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12 Wiccan Witch

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12. Wiccan Witch
Christ practiced Witchcraft.
He had a coven of 13. 12 disciples plus he made 13. Covens are Wiccan. Wiccan covens are called churches.
He had communion as do Witches. In fact, he claimed to be the light inside of the bread and wine used in communion. 
Magick is miracles, that must be answered from a prayer to the God, and his Holy Wisdom Goddess within Christ after he came down from heaven to die. Before, Magick was prayers to Jehovah's male and female bodies. Two as one. Y and X.
Magic with only a “C” is not praying to the God and Goddess. Magic is evil magic. 
Magick is good magick. Magick always begins with prayer to God only.
Christ claimed to be light. Light is Spirit in the Wiccan Pentacle. They worship the God and Goddess.
The Father is the God, Goddess Wisdom Holy Spirit, and Their Son Joshua.
The reason Witches are hated is, because so called Witches back then said, “There is no such thing as Satan or Hell.” That is calling Christ a liar.
After the fall of man, God created the Wiccan religion to be worshiped by righteous people on Earth. They were the beginning religion that worshiped God purely. Then they got corrupt. Their teachers said that there is a such a thing as black magick. All magick is praying to God to do miracles. Magic is black in all cases because it is not praying to God for miracles. Then they said that it is ok to worship idols after the tower of Babel.
So God decided to create a new religion that worships him called the Jews. Soon they got corrupt too. Some of the high priests began worshiping themselves.
When God sent his wife's spirit to chemically bond with Mary's son Yeshua, the Jew leaders finally killed him. The new religion God made after the Jews killed his Goddess baby in man flesh was catholic.
The catholic pope's began to be corrupt by allowing Witch burning. Knowing that Christ did Witchcraft. Obviously, Christ wanted the three religions made one.
So now God made the ultimate religion called Je.di. It is all three made one, and will never get corrupt, because the control of the church is under three votes. The Jews vote, gentiles vote, and Pope Vote. All three are under God's authority. True Muslim brothers and sisters are fellow gentile Je.di.
Wiccans call baptism “Wiccanning.”
Wiccans use Holy water.
The pentacle right side up represents the worship of God's Spirit, and the four elements of nature. Since Christ is the light, and the light is inside of the four elements, it makes him the pentacle. This makes the right side up pentacle Christian too.
When it is upside down it represents the worship of self instead of God in nature. This is a satanic symbol which confuses a lot of people into believing that it is a Witch symbol, when it is not.
Witches live by the law of loving others, and doing unto others as they would have done to them. However, both Christians and Wiccans believe in killing a person who has or will kill an innocent person, defensively. 
Wiccans use the energy of the light Spirit to do Magick, by collecting it using their Magick voice. A Magick voice is a deepened vocal tone that causes the body to flow with electricity from the vibration. 
Witches believe in evil spirits.
When they meditate, they imagine that inhaling air in their stomachs fills the body with positive energy, and exhaling from their stomachs releases negative energy.
Some Witches are so full of light that they do not need to cast a pentacle circle to do Magick, like Christ. However, to avoid negative energy from those who wish for them to fail in their spell, it is a good idea to cast the circle to block out their enemies' wish for their failure.
Fake Witches (so called Witches) say, “Worship the God and the Goddess, but it is ok to worship idols and other gods too.” Fakes call themselves pagans. True Witches worship the true God of the Jews and Christians. (Jehovah)

Do unto others

Witches believe what you send out comes back times three.
Proverbs 25:21-22   “21 If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; And if he be thirsty, give him water to drink:  22 For thou wilt heap coals of fire upon his head, And Jehovah will reward thee.”

Hate all love Christ

Luke 14:26 “26 If any man cometh unto me, and hateth not his own father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. “ Below explains how men can love other men and it conflicts with the love of Christ.

Motha fucka

"Hey Motha fucka ass shitty bitch. How does it feel to burn a witch? You say in his name the whore must die. "Burn the witch and let her fry."
13 in covens, Christ had too. Wanna burn Him now and kill a Jew?
Nature is the flesh of Spirit Light. Light is good. Evil is night.
Dark-ness- is- not- of- the- three. Three be-liefs- are- one- be free.


"Crucify him!"
"Burn the witch!"
"Kill the Jew!"
"Kill the Jew!")

Father, Son, and Goddess Spirit. Drink plant blood and deify it. Li-quor cleanses sin with light.
Re-ve-lations, Christ is white. Both -hair and skin. His eyes are red.
Christ's blood was saved when He was dead.

"Crucify him!"
"Burn the witch!"
"Kill the Jew!"
"Kill the Jew!"

Christ has co-mmun-ion as do Witches.
Di-sci-ple females are not bitches. They are lovely priestess queens. Who do Holy righteous things.
Men love your woman as you love yourself. She completes your circle, and is better than wealth.

"Crucify him!"
"Burn the witch!"
"Kill the Jew!"
"Kill the Jew!"

Drinking Christ's-hu-man-blood, is- Satan's- desire. If- a- per-son drinks his blood, they'll be-come a vampire.
Stalking-prey-at-speeds-of-light. Sucking blood from victims' bite. Lives until the Christ returns. Then in hell a vampire burns,” Auron and Blaze sing in front of the disciples in the concert.


