's clone mind was downloaded in all of the disciples, Dividiah has been able to use his energy powers longer with more power.) He emits a ball of electricity that engulfs Cullin's head.
"Die!" Macie screams as she slashes enemy heads off one by one.
"Burn in hell!" Blaze yells.
Jerith and Verona are attacking vampire wolves. They fight with light blades too. Electricity can come out of their fingers, that can be thrown at the enemy as electro balls. Their electro spheres from their bodies can burn any vampire that touches it. Vidian bot can too. His body is made from marijuana bud tissue; this is why he and his Vidia Molta bot are the only Vi.di. bots that can move at the speed of light.
Tauros and Pearl attack in swarms with their fellow fairies. Their tiny light blades butcher their victims all over at once.
Angels cry, "In the name of Jesus Christ!" as they slaughter the demons.

Oh no

Vidian looks toward his queen, and sees her surrounded by vampires. He flies towards her within his electro sphere force field, and torches them all. Unfortunately his battery is running low, and his sphere turns off. Her battery coincidentally runs low also, causing her force field to turn off as well. They battle with their backs to each other.
“Their shields are down!” a demon slave hollers.
A swarm of vampires rush towards the Vidian and his queen. Vidian and Macie slaughter them while they attack. They are covered in blood, and are to their knees in corpses. The final blow decapitates them. Their heads fall to the Earth conscience.
“Put them in the boxes,” a vampire instructs. The boxes prevent their medulla chips from signaling the satellites in space.
The Catholic temple is purified of evil doers. The Christ babies are now cared for by the disciples.
The fields of women with no arms, legs, or eyes, are given robot arms, legs, and eyes from the original Christ, the Emperor.
More American reservations are built by the Jehovah disciples to give a choice to the women to either live in the Jehovah temples, or not. All of the children are either returned to their parents, or put in Jehovah disciple orphanages to be raised as a soldier in the United States Government. Satan still reigns on the Earth. His clone was the one Christ killed. He lives safely in another dark temple.
Devilan was in a different temple with his wife Stephanie. The darkness sweeps over the land.
“They removed their heads from their bodies,” Auron says to his sisters.
“It is the will of my Father. The enemy must be given a choice to serve their god Satan. The end is near. If Vidian and Macie love the original Christ until the end, they will be in paradise together for ever,” Christ clone comforts.
Death by beheading

"Devilan is going to love our gifts," the vampire said, as he and the rest of them carry their heads to the Satan temple were Devilan lives.
"Very good my friends," Devilan said. “Clone them immediately. Then destroy their heads.”
They are cloned in a vault to prevent the signal from reaching the Je.di.
6 hours later Vidian and Macie are removed from their tanks, and their minds are downloaded. Their minds continue to be unconscious, because their bodies were drugged before their memories entered.
"Chain his hands behind his back, and hang him upside down above a bath tub. Cut off her arms and legs, but leave her eyes, so she can watch Stephanie torture her husband," Devilan orders.
As they awake, Macie panics because she can not move. "Oh my god," she cries.
"Macie! This can't be happening!" Vidian screams.
"Oh, but it is. Do you recognize me Vidian Didymus?" baby Devilan asks.
"Who are you?" Vidian asks in confusion.
"Your Grandson Dividiah sent me to hell by cutting off my head and boiling it in alcohol. It is I, Devilan, high Priest of darkness," Devilan explains.
"Boo hoo hoo," Macie sobs.
"What have you done to my wife?" Vidian Didymus asks. He sees her butchered body in front of him crying.
"She will now watch you die. Then she will be tortured for the rest of her life. Ha! Ha! Ha!" he hollers at his nemesis.
Stephanie takes out a scalpel and cuts open Vidian's stomach. His organs spill out into the tub beneath him.
"Aaaaaah!" Vidian screams in pain.
She takes a steel bar, and smashes out his teeth. Stephanie cuts out his eyes, and feeds them to Devilan. A nail gun pierces holes in his entire body. Stephanie cuts off Vidians penis, blow torches his anus, then sticks the bloody floppy penis in his own burnt asshole.
“What the Fuck!!!!” Vidian screams in confusion of her interesting way in torturing him.
"Now you die!" Devilan said, as he cuts Vidian's throat. Blood sprays out of his neck. Servant lord Vidian is dead. His spirit is taken to heaven and leaves his immortal beloved in the clutches of his enemy.
 "Put her in her new home," Devilan orders.
Her body is taken to a room. There are a bunch of doors on the wall like morgue freezers. One of the doors is opened, and a sliding bed comes out. She is placed on the bed, and pushed inside of the chamber. The door closes. She sobs in fear. Vidian Didymus looks down from Heaven in rage. He screams at the top of his spirit voice, as he soars closer to the third layer of heaven.

