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8 plants

Alpha Primate
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8. Plants

Vidian says, “Plants are God's flesh and blood because Christ is the light inside of them. When a Je.di. eats or drinks plants for communion, they must say what it is, and that Christ is in it.
For instance, “Joshua is the light. Light is in alcohol. Joshua I drink your blood. Wash away my sins.” These two things must be said in communion. Any other plants consumed, it is only necessary to say, “Joshua is light. Light is in... “Whatever plant flesh they are consuming.
1 John 1:5 “God is light.” Light is scientifically proven to be inside of alcohol.
Matthew 11:19 “Christ is called a glutton and a drunkard.” This means that Christ drank alcohol, but truly never became drunk.
1 Corinthians 11:27-30 “Drinking Christ blood in an unworthy manner is getting sick or passing out.” Everyone knows that if a person drinks too much alcohol and gets drunk, they will puke or pass out.
Luke 5:39 “Christ said no one wants new wine after drinking old wine. He said the old is better.” He clearly agrees and accepts old wine which is alcohol.
John 6:53 “Christ said no one has life in them unless they eat His plant flesh, or bread, and drinks His plant blood, or alcohol.” He is the light inside of the plants.
1 Timothy 5:23 “ 23 Be no longer a drinker of water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities.” I was told a glass of wine a day is good for the heart.


Tobacco is good, because it doesn’t kill a person right away or cause a deathly overdose. It can kill a person if used too much over a period of time, but think about this:
If a person was in a garage with a running car, they “Would” die by the fumes. However, if a person is in a garage filled with cigarette smoke, they won’t die right away. My Christ’s flesh is tobacco leaves. He does not want any impurities added like rat poison.
I want to manage a Government owned Lightologist Corporation that guarantees employment to any legal U.S. citizen growing tobacco.
This tobacco Will Not have any added chemicals, but will instead be soaked in natural flavors like Chocolate, Raspberries, Cherries, Peaches, Bananas, etc.


Below is a list of Christian Bible verses and explanations which prove marijuana is Holy to our Lord.

