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7 Lightology

Alpha Primate
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Before you read about lightology in the Alpha Primate book read the versus below.
1 Thessalonians 5:5  “5 for ye are all sons of light, and sons of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness; “
John 9:5 “5 When I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”
John 12:36 “ 36 While ye have the light, believe on the light, that ye may become sons of light. These things spake Jesus, and he departed and hid himself from them. “
2 Corinthians 11:14  “14 And no marvel; for even Satan fashioneth himself into an angel of light.”

7. Lightology

Lightology is a science study of light.
The “World Book” writes that nothing would live without light.
Light is inside of plants. When someone eats or drinks plants, they eat or drink light. The light's body and blood are plants' body and blood.
Since light is the source of all life, she is God's feminine Spirit. The light is a default gender. Default gender is female.
This is why Lightology must be taught in schools starting in early grades.
The pledge of allegiance must be said in school, “One nation under Light.....” by the Je.di. who love America and her God.
When a person hears, sees,  or thinks of something good that gives them goose bumps, makes them cry in joy, or fills their body with a happy tingling sensation, their body is filled with light energy. These are the symptoms of love.
When a person hears, sees, or thinks of something bad, they will experience numbness, emptiness inside, depression, hate, or fear. These are symptoms of darkness in the body. (The nerves in our brains are connected with electric charges. Light is a visible electromagnetic wave. Simply put, the charges turn to darkness if they are not worshiping the light all around them that is moving them.)
To worship her a person must feel and hear her gently speaking to them. Then, they must obey what she commands.
Keep in mind I write “her” because the light surrounding us is default gender. Default gender is female I was taught from my science teacher. However, if she enters a male creation, she becomes a male light in them.
The information in the Bible about how she came out of God's body must be taught as a theory in class like mythology.
Everyone can hear her if they choose to. She says things like, “Go to the restroom,” when the listener has to go. Or, “You need water. You should study for your exam tomorrow.” Basically, the light outside of your body will enter your body, and see what your important needs are inside. Then she whispers them in you. If you are thinking of things other than her surrounding you, like a movie you saw yesterday, she will not enter your body.
When a person thinks, they do not hear their needs from the all powerful energy source that moves them.
The penis is for peeing and ejaculating. The vagina is for pushing out babies and peeing. The sperm is for impregnating a woman's egg. These are scientific facts.
The anus is for pooping. Babies cannot be made in a person's butt.
These facts prove that gays and lesbians are disrespecting nature. If nature wanted gays, it would have made only men. Likewise, the same with women.
The fact is that God is light. This information is taught in American schools and the World book that says, “Without light there would be no life.” Light is the source of all creation. Light lives in nature.
The fact is that nature wants to grow bigger by its creations reproducing, and loving their offspring.
This country's laws are supposed to be laws that don't offend God for our money says, “In God we trust.”
The leaders of America, who are allowing the legal right to be gay, need to be removed from their positions.
The purpose of marriage is for a man and woman to raise children together, by becoming one flesh combined in their children. If, for some reason they cannot have children they can still make love to each other which is not offensive to nature.
In short, the light is all of our God that I just scientifically proved, and the light is not being respected in this country.
The idea of America is the Light's will. However, the light despises our gay and lesbian citizens, and the leaders who are allowing it.