Praise be to the Christ

As he arrives in the 3rd outer layer of heaven, Christ greets him with open arms.
As they hug for the first time, Vidian falls to his knees, and pleads to his Lord, "My God. Help me save Macie," Vidian Didymus says to the first Christ in heaven. (Who is more powerful than all of the clones combined, because they were made from drops of his blood from his crucifixion.
1st Christ has more blood than was preserved, so the powerful light in one clone is only as powerful as the drop of light from Him. The Goddess' Spirit manifests within her blood. Her blood manifested within Mary's egg.)
"She shall be dead in 6 days in a horrific satanic ritual. She will be with you when she dies forever. You will live in heaven and partake in the most delicious wine," Jesus says.
"Thank you my Lord. May I comfort my queen?" Vidian asks.
"Yes. In her dreams you may speak with her. Keep her mind focused on us. We shall save her," Christ says lovingly.
“Aaaaaaaah! Damn  it!!!! Fuck!!!” Macie cries allowed. “Boo hoo hoo.”

Satanic ritual

"Bring her body," baby Devilan commands. He is strapped to Stephanie's chest.
Flop! Macie's body is dropped on a table naked.
"Cut out her eyes," Devilan said. Her eyes are cut out, and the sockets are dressed with bandages.
"Focus on Christ," Vidian Didymus says in Macie's thoughts.
"Peel off her skin 6 inches by 6 inches throughout her whole body," he instructs. Her skin is peeled off.
"Poor salt on her whole body," Devilan says. Her body burns from the salt.
“Aaaaaaaaah!!! Aaaaaaaah!! Aaaaaaaaaah!” she cries.
"You will be with me soon, my love," Vidian Didymus tries to comfort.
“Aaaaaah!” she screams uncontrollably.
"Cut open her belly," he says. Her belly is sliced open. Her organs are eaten.
"Cut her throat," Devilan orders. She dies and her spirit exists with Vidian's forever. The blood is collected in a chalice, and Devilan drinks it. Then he passes it around. (Vampires “can” drink A-14 infected Je.di. blood, if there is no recent alcohol percentage in their blood. However, they can not inject pure A-14 in their blood to become more powerful, without igniting into a ball of fire. The larger percent of blood dilutes the A-14 in it.)
"Delicious," Devilan says.

Trip to the disciple temple

"Hello Auron and Blaze," lady Macie's spirit says as she appears to her children.
"What happened to you too?" Blaze asks as she sees her father, and mother, floating in front of her.
"We were taken prisoner by Devilan. He is back from hell," Vidian Didymus says.
"Yeah. Devilan’s spirit possessed his baby he had with Stephanie from frozen semen," Macie explains.
"Your clone is in Verona's robot womb father," Auron said.
"Great!" Vidian says.
"How is Heaven father?" Blaze asks.
"Beautiful. There are delicious fruits and plants. The fattest buds grow on marijuana plants that are taller than any tree on Earth. All of the animals live together in peace. Every person is an heir, and lives in palaces," Vidian Didymus said.
"We are going back now. We will return again. But, until then take care of each other, and tell Dividiah, Vivia, Raven, and our other Vidi we love them too," Macie said.
"We will mother," Auron promises.
"By mother and father," Blaze says.
Vidian and Macie absorb their light spirits and disappear. An invisible light beam shines down from the atmosphere that they travel in through the sky.
Souls in heaven actually transform into the one omnipresent (present everywhere) light.
They can use her to travel anywhere in the universe by disappearing in one place, and reappearing in another. (Simply put, the light soul they are made of can divide itself from the one light by forming into their previous physical body's appearance. Or, they can mix their soul with the one light, and divide their soul again somewhere across many galaxies as quick as they can disappear and reappear mentally.)