1: Genesis 1:29 “And God said, “See, I have given you EVERY herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.” God said EVERY seed bearing plant which includes marijuana.
2: 1 John 1:5 “This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is LIGHT and in Him is no darkness at all.” In elementary school it is taught that light is inside plants and wine. When a person eats or drinks plants they consume the light in them. The plants turning Light into food is called “photosynthesis”.
3: Matthew 26:26 “And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to the disciples and said, “Take, eat; this IS My body,” Then He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them saying, “Drink from it, all of you, “For this IS My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” Christ is claiming to be the LIGHT inside of the wine and bread. They are made of plants. My beloved Popess Vidia also noted that if He wanted Churches to believe it REPRESENTED His blood and flesh, He would not have said, “This IS My body and blood.” She is right for I was raised in a churchy church, where they said this blasphemy repeatedly.
4: 1 Thessalonians 5:5 “You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness.” A real Christian worships the light inside of marijuana. Even if they don’t smoke it like Je.di. stoners.
5: Mark 7:15 “There is NOTHING that enters a man from outside which can defile him; but the things which come out of him, those are the things that defile a man.” NOTHING includes MARIJUANA. However, since man can die from eating poison, they must not eat poison. Marijuana is NOT a poison for bud does not kill you. There has never been an instance of an overdose from weed. A dumb ass could smoke then drive a car, then he would be a dead dumb ass or murderer who killed an innocent family in a car accident. Keep in mind the bud was not driving or making the dumb ass decision to get behind the wheel. In fact Marijuana commands her children as the Sophia Goddess Wisdom inside, “Smoke responsibly. Do not operate machinery when consuming my Christ flesh. Or the public will blame Me when you know better.”
6: Mark 7:18 “So He said to them, “Are you thus without understanding also? Do you not perceive that whatever enters a man from outside cannot defile him, “because it does not enter his heart but his stomach, and is eliminated, thus purifying all foods?” God in the beginning called all seed bearing plants FOOD, which Christ said, “All food is purified.”
7: John 12:36 “While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light.” To command a true Christian to not worship His light in marijuana is violating the 1st Amendment.
8: John 9:5 “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Here He is claiming to be light. Again, your public schools teach, “Light energy is in plants.”
9: Deuteronomy 33:14 “For as the earth brings forth its BUD, As the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth, So the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.” God brings forth BUD from the earth. Marijuana is BUD.
10: Isaiah 55:2 “Why do you spend money for what is not bread, And your wages for what does not satisfy? Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, And let your soul delight itself in abundance.” Marijuana is good food that makes the user’s soul delight itself in abundance. Plus corn can be used to make bread. If corn may be used as bread then the Holy Sophia Marijuana may also be used as bread.
Isaiah 61:11  “11 For as the earth bringeth forth its bud, and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the Lord Jehovah will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.” Marijuana is BUD. This is simply another passage not from Deuteronomy but from Isaiah.
11: Acts 4:19 “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you more than to God, you judge.” Listen to the reason and simplicity in this letter, and you know that I am right. God is not against the SIMPLE marijuana smokers. He is against the HARD criminals with guns who are violent drug dealers.
He is also against you, if you do not here the truth I am writing from the Holy Bible.
Marijuana does not kill a person even if they are in a room filled with smoke. A car exhaust in a garage WILL kill a person, and is legal even though car fumes pollute the air daily.