Greetings Homosexuals

I come in peace. But, I also come in division love. As we all know, there has been a lot of controversy related to Gay marriage. Most churchies say, “No, gay marriage is evil and against God!!!” Then they say, “It is ok with God if men rape men or women rape women in prison.”
They do not believe in my “No Rights Prisons you will read about later.
Well CHURCHIES I believe you are all sick fucks who would enslave my Je.di. masters in prisons over FUCKING MARIJUANA!!! By not speaking truth about the true Christian religion, so the 1st Amendment would free them!  I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE STUPID JUNGLE-BOO GANGSTAS OUT THERE WHO USE MY GOD SOPHIA MARIJUANA AS A WHORE, BUT THERE ARE JEHOVAH DISCIPLES WHO LOVE ALLAH-JEHOVAH’S WIFE SOPHIA, AND USE HER FOR RELIGION ONLY!!! They are my master Je.di. who are locked in prison.
So my gay friends here is my alliance, I am with you on the gay monogamous only marriage in every state. But, you must vote that if there is gay marriage, there must be an immediate transfer of all prisoners in America to the ‘No rights prisons”. Only then will there be equally between gays and straights. The churchies are merciless swine. Prove your gay gene does not consist of their swine gene.
No gays are allowed to live in the temples of Lightology and Je.di. Both are private organizations owned by me, Wiccan Pope Vidian under copy right law. I proved using science and religion separately, and both concluded gay sex is not permitted by the Lightology Science God “Light”, and the Muslim, Christian, Jew, and my Monotheist Wiccans’ God “Triune” a.k.a., Allah-Jehovah, Sophia, Yeshua Christ. I cannot have a rise up from my own people in my land over gay sex. So you see I don’t care if you are married to another of your gender. I just don’t want my master Je.di. being raped by your kind in prison. Give my masters their no rights prisons to stop allowing your sexual behavior being forced on my Je.di. straight brothers and sisters. Don’t you all realize you have had more rights in our country since gays could legally have sex, and gay prisoners were allowed to freely rape my master stoner Je.di.? Maybe you all should protest more on not allowing prisoners to rape each other to show you truly believe in gay and straight equality, before you all bitch about gay marriage.
And you fucking churchies, how dare you bitch about gays marrying each other out here, but forsake lovers of Christ and Sophia in PRISON getting ass raped by gays over WEED!!!? FUCK YOU CHURCHIES!!!
Gays like I said, I come in peace. But, also in division love. So my Je.di. and Lightologist won’t pollute you, and you won’t pollute us. All my Je.di. and Lightologist have to marry the opposite gender, and raise their children to pedal my bikes attached to generators. The more I have reproducing responsibly and staying together as a straight family, the more electricity will be sold. It’s equal to you and us. But is your peoples’ gay raping my Je.di. in prison just business or inequality? Peace be with you.

Pro hedro gay bar

Vidian and his Popess arrive at their pro-hedro gay bar. He is wearing black patent size 15 heels, black lace fishnets, and a black silk thong. With a black sports bra, and black nail polish. His hair is long and straight, blowing in the cool breeze of the night. Vidian’s cincher corset is buckled and laced up tight around his stomach.
Vidia is wearing a luscious see through mini skirt, black leather corset, black thong, and heart nipple stickers. She is wearing fishnets and black patent size 9 heels. Her hair is braded in pigtails, and her black leather collar covered in silver spikes reflect the car lights driving by.
“Lets party babe,” Vidia says holding a black leash attached to Vidian’s dog collar.
“Lets go,” he replies while putting out a cigarette in the car ashtray.
“Hi my name is Johnathan,” John says to a hot young lesbian woman at the Je.di. pro hedro gay bar. He is gay and wearing tight leather pants and a leopard shirt.
“I'm Shelly,” she says.
“May I purchase your drink?” he asks.
“Sure. Is this your first time coming here?” she asks.
“Yes,” he responds.
“Mine too,” she tells him.
“What made you want to come here?” John asked.
“I want to get closer with God and find a husband,” Shelly said.
“Are you a lesbian?” John asked.
“Yes. I've been one since I was 15 years old. I used to experiment with my girlfriend Lindsay.” she tells him.
“I've been a homosexual since I was locked up for marijuana in prison and was brutally raped,” he explains.
Hours pass by
“Do you want to come to my house and watch a movie?” John asks.
“Sure,” Shelly accepts his offer.
Love at first sight. :)