"I'm furious Lord!" Vidian Didymus says in anger. "Macie and I were so full of joy living here in Heaven, until her soul fell to Earth in her bodily prison. Please, grant me permission to have vengeance, I beg of you," Vidian pleads.
"I have an idea friend," original Jesus comforts. "I will give you a new body made of Holy flower flesh. Then you will be injected with the A-14 in the Pope's temple. Your new body will be more powerful than Macie's.
You will eat soil and water to regenerate if you lose a limb.
The light all around your body will be absorbed, and used for energy. You will be able to move at the speed of light by will.
If you drink my plant blood, you will glow brightly until it wares off. The light from the blood, coming out of your body, will protect you from lasers, and from your enemies.
You will go to her and kill her. Keep in mind that her blood is used to clone her body, and has been sent throughout the world to other catholic churches. When she is dead, her spirit will come back to me, and I will give her a new body like yours. 
Afterwards, you both will be cloned, and your clone blood will be served for communion by all of our royal family across the world," Christ commands.
"Isn't drinking blood forbidden my God?" Vidian Didymus asks.
"You will not have any human blood. Your blood will be marijuana blood mixed with the A-14. Also, the energy absorbed in you will pass on to my disciples when they drink your blood. This is the only chance they will have in surviving when the Satanists attack our temples. Now, come with me to the Pope temple," Jesus said. They fly from heaven to the temple.
"Hello Auron," Vidian says to his son.
"Auron, bring me a marijuana plant, a large bag of soil, and a lot of water," Jesus commands his gentile king.
"Here is everything you asked for my Lord," Auron says.
"I command you to form into my servant's new body," Jesus says to the marijuana plant. “As the plant forms into Vidian's new body, it will feed upon the soil for matter. Continue to fill the pot with soil as needed, including water," Jesus commands. The buds grow into organs. The leaves form into skin.
When the process finishes Jesus says, "Now enter your new body my child."
The body is lying down on the ground. Vidian’s spirit lays down into it. His eyes open. The pupils emit light from the energy generated from his plant brain.
"Give me the A-14 son," he tells his boy in a deep voice.
Auron sticks the needle in his shoulder, and pushes the serum into his arm. Vidian's body energy generates wind that blows through the disciples' hair next to him. He levitates off the ground. Vidian moves to the standing position and lands on his green feet. Thump!!!
Vidian's hair is long, silky, and blood red. Both of his eyes are bloodshot red. His ass is as green as grass.
"Bring me some alcohol," Vidian bud requests.
"Here is some ever clear in my crucifix father," Blaze offers.
Vidian Didymus drinks it all and light pours out of him. The room is so bright that the disciples around him all cover their eyes.
"Master. A huge army of darkness is coming," Bolt says to Christ.
"There is no time to spare my veins. Kill them all!” Vidian bud roars like thunder.

Day of Judgment

The lasers on top of the pyramid temples shoot the vampires, but spheres of energy from their bodies protect them.
Macie's sphere of energy is more powerful, because she is the first A-14, zombie, vampire.  Many Satans are with them. Some in demon form, while others are in dragon form.
The force field around the Pope temple is absorbed by Macie when she touches it. Her body is full of energy.

Purist battle

"Your day has come villain!" purist Vidian hollers.
"I'm going to enjoy this!" baby Devilan yells to his enemy.
"I'll take her," purist Macie tells her husband.
"You are mine," baby clone Stephanie screams in hate.
Vidian Didymus and Macie take out their light blades. Devilan and Stephanie emit light blades from their hands. They battle in the sky.  Tornadoes made by the four, fall to the ground from heaven. Because, they are moving at the speed of light, and flying in circles in the clouds.  Stephanie cuts off Macie's head. It falls to the ground and splats like a watermelon.
"No!" clone Vidian cries.
Stephanie joins Devilan and they kill Vidian‘s clone.

Ann and Stephanie

"Stephanie I've missed you so much," Ann whimpers when she sees her daughter enemy.
"You are pathetic joining the Christians mother. I am more powerful than you can even imagine!" Stephanie curses.
"I love you Stephanie," Ann confesses. She emits her light blade from her weapon. Stephanie emits her light blades from her hands. They battle.  Ann is killed.

Blaze and Michelle

Michelle and Blaze battle it out, but unfortunately Blaze's body is split from her head to her vagina.

Meanwhile Dividiah fights a Satan clone

"You think you can kill me boy?" Satan’s clone roars.
"I will do what I know is right!" the Wiccan Pope says. He turns on two light blades, and hovers in front of the dragon.
Satan’s clone emits 7 blades from his heads.
They battle. Dividiah cuts off 6 of the dragon's heads. He did not stay alive long enough to slice off the last one.
Satan’s clone cuts Dividiah's lower half off. Then he says, "You are food now your highness!" He picks up the Wiccan Pope, and burns him in his mouth. Dividiah's ashes are eaten. 
Satan’s clone used Auron's blood that he drank, before burning him, to grow new heads. He can eat K.O.G.A.E. infected blood since Satan has the Vampire virus, and will not die. The angels fight everything that is evil, including Satan clones.