Funny how fake Christians called churchies, drive polluting cars with a shit eating grin of their faces, while they condemn a real Christian stoner to death by allowing the imprisonment of my masters. For murdering and raping my fellow Christians who hear the reason in the letter, by sending them to prison for marijuana charges only, the Christian God Jehovah and His only begotten Son Yeshua Christ (Jesus) are very upset with the churchies and the U.S. Law Makers for condemning them to prison.
Fear not, for my God is more merciful to you, even though you have shown no mercy to my masters who are in prison right now. Father Jehovah will show mercy when my masters are released from prison, only if they were in their for a marijuana charge. No murder or violent charges related to marijuana etc.

“I pledge allegiance to my God”

My God's flesh and blood is marijuana’s flesh and chlorophyll. In the dictionary chlorophyll is explained as, “Any of a group of green pigments essential in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the consumption of the light's energy of a plant.”
“Without light, the Earth would compress the size of a softball,” my 8th grade science teacher told me.
“When a person consumes plants, they consume the energy of the light,” a botany college teacher told me.
“God is light!!!” the Holy Bible reads in 1 John 1:5.
Also, in the Holy Bible it is written in Matthew 26:26, “And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to the disciples and said, “Take, eat; this is My body.” Then He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you. “For this is my blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.”
Christ is claiming to be the light inside of the bread and fermented plant juice. (Plant blood)
“Light's energy is inside of alcohol from plants,” my 8th grade science teacher also told me.
My God is the one light binding the universe together, and moving everything.
“Without light, there would be no heat, plants, air, animals, or humans,” the encyclopedia explains.
Light is the source of all life.
I believe all of the matter and energy of the universe was emitted by my Heavenly Father who I call Jehovah.
I call him the “albino Alpha primate”.
Simply put, in my religion, he began with one Spirit inside of an extremely dense physical body. The Spirit is all of the light throughout the universe. His physical body has X and Y chromosomes.
In the beginning I believe my God was the only matter and Spirit in an eternal void of darkness. All of his Light (Spirit) was stored inside of his body, so he could not see anything of the nothingness surrounding him. He was very lonely. All he had to communicate with was his X chromosome inside of his one body. Since he was before time in darkness logically his skin would be pure white, including his hair.
He stretched out his hand and said, “Water.” A stream of blue water energy emitted from his fingertips like a sphere being fed lightening. The water glowed dimly because of its source inside of Jehovah's body filled with absorbed light.
He did the same thing when he emitted green earth, yellow air, and red fire in my belief. They orbited around him in the darkness, until he raised his arms, and they clashed above him into one enormous compressed Earth.
“Light!!!” he roared. Light pours out of him creating a sphere of light from his primate body. He formed a ball of compressed light in his hand, and threw it at his Earth. I call the first Earth the Goddess' egg.
The Goddess egg explodes, and fills the universe with matter and light. The light being out side of the Father's body is default gender. Her name is Wisdom. She is the Holy Spirit outside of the Father's body. He is the Holy Spirit inside of his body. They are one Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is referred to as “he”  because it is the Father's Spirit. He is one with his X and Y chromosomes and Light.
“Default gender is female,” my 8th grade teacher said.
In the center of the explosion is the Goddess body. (Female clone of the Father)
Some of the chunks of living Earth died, and some fed on the dead Earth. This explains the big bang theory.
Witches, Jews, Muslims, and Christians worship the same God, Jehovah. I follow all 4 religions, and call myself a Je.di. (Jehovah disciple). Jehovah and Christ are one. Marijuana is my God's flesh, because his Spirit is in it. I worship it.
She speaks to me in common sense saying, “I am Holy. Use me in a worthy manner. Do not drive when you smoke me. Get the U.S. Government in control of distributing my flesh instead of the gangsters and criminals. Sell my flesh for 5 dollars a session, inside of a U.S. Government smoking bar. Have security patrol within. I pledge allegiance to Marijuana.