Straight transvestites

Jeremiah 2:34  “34 Also in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the innocent poor: thou didst not find them breaking in; but it is because of all these things.”
Wearing women’s clothing to try to be a woman and fornicate with men is against God. Wearing skirts like the verse above, without trying to be a woman and fornicate with a man, is not against God. It is simply a matter of homosexual activity involved. For instance, a man wearing a skirt like the verse above stands beside a man today wearing blue jeans, a plaid shirt, and boots. To our culture in this time the man in the skirt would appear to be homosexual. However, the country boy butch next to him wearing the so called manly attire just finished raping a man with his other red neck acquaintances in his barn. The man in the skirt has never fornicated with another male in his life and has two daughters and a wife.
So you see even though the man in the skirt is dressed in a skirt, he is a straight transvestite. It is about the sexually immoral behavior involved with two men that is the issue while wearing dresses or skirts.

Men balance your chromosomes

In the male human body a man has Y and X chromosomes, which are male and female. This makes a man both male and female.
If a man does not balance his male and female chromosomes he may have homosexual tendencies. For example, if a man is too masculine, and hates his X feminine chromosomes, he is a male lover and hates females. They are butch gays. Keep in mind that a man doesn’t have to have sex with a man to have gay tendencies. Simply preferring male company over women is subconsciously gay. He would say to another man, “Hey boy, you’re looking cute in them jeans. Come over here and fuck me brutally in my tight pink little asshole.” A butch gay can be married to a woman, but usually gets drunk with his bros while watching a football game, and then later he beats his wife.
If a man is too feminine and hates his Y masculinity, he is a bitch gay. These are men who act like women. They would say something like, “I got to go to the little girl’s room before I wet my panties.”
A balanced man is sensitive to his woman, but tough when needed. He loves women and prefers the company of his own wife over the company of his brothers.
Every gay man has one thing in common, they hate women subconsciously. If they loved women they would marry one and have kids with her. He would worship her body under God as his queen, while he worships God as his God.
There are two kinds of human’s in the world, which existed after the fall of Adam. The two kinds of people are Jungle-People and Jungle-Boos.  They are not races. Color has nothing to do with it. Jungle-People and Jungle-Boos are words to describe a person’s thinking habits.
Jungle-People: Sons or daughters of Adam and Eve who believe “God made Man. Male AND Female He created them.” Women are MEN with “WO”mbs. Wombs are magick cauldrons. Male Men use their magick wand penises to impregnate a woMAN’s cauldron. This act is the first of three powers given by Allah: Jehovah/Sophia/Christ. The other two are consuming/ producing waste product, and controlling animal slaves/ keeping order. Jungle-People are NOT Butch queers or Bitch queers. They do not hate female MEN. All men are created equal. Women ARE female MEN. Jungle-People love one another. They are like Kunta Kinte on Roots and his tribe. They were Jungle-People in its PURIST state, Cannibal Holacaust the movie showed Jungle-Boo’s in their DARKEST state.
However, then here comes the dirty Jungle-Boos who were the free blacks that sold him to the Jungle-Boo whites that believes in human slavery, which is against Jungle-People law from the God of the Jungle-People Allah: Jehovah/Sophia/Christ.
Jungle-Boos: Sons or daughters of Adam and Eve who believe “Women aren’t Men. They are dirty fucking Bitches. Bros before Hos. Fuck them Bitches when I want to get my dick wet, then never call her again. If she be calling bout havin a baby, be like Bitch, I ain’t yo baby’s daddy on Maury. They be like, hangin wit the homies, yo G I fucked this ho last night while her daddy was at work. Fo real dog? Let me get her number. Al’right mother fucker, we’ll pull a train on dat bitch.
They are wolf dogs, whereas the Jungle-People are SHEEP dogs who protect the innocent. The wolves play that dominate shit, like I’m sure you all have seen between to male dogs. The bigger dog doesn’t necessarily have sex with the littler dog. But, he would get above him and pin him down. The same can be seen in prisons, infested with Jungle-Boos. Bitch queers are Jungle-Boos as well as Butch queers. To balance the y chromosome masculinity, and the x chromosome femininity by accepting women as female Men is only a Jungle-People mentality. Love one another. The J-B’s hate everyone but themselves, and would destroy their own homie to get ahead. The J-P’s love their brothers and sisters equally, and spend their time training their family and loving them. Not hangin wit yo boys, G.
A J-P loves his boys by backing them up when needed, and not disturbing their household by wanting to hang out, when they should focus their minds on their wife and kids. Not they G dogs. The same towards my J-P sisters. Focus your minds on your husband and kids. Not G bitches.
To all my J-P, whatever happens to me, don’t back down. Never surrender. America is ours. We won the Civil war for Freedom. Not the confederate J-B’s, or the blacks who became free and started becoming the J-B master who owned them, by forgetting that no matter what race you are in, there is good J-P and fucking piece of shit dirty J-B’s. 1st amendment “Freedom of religion and speech”
If I am killed, you know if you are my master, because my masters are the Jehovah Disciple Jews and Gentiles. Use the religion information in this story to teach all J-P about our God. My life is worth nothing compared to the information I have been give by Wisdom. If I don’t speak what I have heard, then I would wrong my masters who need to hear it. The message of, “There is only one God Allah: Jehovah/Sophia/Christ, and you are all equal brothers AND sisters to HIM and HIS WIFE” is what is of any value. Keep the belief in the Force alive in all of you my masters. We J-P’s are NERDS, not Ganstas, preppies, football players, rockstar satanics, or anything else that is not a NERD.
We NERDS have been dominated by J-B’s for a long time. If I die, remember me and what I instruct to you all who are J-P’s, keep the Je.di. religion alive at all cost.
May the Force be with us all. What comes to me, my Vi.di. and my master Je.di., send back times three. Before it happens, in the name of Jehovah-Sophia/Christ, so mote it be. Amen.
Jungle-Boos go to HELL. Jungle-People who love Allah as the Triune will go to HEAVEN. Sadly the precious Jungle-People who do not love Allah as Jehovah, Sophia, and Christ will not go to Heaven.