Purist Macie

"She is ready to come out Vidian," the robot disciple doctor says to Vidian's purist clone.
"Do it," Vidian's clone says.
Verona's stomach is cut open, and Macie's clone comes out. Then Verona's refrigerator is put back in her tummy, and filled with beer. Her stomach is sealed back up with a special kind of glue that is very strong. Her stomach was cut before when Vidian Didymus came out, and resealed.
"Waaah! Waaah! Waaah!" Macie cries. Her skin is pale, and her eyes are red like her clone husband.
"Download her mind doctor," Vidian orders. The scanner is placed up to her eyes, and her previous mind is downloaded instantly.
"Where am I?" Macie asks in confusion.
"It's ok my love. It's me, Vidian," baby Vidian comforts.
"Oh my gosh. I'm really a clone. What now Vidian?" she asks in a worried tone.
"We will be taken care of by our robot parents Jerith and Verona," Vidian answers.
"What happened to us?" Macie asks.
"You both were murdered after a battle two years ago mom," Blaze answers.
"By whom?" she asks.
"By Devilan," Auron answers.
"I thought he was in hell," Macie said in confusion.
"He came back in his child he had with Stephanie. Apparently, the baby was fed his decapitated body, and a satanic prayer was spoken to possess the baby with his soul. He is free and must be destroyed," Vidian explains. "Inject her too, with the A-14 doctor."

Stephanie clone

"I'm sick of this 2 year old body!" Devilan wines.
"I think you are sexy master," Stephanie says to her son and lover.
"Suck my dick you sexy fuck," Devilan commands. He takes off his clothes, and puts his baby penis in her mouth.
After a while of oral sex, Stephanie asks, "Will you lick me?"
"Of course my delicious fuck doll," She takes off her clothes, and he forcefully licks her clitoris. She moans in delight. He slides his finger in her bottom, feeling her feces. He sucks vigorously on his finger, after he pulls it out of her butt.
"I sure miss you as a little girl, Stephanie," Devilan admits to his mother.
"I could be cloned, and you can taste my pussy as a baby," she offers.
"Delicious idea my love," Devilan accepts. "Bring me a scientist alter boy," Devilan orders.
Devilan stares at his butt as he walks away on his mission.
"Yes my master?" the vampire scientist asks.
"Clone my wife immediately, and download her mind in her new body.
A year later

Devilan is now 3 years old.
Vidian Didymus is 2 years old.
Macie is 1 year old. 
Stephanie's clone is now ready to come out of the artificial womb that the baby Jesus' are grown in for food and drink.
"Download her mind," Devilan commands.
"Waaah! Waaah! Waaah!" Stephanie squeals like a piglet. Flash! "Where am I?"
"You are my new toy lover," Devilan explains to his new baby wife.
"Don't give all of your attention to my clone. I want you too hunny," first Stephanie says with lust in her eyes.
"I'm a little baby! I can't stand! I'm helpless!" Stephanie cries.
"Original Stephanie will take care of us," Devilan comforts, as he pets the top of her head.
"What do I do if I have to use the restroom?" baby Stephanie asks in concern.
"I will sit you on your custom made toilet that is made for you and Devilan," original Stephanie tells her clone in a gentle loving voice.

Babies are cleansed within the womb

The Je.di. believe that when a Je.di. mother drinks non fermented plant blood, her fetus is cleansed in her womb. The baby is saved in her womb, because it has a pure mind and drank Christ's blood.
Devilan and Stephanie cannot be saved, because they drink blood.
She became fully evil after becoming a vampire as a little girl years ago. Stephanie no longer has that little girl’s mind, and is now completely Jungle Boo Satanic.