What I see is a lot of Americans are getting on their knees for Masta Government, and no one is defending the LAW of God. Especially, you churchies,” Vidian says in an angry tone finishing his rant for a response. “I’m not saying smoke a J in public hollering free the Christian Stoners, just quit talking negative about marijuana and my masters who are your slaves. Your anger toward me, and my marijuana Goddess Wisdom, is the result of fear. You fear the punishment of the Masta Government instead of the wrath of the True Master, and His True Christ Yeshua.”
“IT IS POISON!!!” Churchy raises his voice like a dog guarding his masta’s cock.
“For medicine,” masta’s paster sucks masta harder in his words.
“If marijuana is poison, than the cancer patients would not be prescribed medical marijuana. Many cancer patients use marijuana constantly throughout the day, and none die from poisoning, and you know that!!!” Vidian defends a bigger cock and His Son Alchemy.
“It kills brain cells, which is harmful to the user,” Vidian sees him in a gimp suit, beating off the terrorist Government who enslaves the innocent, and are guilty of accessory to rape, as he hears pastor’s offensive words.
“Oh brain cells huh? Think about this churchy, there is a lazy adult living with his mother, who has never touched marijuana or any drugs in his life. He does not have a job, or pay rent to his single mother who works 40 hours a week to provide for him and herself.
Then imagine a productive citizen in society who smokes every day when he gets home like a doctor. He’s saving lives left and right. Where as the lazy bum living with his mother is consuming resources without work.
How can you judge the intelligence of the doctor who kills his brain cells daily, and the idiot bum living with his mother who doesn’t smoke marijuana?” Vidian asks.
“What if he goes to work and kills someone on the operating table? Or, what about a machine operator in a construction zone?” He asks.
“It is no different than using alcohol while driving, working with machines, or operating on a patient. If he uses while doing these things, he is guilty of murder, as those who kill someone driving drunk. Not breaking God’s law from using the marijuana or alcohol, but using it when needing to be alert. Sitting at home playing video games or watching movies, is not like operating heavy machinery,” Vidian argues.
“So you think it’s alright that many people have died in car wrecks, because of the negative effects from marijuana?” Churchy asks.
“Do you think it is alright that many people have died in car wrecks, from talking on their cell phones? Or eating a cheese burger while driving?” Vidian asks.
“No, that’s why it is illegal to talk on your phone or eat a cheese burger while driving,” masta’s paster says.
“But, they don’t abolish cell phones or burgers right?” Vidian asks.
“That’s different,” gimp slobbers in submission for masta’s green god.
“It is no different!!! Just because the criminal terrorists who are citizens in this country drive, and kill someone under the influence of marijuana, doesn’t mean that the innocent Christian Stoners who do no crime other than buying, selling, or using pot should be punished with your ally criminals,” Vidian said.
“The criminals are not our allies,” pastor said.
“Yes they are, you both are guilty of enslaving my master Christian Stoners. Because, they whore my Goddess Mother Marijuana Alchemy Christ, and you use their pimp mentality as an excuse to genocide my Christians,” Vidian defends the sheep.
“No!!! Those you defend who are in prison are criminals, and we are the righteous!!! You are the son of the Devil and his marijuana!!!” Churchy licks their butt hole nowJ
“Using it in dangerous environments is evil,” Vidian says.
“So you admit that marijuana is evil?” churchy asks.
“No!!! Those who use it are doers of good or evil. If they are evil and use pot, they will do evil. If the person who is a doer of good uses marijuana, they will do good. Christ says, nothing that goes into the body makes a person unclean, what comes out of the body is what makes them unclean. He declared all foods clean!!!” Vidian defends his beloved. “I use melatonin pills and sweet Valerian Root every day. They are both drugs one can legally purchase at any GNC store or Wal Mart. If I were to take to many and drive, I could lose control over my car and kill someone. But, this is why I don’t drive. And, if I did own a car and had a driver’s license, I would not drive under the influence of melatonin or Valerian pills.
But, you know what? I understand your concern with some gangsta cruising down your neighborhood smoking a blunt. So have a segregation. Instead, of putting my masters in prison, let them smoke in a designated area under the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Religion,” Vidian said.
“If marijuana is legal for your so called Church, than any one can say they worship marijuana, and then it will be legal for anyone,” masta’s pastor said.
“No, because I am proofing my religion here today from 5 religions, Wicca, Christianity, True Islam, Judaism, and Lightology education taught in American schools, but does not call it a religion. If these other religions come, have them prove it,” Vidian says.
Vidia sits in her room at the Jehovah disciple temple, waiting for the verdict, for her lover.
“Welcome to channel 69 news, today the verdict of Wiccan Pope Vidian will be announced, but first we go to Bobby with a story on stray puppies….” Vidia sits patently. Later she sees on the News, “Finally the story we all have been waiting for. Vidian Didymus Lawrence is found not guilty for using marijuana in the police department under the 1st Amendment Freedom of Religion. But, was guilty for smoking in a Government building, and will be fined for smoking in the Police Station. In fact, all of the prisoners who purchase his Vidian Bible called Alpha Primate, and pass his test will be released, and placed in the custody of the Wiccan Pope on his land. Here is what he had to say.”
“Bout (Bleeping!!!) time they freed the innocent in the land I love,” Vidian says to the camera. “I only wish the Christian Stoner martyrs in the past could be here today to witness this great victory of my Lord Jesus Christ, and His Father’s Mercy. Mercy in which Christ instructed His disciples to have. But, you churches are not His (Bleeping!!!) disciples, for you have no mercy or compassion. (Bleep!!!) you mother (Bleepers!!!)!!!” Vidian said.
“Boy Vidian sure is keeping the sensors on their toes,” the news reporter said.
“He sure is Dave,” his news partner agrees.
Ring!!! Ring!!! “Hello,” Vidia answers.
“Hey did you hear? It worked! I’ll be home in an hour hunny,” Vidian said.
“I cannot believe you pulled that off you crazy son of a bitch!!! I thought you were going to prison to get but fucked for the rest of your life!!!” Vidia said.
“I love you,” Vidian says.
“I love you to.”