Pig Pen Puff

Vidian brings a marijuana joint to the police department and smokes it.
Police officers arrest him.
“Let my people go,” Vidian says after he blows smoke in their faces while they cuff him.
In court Vidian demands a Church Pastor be called to the witness stand for him to question before the people.
Vidian defends himself in an orange prisoner suit, and cuffs around his wrists and feet, while he stands in the courtroom. An officer stand near by as Vidian begins by asking, “Pastor Pecker Wood, is it true you are a servant of Christ?”
“Yes, I am the pastor of a Christian Church.” Pastor Wood says with pride.
“Do you love those who do not believe like you and your Church?” Vidian asks.
“Yes. We as a Christian Nation love all God’s people,” he replies.
“If one of these UNBELIEVERS do not believe with you, and your so called Church members speak out against their freedom, would you consider that forcing your beliefs on the UNBELIEVER?” Vidian asks.
“We don’t force our beliefs on anyone,” a preacher of a churchy church says in court.
“What about the children of Christ who are in prison right now for marijuana?” Vidian asked. “For you force them into slavery by speaking against Christian Stoners, and don’t speak up for them, as they rot in prison.”
“They Broke The Law!!!” the churchy says.
“The law conflicts with the LAW OF GOD all the time, like abortions,” Vidian explains in a calm rational tone. “Abortions are legal. Don’t you want that law to be changed?” Vidian asks.
“Yes, but until then IT’S THE LAW!!!” The pastor says. “When it is illegal, they can be put in prison.”
“Then why don’t you see that the LAW of MAN is CONFLICTING with the LAW of GOD?!!!” Vidian asks. “Our Nation is One Nation Under GOD!!!”
“I am aware of the abortions being laws conflicting with the laws of God, but not marijuana,” the preacher says.

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