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2 Cloning

Alpha Primate
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2. Cloning

Give me a baby

“I want a baby,” Sophia says. She is elderly now, and desires to bear Her Husband a child.
“My Beloved, You know if We bear children, then one will eat the fruit. Then the only way We can save his descendants is for you to fuse yourself with one of his sons. I won’t have you for My Self any more. We’ll have to give You to them so they may be saved in Your Blood,” Jehovah says with an upset look on His face.
“If You permit Father, it is My will. I will give them My flesh and My Blood as a sacrifice, so I may bear You children My Love,” Mother says softly.
“I love You more than ANYTHING We have created, so I will permit You Your will, and Give You what My Queen has requested of Me,” Father says as He gently glides His fingertips through Her long white hair. Are You willing to die for them?” Father asks.
“With My life, I will spare Our children. For, when I see them, I see You My Love,” Alchemy responds.
They lived on planet Earth at this time, and grew all of the plants and animals under the atmosphere.
The beginning compressed Earth (egg of the Goddess) was a compressed ball of living plant D.N.A. (Green primordial ooze). Some of the Earth died when it exploded. The rest lived, and fed off of the dead soil. (Dead plant D.N.A.)
The two made love. Light poured out of them. It was luminescent light. It was not hot like a burning sun or Earth's center.
The Goddess gives birth to her son.
“His name shall be Adam (Man),” God said.
Being the first born, Adam was given the blessing of the first born from his Father God. The blessing included the cloning of Adam's flesh, from his rib, into his daughter Eve.
The God and Goddess also gave birth to other sons called angels. Sophia and Her Husband Allah-Jehovah had three daughters named Faith, Hope, and Love aka Charity, found by google Sophia Goddess)
They were given three commandments which were, making babies, eating plants, and enslaving animals. Satan is an animal.
(He is a seven headed, red snake). He told Eve to eat the knowledge of good and evil (k.o.g.a.e.). She did and so did Adam. They broke all three commandments by their God. They obeyed a slave, ate a fruit they were not allowed to eat, and they covered their nakedness instead of making babies.
After Adam and Eve ate k.o.g.a.e., their babies were mortal babies.
Since they were in a sense, father and daughter mortals, and the k.o.g.a.e. was eaten by them, their mortal kids were deformed ape like people.
The k.o.g.a.e. is a drug passed on to every generation of Adam's children. It is weakened after every new birth. It was so powerful when they ate it then, that it polluted their sexual organs, and their children were little deformed ape like creatures.
Since the k.o.g.a.e. has been weakened in us, our children look more like Adam and Eve did, then their children.
Before k.o.g.a.e., the babies were not deformed, because their was no plant fruit drug in their systems.
The k.o.g.a.e. makes men die.
The tree of life is the antidote. However, God did not want the k.o.g.a.e. infected to live forever with the evil knowledge they've obtained.
Angels live forever since their bodies never separate from their light spirits, because of being related to God from birth, and never ate the death drug. This is why they can transform into light and matter at will.
Mortal humans separate from their bodies in light form when they die, and do not use enough of their brains to control all of their body, and transform at will.
Since God cloned Eve from Adam and it was good, then doing as God does, responsibly, is good too.
Only the Je.di. (Jehovah disciples) should be given a cloning license, because they believe that Christ is the tree of life antidote in human flesh and said, “He who believes in me shall have everlasting life.” Since he came to Earth and died for our sins, we are now cleansed of mental k.o.g.a.e. and allowed by him to live forever as U.S. Government clones by the Father, Jehovah. Je.di. also beg the U.S. To allow us to pledge allegiance to America and the true God “Light” anywhere they desire without persecution.
The restrictions of being cloned are: No breeding! Slave as Royalty! One Clone Alive!
No licensed person cloned can breed. That would cause over population disputes. They must have their tubes tied or testicles snipped.
The Government armed forces must be the masters of the slave Je.di. clones.
The Je.di.  have to be cloned with pure white hair and skin. Their eyes will be cloned red. That is how Christ looked in Revelations 1:13-14

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