Unbelievable pain

"Aaaaaaaah!" Ann screams in fear as she awakes. Her hands and feet are cuffed to the gurney, and dead babies are crucified, and hung on the walls around her.
"Hush my fuck doll," Devilan says deeply.
"Why are you doing this to me?!" she asks.
"You are mine now bitch!!!” Devilan growls in a demonic voice.
"Aaaaaaaah! Help me!" Ann yells at the top of her voice.
Devilan takes out a chainsaw, and cuts off her left arm from the shoulder. Blood sprays on the floor.
He takes an iron and burns the wound to stop the bleeding.
“Oh my god! Stop! Please!” She pleads.
Then Devilan cuts off the other arm, and repeats the ritual two more times by cutting off her legs.
Last but not least, a scalpel is used to remove her eyes as she cries out loud.
"Please let me go!"
"Where are you going to go bitch? You have no fucking legs!"

Father Cullins

Devilan grabs the phone to call his catholic priest. The phone rings 3 times.
A secretary picks up and says, “Saint Mary's. This is Donna. May I help you?"
"Yes Donna, this is Devilan. May I speak to Father Cullins please?" he asks.
"I'll see if he is available," she responds. "Father Cullins you have a phone call from Devilan Lars. Are you available?" Donna asks into the Mic connected to speakers in the Father's office.
"Yes I am available Donna. Thank you."
"Line one Father."
"Hello Devilan," Cullins says then pants softly.
"Father I need to speak with you personally soon," Devilan tells him.
Cullins knows what he means.
"Give me an hour, Devilan. I'm busy studying scripture right now," Cullins lies and pants again. Devilan knows he really means that he is molesting one of the little Catholic boys. More than likely an alter boy.
"See you then Father," Devilan said.
"God bless you my child," Father Cullins says.
A half an hour later Cullins stops and zips up.
Then he takes out a box of wet wipes, and cleans little Scotty Fisher‘s pink puckered bloody anus.
"You are blessed my child. Don't tell anyone if you love Jesus," Cullins tells him seriously.
"I won't Father," Scotty whimpers quietly, accepting twenty dollars from his Priest and leaves, trying to act normal.
“Cheap preteen whore,” father Cullins licks his lips.


Cullins locks his office door, and tells his secretary not to disturb him.
Then, he takes off his crucifix, and places it on his desk.
He opens a secret file on his computer, and types in "bride of darkness 666." A wall rises, and reveals a stair case. He walks down them, and enters a laboratory. There are other entrances in other buildings too. It is an underground cloning facility. Inside, he sees thousands of jars with living baby fetuses of Jesus.
Christ's blood was saved from his crucifixion, and used to clone him.
All around there are scientists working.
Father Cullins goes into a room, and greets his fellow satanic priests sitting at a long table.
"Hello brothers. Here is the agenda for today. Our master vampires have a new enemy. Their enemy is this new religion, the Jehovah Disciples. Too many people are converting, and the Jehovah Disciples are becoming vastly populated. Soon the Catholic Church will be weak, and we will lose power over our members' minds. As you know, the Jehovah Disciple Church is an American police academy. So, we can't go to war with them or we would lose." Cullins says.
"What do we do?" someone asks.
"We must continue to kill those Jehovah Disciples members who do not live inside of the police academies, secretly, by sending our devoted brothers of the church of Satan.”
"We vampires would help accept for the fact that the Je.di. are wearing crosses and drinking wine. As we all know, crosses and alcohol burn us alive when the crosses are near us and the wine touches our flesh," Vlad Tepes explains. He was the first vampire, after he drank the human blood of Christ, that was saved in a crucifix container the day Christ was crucified.