Christ gathers his clones

Christ watches from above. He says, "From the north, east, south, and west, I call upon my clones!" All of his clones throughout the universe obey Him. The clones ignite  into balls of fire that is absorbed by first Christ above the Pope temple in Jerusalem with His 144,000 Dividian virgin male soldiers, fathered by Auron Christo the gentile king. The clones continue coming.
Satan gathers his clones

“From the north, west, south, and east, I call upon my clones!” original dark lord Satan commands. All of his clones come to him as black hole spirits. They continue coming.

Vidian Bud and Vidia the queen of darkness

"Macie, it's me Vidian in this body. Our children are dead!" Vidian says to his wife.
"She has no control. We own this body now. She is our prisoner," the demons cry out from Macie's body.
“I can't control myself Vidian,” Macie cries.
"In the name of Christ, come out evil spirits," Vidian bud says. A ball of electricity from his hand is thrown at her, and penetrates her body.
(This usually sends away evil spirits, but unfortunately it didn't, because the A-14, zombie virus, and human Christ blood combination.)
She pours out lightning upon Vidian's plant body. He absorbs it without pain.
"I see we cannot settle this by shocking each other," the demons hiss within her.
“I'm sorry Vidian. Kill me. Please,” Macie pleads to her lover.
Vidian Didymus emits huge light blades from his hands. They are 6 foot long and 1 foot in diameter. His blades are white.
Macie emits two red light blades the same length and diameter. They battle. 
Vidian's arm is cut off. He uses the light force to collect a ball of soil from the ground. It moves to his mouth. He eats it. A new arm is made.
Vidian cuts of her head, and tries to burn it with his energy from his hand, but she keeps absorbing his energy. The head becomes so full of energy that it glows brighter, and brighter, until it explodes. Vidian Didymus absorbs all of Macie's spirit in his plant body.
"Were am I?" Macie asks inside of Vidian's marijuana body.
"You are in here with me. We will return to heaven soon, and be freed from our shared body," Vidian comforts.

The end of this world

All of Christ's clones are absorbed in his first body.
All of Satan’s clones are absorbed in his first body.
Satan blasphemes.
“Prepare for eternal damn nation,” Christ responds.
Lightning begins to light up the sky. Thunder follows with drops of rain.
Satan is in his demon form. He flies to Christ. Christ flies to him. They clash in the center.
They fight with their bio light blades as they ascend to the clouds. Both are moving at the speed of light.
Satan morphs into his dragon form in the sky, and fights with 7 light blades from his heads. When he falls, Satan morphs back into his demon body to fly again.
Satan lifts his hand to the sky and creates an enormous black hole.  Light surrounding him falls in the black hole until it is now a ball of light. He throws the ball of light at the Christ in the sky. Christ emits a powerful beam of energy that crashes into the ball of light in the center of them both. It forms an electrical explosion that pushes them away from each other.
When they stop spinning out of control, Christ claps his hands together creating a shock wave. Satan dodges it. The wave creates a trench in the earth.
Satan emits laser beams from his eyes. Christ does as well and blocks the attack with His. The energy between them is like a star that gets bigger as they continue. Christ uses his hand blade to reflect the ball of red light as he stops emitting from his eyes. He hit it with his hand blade away to the atmosphere above.
Christ charges the Devil and they punch and kick in the sky. He strikes Satan in the chest. Satan falls to a river. As he hit the river, water is cleared in the center where he hit the mud. Then it quickly collapses above him.
Yeshua follows and dives to his depth. They battle it out violently. There are bubbles everywhere on the surface from their quickened movements.
Satan rips through the surface and travels out of the atmosphere with Christ behind him.
They beat each other senseless. They fall toward the earth after Satan transforms into his dragon form. Christ fights all 7 heads with their light blades emitted.
Satan transforms back into his demon form.
He punches Christ with a glowing fist of light. Jesus falls to the Earth. When he hits the ground, Christ lands on his feet, and creates an enormous crater close to the fierce war battle near by.
Christ gets up. He flies to the now morphed dragon, crawling on his belly.
Satan blows fire at the Messiah from each head.
Yeshua continues towards his enemy, through the blazing fire.
He enters Satan's center head by forcing himself down the serpent's long throat.
Satan screams.
The Son of God creates a star of light blades, like a sphere of high voltage electricity from himself, inside of Satan. The Devil's flesh is destroyed. His spirit falls to hell.
“The time has come for the harvest of souls,” the Farmer of life decides. “It is done.”
Christ explodes. His fire and electricity stretches throughout the whole universe. The universe is God's mind. He controls everything, because this is his mind.
Then Christ pulls all of the matter and light to his body.
An enormous Earth forms around him. He is in the center of the new, one Hell.
When the new Earth finishes forming around him, he gathers all of the souls and spirits of every plant, animal, and human who are “lovers of Christ and Mother Wisdom” and takes them to the top of the new Earth to be free.
Those who are “haters of Christ and Mother Wisdom” will forever bathe in the lake of fire inside of the new Earth.

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