Church Sunday

"Jesus is the Light and the Light is in the alcohol," Auron Christo says.
"Jesus is the Light and the Light is in the alcohol," the disciples repeat.
"Jesus is the Light and the Light is in the Holy flower," Auron says.
"Jesus is the Light and the Light is in the Holy flower," the disciple repeat.
All of the disciples take a big hit off the hookah in the center of the golden pentacle. Auron stands in the middle and lights the bowl.
The disciples take turns inside of the pentacle at 12 alters that they kneel down before, and put their mouth piece on their hose to suck out the smoked Christ plant flesh. Before they enter, an invisible circular door is cut from between the earth candle, and the air candle. Then it is closed by cutting backwards.
When everyone blows out their smoke the door is cut again, and they exit making room for the next 12 to enter.
Auron does not smoke any until every one has some first.
He is the last at everything, because he is the Jehovah disciple gentile king of Pope Dividiah.
Blaze being the Pope’s mother takes the first hit.
When they leave the circle, they can socialize with other members, and drink their beer in champagne glasses. No one is allowed to get drunk, or they will be expelled from the church.
Macie Marie and Vidian Didymus have a sip from their daughter's can for forgiveness of sins. They do not drink a lot, because they are children with adult minds. They don't even smoke the Holy flower (marijuana) until they are older in body. 

The movie begins

"We are expecting a child Blaze," Violet says to her close friend.
"How wonderful. You are truly blessed," Blaze says in excitement.
"Thank you Blaze," Bolt said appreciatively to Blaze Nicole.
"We're going to watch a horror movie Blaze,” purist Vidian says.
"Ok father," Blaze said.
Macie Marie and Vidian Didymus walk over to the small theater in the mansion and request, "Bram Stroker's Dracula, please."
"Right away my friends," Ann Taylor says to little Vidian and Macie.
"I love you hunny," Vidian Didymus says. He kisses his young clone wife, and holds her hand as the movie begins. However, they do not do anything sexual until they are grown up. They are a prince and princess of the Jehovah disciple order. (They can do sexual marriage acts together when they grow up, but since they were separated from their nuts and ovaries, they cannot produce offspring.)


"Master, we have successfully combined the A-14 with Christ human blood," Devilan says to the red dragon.
"How?" Satan asks.
"We took a blood sample from a zombie that was mixed with baby Jesus blood, and injected it into Vidian's dead wife we kept in a freezer all of these years," Devilan answers. "As we know, previous attempts to combine Christ blood and the A-14, causes the injected person to explode. However, the combination of zombie blood, and the other two, neutralizes the effects. Macie's spirit from heaven is now a prisoner in her old body, of you my lord," Devilan explains.
"Bring her to me," Satan says.
"Here she is master," Devilan says. Macie's arms and legs grew back instantly after she was injected with the zombie Christ blood mix.
"Devilan, strap on a dildo and fuck her," Satan orders.
"Bring me a strap on," Devilan orders his alter boy. The strap on is delivered. Devilan put it on.
"Take of your clothes Macie," Satan purrs.
"Fuck you mother fucker!" Macie screams in her thoughts. Suddenly, Macie's arms begin undressing herself without her control. "What am I doing? Why can't I stop myself?" she says in her thoughts.
"Get on your hands and knees Bitch!" Satan roars. Macie's body obeys.
"No! Please God help me!" she screams.
"Fuck her Devilan," Satan said.
Devilan rubs lubricant on his dildo. Then he forces the 9 inch strap on dildo inside of her.
"Stop! No! Jesus help me!" she whimpers.
Blood drips out of her. Devilan stops raping her for a quick drink. He sinks his teeth into her flower and eats it. He enjoys her bitter human juice that warms his thirsty throat.
"Christ will see that you burn forever in hell when he returns," Macie hollers in rage while her tears fall silently as delicate pearl drops of dew.
"Fuck your God!" Satan blasphemes.
Satan rapes her in his demon form. (Dark angel)

Infest of darkness

Satan asks, "What is the result of combining the two?"
"Well my lord, if one of her limbs is cut off, it grows back instantly, after she drinks blood or alcohol," Devilan teaches.
"Show me," Satan orders.
Devilan emits a light blade from his hand, and cuts off Macie's head. He throws it in a tub of blood, and a new body instantly grows back. Her new body is filled with muscles. "She is immune to alcohol and crucifixes too," Devilan continues. "Watch," Devilan said.
An alter boy carries a sealed container of alcohol, and carefully pours it on Macie's head. He makes sure that he does not splatter any on his skin. He is a regular vampire, and cannot come in contact with liquor or he will catch on fire.
"Wonderful," Satan roars in joy.
"This last benefit is the greatest. She can move at the speed of light at any time without drinking alcohol or blood. The blood or alcohol is only a necessity for healing. She will live as long as this universe.
Best of all, with your permission, we all can drink her blood, and be like her. We will be more powerful than any Jehovah disciple, except their Christ‘s clones," Devilan says smiling.
"You have my permission servant. Begin injecting every one of our allies with her blood. We will then destroy every Je.di. in the world, and rule on high for as long as the universe. Be gone," Satan finishes.