The sick (BEEP!!!) deserves to die

"Father in Heaven, forgive me of my sins. Let me into Heaven when this man cuts my head off, and eats our baby," Linda prays as she lies on the hospital gurney. She is leg, arm, and eyeless. Linda is also ready to give birth.
"Your flesh will give me power," Devilan growls. "Your blood will clench my thirst."
"Aaaaaaaah!" Linda screams in terror, as he cuts open her belly with a scalpel. He reaches inside of her womb, and removes his son. His child is placed on a small crucifix, and his wrists and feet are nailed to it with a nail gun.
"Waah! Waah! Waah!" his child cries in pain.
“Fuck you mother fucker! Don't kill it bastard!" Linda pleads. Her baby is hung on the wall. A hollow needle, connected with a hose, is pierced in a vain on his leg. Devilan drains the blood into a bag. As the baby dies, he puts the baggies of blood in a freezer.
"Now you die BITCH!!!” he hollers
"No please don't kill me," Linda sobs. Devilan takes out his wood saw. He cuts off her head as she gurgles her own blood.
Her head is placed inside of a large baggy. Then it is put inside a cooler of ice that will be taken to the secret Satanic church for a sinful ritual.

Tiffany cries for her mommy

Devilan cleans up the mess he made on Linda earlier, and then walks to his pedophile room. He looks around at his trophies and picks one out. Her name is Tiffany.
Her eyes are brown and her hair is black. She is 9 years old with a Father, Mother, and an older brother still looking for her.
"Hello sweetie," Devilan says in a calm and tender voice as he sits next to her naked body.
"I want to go home to my Mommy," she cries. He slowly puts his hand on her back. She flinches in fear. He brutally rapes her.
When finished, Devilan takes out a syringe, and injects her with a sleeping serum. She falls asleep.

Devilan Butchers Tiffany

Devilan drags Tiffany’s naked sedated body to his butcher room. He cuts out a patch of skin from her vagina and anus, while she is alive. Then Devilan cuts from her anus, up her back to the back of her neck. He cuts around her neck, and removes the skin around her skull for a mask he puts on a child mannequin.
Then Devilan removes her skin, and hangs it on a hook. He hacks her flesh with a cleaver. Wraps the meet in cellophane, and places it in the freezer.

Gimp Kitty

“You’re pretty,” Devilan says the head skin mask of a previous victim, hanging on the wall by a hook. He has a collection of women’s face masks covering the 3 walls in his mask room. The center wall from the door has sewing mannequins standing next to it.
“Meow,” Devilan’s fully shaved cat in a gimp suit says as it stands in the doorway, looking at him.
“Fuck off Precious!” Devilan yells. As he reaches for his mask. He combs his fingers through her hair to straighten it. Carefully Devilan slides the mask over his face, which quickly fills his penis with blood, as his heart beat accelerates.
“Meow! Meow! Meow!” Precious demands attention.
“Come here Precious,” Devilan says kindly still wearing the woman’s face.
“Meow,” the kitty says with joy as she heads toward Devilan for interaction.
“SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!!!!” Devilan screams as he kicks her like a football across the room. Her gimp kitty ass slams against the wall of the entrance, knocking down a little red head girl’s face. “Fucking cat!!!”
“Meow!!!” Precious screams as she runs in the room filled with the arm and legless young women.
He later follows, and sits nude next to his sewing machine, holding a gimp suit made of women and little girls’ skin from around their anus and vagina, Devilan calls his, “Booty snatch gimp suit. Mmmmm.”
Devilan grabs the “booty snatch” patch he cut from Tiffany earlier, “Mmmmm. No hair on that little white butt,” Devilan purrs gently as he holds it in his hands. He smells it as if it were a flower. As Devilan’s eyes role back in to his head, he slowly licks his delicate flower, then begins to sew.
“Meow!!! Meow!! Meow!” the fucking kitty starts again.
“Shut the fuck up,” Devilan says as his frontal lobe previously relax begins to ignite with hate. He looks over at Precious, and sees her jump on Mia. Mia is a beautiful teenage girl from West High. He remembers catching her after she left school, and Devilan followed her to Mia’s House, after seeing her come out of school wearing that “Hot” cheerleader outfit. “And, them pigtails with red ribbon,” he reminds himself, “Matched her smelly panties and her cheerleader skirt.”
Kitty starts digging her sharp claws in Mia’s breast. “Mhhhmhhhmhh!!!” she cries with her mouth stitch. Tears of blood spill out her eyeless sockets, as Precious scratches harder and faster. She shakes her head frantically, beings that she has no arms or legs to kick the little fucker off. Gimp kitty crawls up to her face, and begins eating her nose.
“Are you fucking hungry, you (Bleep!!!) damn cat?” Devilan asks while reaching for a scalpel and a stapler. He walks toward Precious and little Mia, and grabs his cats spike collar. Devilan hangs his kitty, choking her on a hanger. He cuts open her belly. “Dig in pussy!” Devilan screams as he lifts his kitty from the hanger and stuffs her body in Mia’s gash in her belly. Leaving her head out the top to breath, as he staples Mia’s stomach around Precious.
“Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!” Precious screams frantically try to escape.
“MMMMhhhhhhhhhhhh! MMMMMMMhhhhhhhh!!!  Aaaaaaaaaaah!!! AAAAAaaaaaah!!!!! AAAAAAAAaaaaaah!” Mia screams after she rips her lips apart from the stitches. Blood fills her mouth. Her inner organs bleed from the cat scratches. Precious finally escapes, as she dies from a heart attack.
Devilan runs toward the cat and kicks him with his platform boot naked. The cat covered in Mia juices, splats against the wall, then runs away. “Mmmmmnnnnnn,” Devilan moans, “Another booty snatch patch.” He grabs his scalpel and slowly cuts out her skin around her anus and vagina covered with Mia’s little black fur patch. He smells and licks her flower.

Dildo in the butt

“The weed has made me impotent, my dick be hangin limp.
The ho I’m gonna shoot, not pay, said, “Hangin like a chimp.”
So I beat that fuckin whore, then I told that slut, “Under my bed, grab dat dildo. Stick it in my butt.”
Now my cock is rocken and I’m ready to fuck.
So I 69 wit her, and I lick her for a suck,” Jerome sings
“Dildo in the butt uuuuuh! Dildo in the butt yeah! Dildo in the butt homie!” Jamar sings the chorus.
“I got a flat tire, the jack won’t go no hire.
So I reached in back, grabbed a dildo, stuck it in my crack.
I changed that fucken tire under 30 seconds flat. Then I bust a nut on a nearby ally cat.” Jerome rhymes at the Baby Momma Killa’s studio.

Devilan catches his prey

Devilan pulls up in his viper to a bar. He shows his I.D. and pays 15 dollars to enter.
"Budweiser please," he says to the bartender. Lights fill the dance floor, and the music is loud. A lovely lady catches his eye. She is standing next to the bar ordering a margarita. He walks over to her.
"May I purchase your drink?" he asks her smiling kindly.
"Why sure. My name is Tamika. Who might you be?" she asks this handsome gentleman with black spiked hair and blue eyes.
"My name is Devilan. Do you smoke buds?" Devilan asked.
"Yeah, do you have some?" she asks excitedly.
"Let’s go to my house," he tells her. They leave and get in his car.
As they enter his mansion he asks her, "What kind of music do you listen to?"
"Rap," she responds.
"Do you like Tupac?" Devilan asked smiling.
He sits next to her on the leather sofa, and takes out the pot. Then he loads his hookah. When they finish smoking, Devilan cooks two steaks. He opens a bottle of expensive wine.
"Come sit with me at the table," peaceful smiles on his face as he speaks. She sits next to him at the table, and they eat the juicy steaks.
"Do you like your steak?" he asks her, as he looks her in the eyes. "It's fucking little girl meat bitch!!!” He screams inside of his head, as he looks her in the eyes.
"Delicious, thank you," she responds. "Boy you are fucking hot! I want to suck your dick so bad!" She screams in her head.
Her glass is now empty and she is feeling faint.
"How are you feeling?" he asks.
"Tired....." she falls to the ground from her chair.

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