"Vince, we can't stay in Wal-Mart forever," Ronda tells her new friend. They have been locked inside of a deserted Wal-Mart for a month now. The food is almost gone, and their friend Lisa is closer to delivering her baby as each day passes. "We have to try to join the disciples. That is our only hope for survival."
They have been traveling from place to place for years and met at a gun store. They met Lisa and three other people hiding in a liquor store.
Vince was a bus driver, who picked them all up, and drove them to a Wal-Mart so they can imprison themselves from the zombies outside.
They all have heard of the disciple temples near by, and have finally decided that they will ask to join them.
"Tomorrow we will go to the disciple temple, and beg for membership," Fred says to Ronda.
"Sarah. Gather all of the food and water that you can," Vince requests. "Todd, I want you to gather up all of the weapons, and ammunition you can. Ronda, go get as many backpacks as you can carry. We will fill them with our supplies and food. I'll get some propane tanks to clear the way to the bus tomorrow.


"I'm going to go to the roof, and clear a path to the bus," Vince says.  When he arrives, he throws a tank with a flare taped to it on the ground below. He shoots. Bang! The tank explodes, and kills the swarm of zombies in front of the Wal-Mart doors. "Go now!" Vince says in his walky talky.
"We're going to make it Lisa," Fred assures her as he pushes her in the wheel chair towards the bus.
Todd shoots every zombie that comes near the group as they run to safety.
Vince slides down a rope that he tied to a camera. Luckily the camera holds him. He shoots his way to the bus.
Unfortunately, Fred and Lisa are caught by 6 zombies. Fred's throat is ripped out. He bleeds all over Lisa, as the zombies tear open her belly, and eat the unborn baby inside of her. Todd and Ronda watch in terror from inside of the bus.
Vince shoots one more zombie in the head and enters the bus. He closes the door and they drive away.
As they travel, they see zombies every where.
"They ate her baby!" Ronda panics.
"We couldn't save them Ronda," Todd says gently.
The bus runs over zombies left and right. The front is drenched in blood and human remains.

3 hours later

"Auron, a bus arrived 3 minutes ago. There are three survivors in the isolation room being tested for the zombie virus or human Christ blood," the disciple officer explains to the head gentile king.
"What are your names?" Blaze asks the three.
"My name is Vince. This is Ronda and Todd. We have been living on the streets for years, and have decided that our only hope is to join your church," Vince explains.
"You will have to pass the tests involved," Auron said.
"What are the tests?" Todd asks.
"Since you have tested negative for any zombie virus or human blood of Christ, and wish to join, you will be given a lie detector test that asks, “Do you love the Father, Spirit Goddess Wisdom, and Jesus Christ as God? Do you love your neighbors? Do you love your enemies? When I say do you love your enemies, I don't mean, letting your enemy live after they killed the innocent. Last question is, do you love Dividiah Valec as your servant Pope?  If you pass this test you will be given a booklet on our religion that you have to study. Then you will take a written test. If you pass all of these you may stay. 
If you become one of us, our enemies will be your enemies. You will be required to kill any of our enemies that murder the innocent. We don't kill our enemies if they stole from us or something else not as bad as murder.
However, if you do not pass, you will be placed in a temporary American Government safe temple until you do. If you do get sent to the safe temple, you must obey all of the rules, and be trained to pass the tests next time.
You may leave our kingdom at any time you wish, but I tell you the truth, if you leave you will more than likely be turned into a zombie, or captured and enslaved, by the catholics as either vampires, or torture victims.
Also, if you are in the safe temple, you will not be a disciple king or queen so you will not live as royalty," Auron explains in a serious voice.
They take the lie detector test and not one passes. Each of them answered yes to all of the questions, and was proven liars when they were asked if they love the trinity God and enemies. They all are fed, and given peasant clothing after taking showers. An armored van pulls up to the entrance, and picks them all up.
"Well, at least we will be safe," Vince tells his two friends as they head over to the safe temple together.

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